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I honestly don't know so I'm asking, does FOX not have 2 channels they could put college football on? Oh, Bacon blitz, not "everyone" wants to see the Hogs and the Cocks going at it but it should be a solid game, nonetheless. Hogs win going away, 24-10.
Be cool, tide. Coach Pittman is doing good things at Pigville.
EKingGill, what do you expect from your Aggies this year? A win over Bama and a loss to Miss State? By the power invested in me by living 23 miles from the SEC office I hereby declare BamaTime correct. The 2022 rosters for Alabama and Texas will not be the same as the 2021 Alabama team and the 2021 Texas team. Now, as your punishment I will decree no bonfires. Ever. Again.
This Bama fan agrees, DGD. You play with what players you have available, no excuses. Georgia was a different team at the NC game. Bama's defense was just as responsible as the offense in the loss.
Did you miss the part that says Ala-Bam-A (with Forrest Gump emphasis in the scene where he's talking to the hippie dude at the outside of the bus)? RTR!!!
Wait. Complaining about living in Hawaii? ROFLMAO!!!
N e g a n, that young QB you refer to has yet to play a snap vs a college defense. If he catches fire it will be from the friction of Will Anderson rubbing his backside on the artificial turf. (The reason I spaced your name is spellcheck kept changing it to negative. Hmm.)
Tennessee, with Hooker, will be a formidable opponent this upcoming season. I agree with you, fuzz, that the Fighting Rockytops will be a good out for any team.
Ugh. "...watched Mond lose about 4 games every dang year? Give me a break."
With respect to the best WR corps in the SEC? Bama? Uh, no. LSU has it hands down. On paper at least. QB whisperer? Puhleaze. Jimmy Fisher? He kept crablegs on the team without any punishment then watched Mond lose 4 games year? every dang year? Give me a break.
Regarding the NIL matter; — Restricted movement of student-athletes from one university to another by forcing a season of ineligibility for those who tried to move, while university presidents, athletic directors and coaches – those with the most power in the process – moved at will from one university to another. Well said. The NCAA has had this circling their heads for years and done nothing. Then they doubled-down on their stupidity and fought the Ed O'Bannon case with millions of dollars of legal fees.
My best to him. But, quite an unusual mis of a top 5. It just goes to show that the on-site visit can yield an impression on a teenager. I know a guy who was recruited by Texas and LSU and his stories were, well, memorable.
Here’s hoping the team physician examined him. I try to always think outside the box when a new symptom hits one of my patients. In this case, emboli?
Bama beat Georgia once. Not good enough. And Georgia’s best team was probably the 2017 team. Negan is STILL saying it was stolen.
Just like Adam Schiff saying he personally had PROOF of Russian collusion but NEVER showing it. Now disproved. You say Saban DID tamper. Not that he could. but that either he did or someone on his side. No proof, just ‘you wouldn’t accept it.’ You’re weak. Are you Negan’s sister?
And I’m going to offer that Brock guy an NIL deal; wear these handcuffs during th me SECCG and I’ll add as many zeros as you want, you BEAST!! LoL
The fact that I listed Ewers as my favorite Heisman bet at 40-to-1 suggests I’m all in on the country’s highest-rated quarterback recruit since Vince Young. —- That’s a pretty heady statement, Connor. Justin Fields, Tua, Jalen Hurts, and Trevor Lawrence, are 4 that got quite a bit of publicity coming out of high school. I don’t track ‘rankings’ but I know those 4 had quite successful times in college. Is this QE guy supposed to be considered better than any of these guys?
Only 8x5 as a Bama fan has posted here so far so I’m going to chime in. I have a couple of very close friends who are huge State fans. They tell me Bama fans are hateful. To y’all, cut it out. Be classy. Regarding State and Leach, no worries. The SEC West is tough and it won’t get easier if we end up with Okie and the shorthorns on board.
Missouri tiger cubs got drunk over winning the SEC East the first 2 years in the conference. Since then they've done what? Exactly.
Wade, it’s a tough call to overlook Meyer protecting a wife beater and having a player ( Aaron Hernandez) who turned out to be a murderer. I’d have to give the douche bag award to Urbie.
What her Corral went in round 3, 2, or 1 doesn’t matter. The 2 good things are 1) he’s now got an opportunity to become a legit NFL QB and 2) we don’t have to play him again. The guy is definitely a tough out, to borrow a baseball phrase.
Update: KWCH, a CBS affiliate in Kansas reported that it was actually line paint for use on the field and 2 juveniles have been identified as involved in the incident.
One has to ask how would someone have access to the water cooler of the opposing team. This will require quite a bit of detective work.
Negan, Urban has been fired. Peterson is at his 3rd NFL team, I believe, as a coach. I stopped reading your blathering at that point. And since you know so much please send your resume to Kirby. He obviously needs your expertise.
Corch,it's good to see the honesty in admitting you'd rather have a soft schedule compared to being in Bama's situation. Wait. You used the Vols to imply that you'd rather play Georgia's permanent opponents versus the 3 Bama will face? Never mind. LoL
Nope. The Irish last lifted a trophy in 1988, Bama in 1992.
It won't be Dabo. I have it on strong authority. Dabo is not going to Tuscaloosa. Call up your sports book and put your $$$ on it.
Neg_an, (I had to put the underline in your name because spellcheck turned it into 'negative 3 times in a row. Hmm. Anyway, you're sounding like Jim from Tuscaloosa, who always has a broken arm from patting himself on the back. YOU helped recruit Kirby Smart to Georgia? Answer me this; was that when he was coming out of high school and deciding on which college to attend or after he'd established himself as a coach by working under Saban for years? (rolls eyes)
As needs go I think all teams had a good first day draft. Proud of Jameson going in the first round despite his injury. What lingers in my mind is how Calvin Johnson went to Detroit, the NFL equivalent of the FBI Witness Protection Program.