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I mean, 4 losses per season is exactly the average for A&M in the SEC right?
Kentucky won only 2 SEC series all season...Georgia and Tennessee.
I mean, if you are going to look at the entirety of Kirby's career for losses, Saban is averaging 2.5 per season over the entirety of his HC experience. Saban played for and win his first title in his 11th year. Kirby played for one in year 2, and won in year 6.
Eli 100% was this hyped. Recruiting is more mainstream, but he's was being discussed as a freshman at least, maybe 8th grade.
Everyone seems to want that to happen, but it's very unlikely. 1. He's Georgia in his core. 2. Everything he would be able to accomplish at Alabama can be accomplished at Georgia. Alabama has a better history, but it is history - in the past. Winning title 19, 20, or whatever at Alabama is no more or less impressive than winning 4, 5, or how many ever at Georgia. 3. Georgia can absolutely match Alabama dollar for dollar. 4. Alabama should start with a candidate they are likely to get...don't want to be Tennessee and get turned down. Things can quickly spiral after that happens.
Wow - someone didn't watch much baseball last year. Just had Kopps...HA! Tennessee is deeper than Arkansas was, but that Arkansas team was pretty deep itself.
It was also 15 through 6 rounds. LSU had their 14th drafted close to the end of the seventh.
Every kid playing football dreams of being the top pick. Yes, the draft is based on needs, but teams picking 1 generally have needs everywhere. Could have argued for several positions of need for Jacksonville - they went with Walker who while talented, wasn't the most productive. It's a selling point.
Yes, they can. Maybe not in terms of class rankings (but by your end and numbers they could have been higher 3 of the past 4 years), but they can always reel in some 2021-22 A&M level classes instead of fighting with Alabama. What's better: 8-4, NIL money, and little chance of first round selection or 14-1, National Championship, NIL, and first round money. It absolutely helps them...
Because Fields had similar talent at Ohio State and didn't get it done in the playoffs twice. That's how we know.
Let's see he deals with staff attrition finally. How much of their success was Venables and Elliott?
What has made Saban is his reloading of assistants. Smart has not had quite that same level of turnover, but he has lost quite a bit. Dabo however, never has. Dabo proving himself starts this year.
I'm sure Henry Ruggs thought it was a young kid mistake too. They can drive, vote, buy firearms, sign large NIL deals, and be drafted in a war for their country. These aren't kids, they are adults. They can do just about everything except buy alcohol. Stop excusing/endorsing stupidity to try and make yourself feel better about not having common sense (when you were a kid or now). Some of us had good enough parents that we didn't need the police to make us learn driving 105 was not a good idea and was a danger to ourselves and others.
Yes,because the law of averages says it is more likely scenario B (make less shots) occurs than scenario A (make more shots) for a team that has a high shooting percentage...not really. The first half was clearly an aberration when looking at the season overall and, despite their stupidity over the last 4-6 minutes with turnovers and trying desperately to allow a b nch player to Russia n their season, Kansas generally played more to their normal ability in the second half. Not great, just their normal. Their "normal" was almost a point a minute better than Carolina over the last half.
So far,there is not any questions about the eligibility of the players on the current team, so unless they have new stuff, this title is not tainted and would not be vacated. Just all the prior tournaments where they bought choke artists for players would be vacated.
Says a fan of the ONLY team to lose to UGA. Splat.
Didn't really "earn" that 1996 title shot did you though...
It's usually a policy rider. In California, it is likely required for mortgages, like flood insurance in flood zones.
You do realize his family is loaded right? That would have to be one hefty bag....
To save his team against Kansas. Let that sink in..he was losing to Kansas.
Lost 4 games, and should have lost more. It doesn't matter how great your conditioning is if you can't compete the first 3.
Schools can't redistribute NIL money...it's not paid from their revenues. NIL money is paid directly to the player. Now some may choose to share their NIl earnings with their teammates, but the school cannot force them to do anything with it.
I don't know, I their 2012, 2017, and 2018 teams might have played Alabama to 4-6 to 6-4 if they played 10 games. Overall, Tide are the cream of the crop, and they have come out on the right side, but can't ignore some of those UGA. Teams were equal matches to some of the best Tide teams.
His only way of getting the players he needs will be doing some Jimbo stuff and basically getting the kids signed to movie deals for NIL. He has never shown an ability to recruit the lines like he needs to...and with the output of his team with Rattler and Caleb Williams (look, it is HARD to almost lose to Kansas), I think some of his QB listed might start wearing off as well. Yes, Williams led them back against Texas, but why were they even in that position in the first place?