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Speak for yourself, I love falling asleep halfway through Hawaii gameslol
If it was really that deep, we wouldn't be hearing all these excuses from fans and Saban about the top two receivers being injured. Guys would have easily stepped up right?
Negan, there's no way they would have fired Spurrier...
33-18. Gumps know Saban is on borrowed time and fear Smart and Georgia because you all know we will continue to dominate for decades to come.
@ Ron, sadly you're right... They routinely shock me with their bad decisions.
100% agree. They would be better served protecting their qb imo.
RENT FREE. This article has nothing to do with UGA and yet it's all y'all can talk about. 33-18.
Seriously. If he had offers from two service academies, he obviously has a good head on his shoulders. He'll do fine wherever he goes. Best of luck to him.
Why don't yall try to keep a coach longer than 4 years and then come talk.
@8115 UGA has 3 nattys, Uf has 3 nattys. try again. UGA's latest was a few months ago, uf's latest was almost two decades ago.
I agree. I wouldn't be too upset if Beck decided to pursue playing somewhere else, but losing either Vandagriff or Stockton would hurt.
Um is that even a question? That's Auburn's whole thing lol.
If the SEC expands again, I could see this being a SEC match up in the future. We would be the premiere basketball, football, and baseball conference if that happened.
We didn't. We want Arch. Until he signs somewhere else. Then we didn't want him either. lol.
Not so fast my friend... Georgia is still very much in it.
Looking back at the Dan Mullen saga is confusing. I don't recall him acting that way at Miss State. Did the Florida sun get to him or something?
You are my favorite Tide poster without a doubt. See yall in Indy!
I agree, I love Josh Pate and late kick. Great show.
Well that was pretty over hyped. Not much of a scuffle.