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Please just stop these silly alternate football leagues. There should be only one alternate league sanctioned by the NFL. Teams could draft from that league also. No XFL..No USFL..No World Football League. How many failures until they figure out that these leagues don't work?
If Sark can keep his finger out of his nose it may be a good game!
I like the way Jimbo yells at reporters when they ask him tough questions. Just like Daddy Nick taught him.
I used to be a cop is supposed to shut all of us up I guess. I could fill 2 notebooks with all of the bungled cases lost evidence false claims etc handled by "law enforcement."
Boondock I served nearly a decade in law enforcement Oh Lord here we go...
He’s going to face better cornerbacks in the SEC than in the Pac-12.. Thanks for that nugget of wisdom. In other news, water is wet.
You realize that your comment on every single article is not required.
I wonder if they the football team tells Bama or Georgia that they'll reap what they sew when their fans troll and then beat them in football?
Agree on Lane. Unless he gets caught with a coed. He's single now so there's nothing holding him back.
One transfer per student. 2 maybe under extremely extenuating circumstances. Sorry but life sucks sometimes and they need to learn to stick it out and deal with the consequences of their choices.
Kiffin had that golf ball in his pocket and tried to make it look like someone threw it at him. There is zero footage of a golf ball being thrown at him. Mustard bottle was a different story but that was after he tried his shenanigans.
At least she parts her teeth down the middle.
Braves1471 3 HOURS AGO UT doesn’t play Arkansas in the regular season. We would have to meet up in the SEC Tourney.
Looks like I'll get tons of playing time next season.. better transfer!
We live rent free in Ron's head! LOL He feels like he has to comment on every Tennessee thread. If there wasn't any truth to these articles, he would not feel the need to respond to every one of them. We must be doing something right.
Georgia should hire Will "lady hips" Wade as an assistant coach. If he isn't interested, make him a strong ace offer.
I love it when someone questions something about him or A&M and he gets all mad, red-faced and starts yelling like a child.
Look for Napier to come calling...I hope that when they ask Saban about him, Saban gets really upset and starts yelling at the reporters.
Negan, you don't need to sign your name at the end of your nonsense. We all know it's you. You are starting to sound like a broken record. Maybe you could just say Georgia good..everyone else bad..Try not being so predictable. Your posts are so sill that no one takes you seriously anymore.
We talk a lot of smack? That's something that would be said by a Vandy fan who would rather see us in the basement where we were for so long in baseball. Do something about the whistler and then we can talk. Until then, be a gracious loser.
It's all fun and games til you have an ACL injury and your draft stock plummets.
I always wait to see what Georgia and Bama fans think before responding because they know it all and are really concerned about what Tennessee is doing.
This is why many didn't want to see Georgia win a natty. Their already angry,pompous, loud, know it all arrogant fans become even worse. Just read any article on another team and the usual suspects chime in with their usual vitriol and 5 paragraph responses.
Let's handle Vandy and that idiot whistler guy. The only person more annoying that Negran or Corch.
Ole Miss baseball player admits they didn’t take Tennessee seriously; GUARANTEES win against Vols Lane is soooo clever! If and when his newness wears off and he starts losing games he should win, all of a sudden his slick tweets don't seem so funny anymore. Ask Kayla how funny he is..or his son Knox...