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Miss, Auburn was worse. Congrats on taking over the Dumpster fire. Good Luck...
Looks like a pipeline to New York is being formed. Go Big Orange!!!
UT continues to roll. Let's take care of Miss St, then dominate in Hoover. Go Big Orange!!!
This paints a much more rosier picture of Auburn than I was expecting. Maybe they won’t finish last in the West after all…
This is not a shot at either team, but what about this is so great it rates a huge headline and complete article? I mean other than giving Spencer the practice at writing something he did not copy and paste from another source online.
The other weird takes was from the Gump on why this isn't so newsworthy...
These are some weird takes. Why is it lucked-out to you? They could have played in the Redskin's stadium also. I'm certainly glad they are playing in Nashville though and good for our AD to step up and make a SMART decision.
I think our Edge Rushers will be much improved this year. Tyler Baron and Byron Young should be near the Top for Returning Edge Rushers. Another year in the system and both are very athletic, fast and physical. I don't think the D will be as bad as this article indicates.
GO BIG ORANGE!!! The Titles are starting to pour in. Amazing regular season. Get Focused for Miss ST then on to Hoover and then the NCAA's. I expect plenty of Orange in Hoover!!!
What a gamer and leader off the Bench Grant Williams is. 2 Time SEC Player of the year, and though undersized playing down low, (6 Foot 4.5 maybe) this guy played bigger and was not intimidated by anyone.
Way to go Vols! This team is amazing. The future is bright also with Freshman like Blake Burke. Burke hit 2 homers against the Dawgs and it had me saying “ My God a Freshman”. Sounds like I’ve heard that somewhere before.
Good to see the Tide get shutout. Great Performance by Mizzou there. Lets take care of business now Lady Vols!!!
2007. We did give them a game in 2009, 2015 and perhaps last year going into the 4th quarter.
Not as good as the 5 star we got yesterday but not bad…
Rocky Top is really rolling at the moment. GO BIG ORANGE!!!
7th in Tackles for Loss is a great number. I agree I didn't think Banks was a Broyles finalist, but he did inherit a D that was really unknown and got 3 of those guys drafted this year. The biggest problem was getting off the field on 3rd down. We would have many teams in 3rd and long situations only to give up a big play on 3rd down that would continue drives.
Martinez as a position coach is great. He has helped many players get into the NFL under his guidance. Now Martinez as a DC, we all know how that turned out at UGa.
I really like the coaching staff we have on the Defensive side of the football. DC Tim Banks is really underrated. I thought he did a tremendous job early in the year, getting a Defense that really had zero playmakers into playing hard and aggressive. DLine coach Rodney Garner is a 30 year Vet that is as good as it gets. Excellent Developer of talent and excellent recruiter. Brian Jean Mary took a LB group that had zero SEC talented players and turned them into a respectable crew, and Secondary coach Willie Martinez is another SEC Vet that has been around a long time is a great position coach.
I think his brother Jaylen will have a good year for the Vols
Double that SEC win total from last year son!!!
Glad my Vols finished the final game strong. The first 2 games had some nasty heavy and wet weather to contend with. The Vol Batters weren’t seeing the ball well especially on outside sliders which UK threw a heavy dose of. I think losing the UK series will wake up this UT team for the stretch run here at the end.
The 3 that look out of place is A&M at 4, Florida at 14 and I'll say my Vols aren't there yet at 15.
Article did mention we salvaged a game on Saturday against UK. Besides the article was about UT winning the SEC East. Kudos to your series win though.
Way to go Vols. Championship’s are really starting to roll in. Go Big Orange!!!!
It looks like he might have plenty of time to think about this incident
Get ready for next weekend inbred dog lover. Go Big Orange!!!
Tillman should be a beast this year. I thought he could have gone late 2nd to early 3rd this year. I expect him to have a huge year and be a 1st round pick.
UGa claims a Natty for 1942. Funny as all of collegefootball was fighting a war by then, well everyone except UGa. Yeah that sounds about right