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I believe that in 2021 the bridesmaid and the bride went 1 and 1? And in the second game the bridesmaid wasn't wearing all of her threads.
Great points. But the stadium will be full at 11 and FOX execs who will not be in attendance could care less about the weather. This game provides a huge lead-in for FOX pre-game show featuring Urban Meyer, and a chance to take audience share away from ESPN's Game Day.
FLAKE! Why would any coach want to deal with 'this?'
Very interesting comment. But as a student at SC, he can play in LA without being a resident of CA. Whether he would be taxed incrementally on games played in CA, I don't know? If so, he would for example, pay CA state tax when Notre Dame trips to LA in 2022, but not when SC plays at Utah. I also don't know how federal and state withholding applies to these NIL deals? As the assignor of your NIL rights you are an independent contractor and not an employee of the 'combine' assignee. Neither are you at least at this point in time, an employee of USC. Great point you raised. Would love the thoughts from someone who knows more about tax law than do I.
Williams is worse than the unknown and inexperienced QB at UT?
Do you want to be coached by Lincoln Riley, Bill O'Brien or Sark? What system will best prepare you for the NFL and where will you have the greatest chance to shine? At UT with a new QB, don't think so? At Bama with a great QB but where other transfers have already been there, done that; or, in LA helping to revitalize a blue blood instead of keep on keepin' on with the CFB cream of the crop? NIL $ is going to be close to equal in at all 3 potential landing spots. He won the Biletnikoff playing in the ACC. Seems to me that he would have a better chance to put up big numbers in the down Pac-12 and in front of the lights in LA than he would have if he played in the SEC? Will be interesting to see where he goes; I don't think any of the 3 would be a bad choice.
Great take. Thank you. Just placed an SEC vs The Field for the 2022 title bet. I went with the SEC.
Thanks for the excellent reply. But I believe he did voice concerns over NIL being used as a recruiting tool?
Tennessee. Where McDonald's bags morphed into a collective. NIL was never intended to be a recruiting inducement.
CFB Parity? Not going to happen before the Super Conference is formed, with direct pay for play and a high school draft for players who want to be paid. There would be a players union, perhaps an offshoot of the NFL Union, so that rules and regulations can be agreed upon and enforced. I think Nick Saban would be the perfect commissioner.
Thanks Jeff, terrific and detailed take. Seems like the big issue is if and when the OL 'comes together?" Regarding Coach Saban's suggestion that CFB needs more parity I don't see this happening without a pay-for-play Super League (32 schools each 'adopted' by an NFL team?) and a high school draft in inverse order of finish as we see in the NFL. I wonder how Bama fans view Saban's remarks? I do think that a Super CFB League is inevitable.
If Utah with 3Ls and and a conference championship was in a 2021 12 team field PO, as envisioned by Gene Sankey, Jack Swarbrick, Bob Bowlsby and Craig Thompson, and had bee seeded 12th, Utah would have played at No. 5 Notre Dame. I think that the Utes team at seasons end could have defeated Notre Dame? Without re-seeding, Utah next would have played Cincinnati. Again, I think this is a game Utah could have won. This would mean Utah being in the final 4. Any conference without a chance to participate is by definition irrelevant. Why should Utah if Gene Sankey's playoff model was adopted not been worthy of a 12 seed?
I think the 'new' B12 will be 'fine' (especially in CBB) but along with the ACC and Pac-12 will be financially way behind the SEC and the B1G. Won't happen, but what could make sense financially is for the Pac-12 and B12 to merge and have 3 8 team divisions including the old Pac-8 as 1 division. This would likely save the functionally insolvent Pac-12 network? The Coast-to-Coast conference would cover all 4 continental time zones. In theory, the 2 conferences collectively negotiating media rights could score a better deal? Not a B1G/SEC deal but one that would be closer financially to the Power 2. Such a merger would also help facilitate a 12 team playoff with 4 conference champs and a G5 team in, 7 AL bids.
No matter the player who goes first the SEC will again dominate the draft. Hats off to the SEC for creating the perfect circle of best recruits = most players drafted. This is not to negate the fact that in the SEC quality recruits are coached up. Whatever team gets Will Anderson will be drafting a guy who will be an NFL all pro for many the season. As a Ducks fan looking forward (?) to the 9/3 game vs Georgia, I wonder in what round 'game manager' Stetson Bennett will go? OT: Interesting scheduling quirk. In 2022 both Florida and Oregon play Utah and E. Washington at home.
Thank you Sir. 2 of my best CFB experiences were hanging out with TN fans in Autzen and then doing the same in Knoxville. BTW, both games were won by the Ducks. Check the schedules for the next decade. Many the SEC and Pac-12 series is upcoming. Including Bama vs Arizona. BTW, in a recent H+H, CAL beat Ole Miss twice and 2 seasons ago UCLA defeated LSU. 1 reason the Pac-12 is Playoff irrelevant is due to a 9 game conference schedule. In 2019 had Oregon played Portland State at home in the penultimate game of the regular season Justin Herbert and the Pac-12 is in the final 4. From a PO POV the Pac-12 is irrelevant but besides Ohio St in year 1 of the PO, a team that defeated Oregon in champ game, how many teams outside of the southeast have been relevant? Last season's NFL MVP played ball at CAL. Is the Pac-12 close to the SEC? Heck no. But I do think that Oregon 'at' Georgia on 9/3 and Utah at Florida on 9/3 will be decent games.
All P5 champs in the playoff. All P5 conference get rid of divisions, keep 1 rivalry game in place (The Iron Bowl for example) play 10 conference games, 2 OOC games, top 2 play in the champ game. The 'goal' of winning 6 games and going bowling; that's the goal of midgets.
Good call on Sark. I find it hard to believe that the ESPN 2022 preseason FPI has Texas ranked at 6!
Thanks Connor. This from a Ducks fan, believe me the vast majority of us most happy that Mario Cristobal went MIA. He is a recruiting champ and a coaching chump. His Vince Lombardi/Woody Hayes brand of football was killing the Oregon brand and not maxing out the talent of guys he recruited. He is a micro-manager who refused to let Joe Moorhead run his O and made the NFL rookie of the year look pedestrian at QB. For the most part Mario's Oregon teams played down to the level of the competition. Make all the excuses you like about the FIU gig hurting his record (note that Butch Davis did a much better job at FIU than Mario) but Mario is 62-60 as head coach and as Bill Parcells said, your record is what you are. Matt Campbell made Mario look like a chump in the Fiesta Bowl. Saban and his staff would run circles around Mario. Manny Diaz had Miami headed in the right direction. I think within 3 seasons Miami fans are going to regret firing Diaz and hiring Mario. In 2022, Miami takes the L at A+M, at Clemson and in at least 2 other games. THIS with a very good QB in Van Dyke.
Good take. Today, my friend it is the Pac-12. The B1G aligning with the Pac-12 makes sense only for the Pac-12. The ACC will not be around as is within a decade and neither will the Pac-12 as currently constituted. Certain teams from both conferences will likely be members of The Super Conference; the creation of which along with a CFB players union is inevitable.
Why have a playoff at all? $. I'm 75 years of age. Before the BCS maybe you ended up with 2 champs; the world didn't come to an end. Ending the playoff after 2025/26 and returning to the 'old' bowl system would be fine with me. The BCS was the beginning of monetizing CFB and handing CFB over to CFB media cartel ESPN. Is CFB better today with coaches making multi-millions, 12 instead of 10 regular season games, football played at night and not in the sunshine, than it was when it was a regional sport? I'd as soon return to the old bowl system or the BCS than further expand the playoff but today it's all about the money. The SEC added OK and TX for the money and not for holistic reasons. Same with A+M and at least in theory, MIZZOU. It is what it is but understand that every decision involving big time CFB today will be driven by money. This includes the playoff and why the playoff will expand. Hats off to the SEC for becoming the dominant CFB player today when prior to the BCS it was a very good but not the dominant football conference. But when Georgia has yet to play at A+M is the game worth the candle?
Mt friend, check the financial condition of many athletic departments across the nation. Money is the reason the PO will expand. Billions in playoff revenue matter even to the well-heeled SEC and B1G. Justin Herbert's senior season, Oregon plays Portland State at home instead of tripping to ASU for a 9th conference and 4th cross over game and Oregon is in the final 4. Scheduling matters with a 4 team field. Check out UCLA's and Michigan's OOC slates in 2022; IMO this should DQ these 2 before the season starts. Meanwhile, Florida plays Utah and FSU OOC. Another reason the PO field should expand in the disparity in CFB scheduling.
It's still about the Jimmies and Joes and UGA has many the quality recruit who will step up. I'm an Oregon fan. Has any head coach ever been handed a tougher opening game than Dan Lanning? Plus, he gets another top 25 team, BYU, OOC and has to go on the road for 5 conference games. UGA -15. I'm hoping the Ducks will be able to keep it this close?
Certain, IMO, that the SEC will have at least 3 teams in every season as it should. Greg Sankey is not going to leave billions of dollars on the table staying at 4 teams. Reasonable minds will work this out. Then take the 'product' to the market place and agree how the money will be divided. I think it imprudent to improve expansion before knowing what the financial details will be? I do believe it is important for the long term viability of CFB to have the playoff matter from coast to coast.
Please see my comment below regarding the financial details. George Kliavkoff and Greg Sankey are working together with Congress and will be working together when Commissioner Sankey's committee recommends a new governance model for D1. I don't believe the no votes of the B1G and Pac-12 were unreasonable. On the other hand, the new vote of the ACC was based on a terrible TV deal and needing Notre Dame to join the ACC as a full time CFB member to get out of this crummy deal.
Thanks Connor. I think it was perfectly reasonable for Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff, to not vote for expansion 'in the blind.' Not voting in favor before the financial details of expansion to 8 or 12 were known including how the money will be distributed? The details of whether the P5 champs are in, the Rose Bowl question, whether the Notre Dame AD should have a seat at the table can all be worked out. The Pac-12 has said it is fine with an 8 or 12 team field. But expansion will happen to increase the money and how do you approve something with no idea of the financial terms and conditions?