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Nobody wants to see the bridesmaid runner up in prime time.
Georgia beat every team it faced last year. No other college football team including Alabama can say that. That makes us national champions. The biggest win in sports since Tiger won the masters in Augusta.
Georgia has better talent at receiver than Alabama. Outside of Will Anderson, Georgia's defensive front is better than Alabama. So how does Alabama compete with Georgia? Answer: Alabama can't compete with Georgia. Georgia will get another Natty in 2023!
Make Alabama preseason #1. It will help their fan base lack of self esteem after that painful whipping Georgia gave them in the National Championship Game. 33-18!
If Marcell Dareus was a high school recruit today, he would definitely sign with Georgia.
Brock is special. Arik Gilbert may be even better if he can fix his mental health issues.
Georgia has the 3 best tight ends in the nation on the same team.
Use the waze app on the interstate, it let's you know where the cops are. This looks like a bogus arrest though.
He's actually a pretty good player. It's a shame that Alabama doesn't have the player development Georgia does. That is evident by getting record 15 players drafted into the NFL.
That's coming from a Alabama Fan that didn't even graduate from The University of Alabama.
GabrielRTR Why are you bragging on winning the consolation prize? You should be embarrassed! I can't wait till NIL washes Alabama out of competing for championships.
The most defensive players drafted in the 1st round. You know what I meant you big dummy. Just imagine if you would have listened to me in 2018 when I said that recruiting class was going to lead to a National Championship, it could prevent your Georgia denialism which you are now seeking professional help for. Enjoy the reminder of the off season as the runner up to the crown, punk.
No team in NFL history has had more players drafted in the 1st round in a single draft than University of Georgia. I remember Kirby flipped Quay Walker from Alabama, now he's a first round pick. Georgia is now the best overall football program in the SEC.
Jr. should focus on keeping Papa out of federal jail.
Evan Neal is lazy and he flopped in the National Championship Game on the sack on the last play of the game. He could have gotten Bryce Young hurt. That was a real Lomas Brown move.
Better instate recruiting, better NIL opportunities with corporate backing, better education and Metro Atlanta has a bigger media exposure which will lead to more local endorsement opportunities.
Alabama Fans want Kirby Smart as their #1 top choice. He would never go back to Tuscaloosa cause the Headcoaching job at Georgia is a better Headcoaching job than at Alabama. Sorry not Sorry.
It's sad that Alabama has not had a player chosen first overall in an NFL draft in 74 years.
Georgia's Travon Walker is drawing high praise as well as the likely #1 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.
I use to say 20 years ago, why can't Georgia recruit like Tennessee and Florida. Now Georgia is recruiting better than Tennessee and Florida back then. I am enjoying ride!
Having a one hit wonder season doesn't make you the best wide receiver in the draft. He's too skinny to handle physicality of the NFL long term.
Jermaine Burton was a solid #2 reciever Georgia and a very good player. He didn't show the ability to consistently hall in the 50/50 balls in traffic. Last season Burton almost caused Georgia to lose to Cincinnati when he dropped a catch in the 4th quarter with 9 seconds to go. #1 recievers make that play.
Georgia is looking in the rear view mirror at Alabama after the Georgia G-Day Game. Alabama doesn't have the coaching to beat Georgia anymore. Y'all can thank us later when 5 star Darnell Washington hits the portal and signs with Alabama. You will have are sloppy seconds transfer again from another player who got beat out for playing time at Georgia.
Georgia's Arik Gilbert is the real deal with a Tony Gonzalez catch radius. Brock Bowers and Gilbert on field at the same time will overwhelm Alabama's defense. I think Darnell Washington will hit the portal and end up at Alabama. Please thank us for are 5 star leftovers, too
Texas A&M just bought the best recruiting class of all time. Alabama can't compete with the big money oil barrons in College Station in NIL. They beat Alabama last year with less talent. It will happen again.
You mean congratulations on winning the Natty you said would never happen on I wish those other maggots like CorsosFbomb and RT followed you to the SDS comments. I told all of you 3 years ago we will be the National Champs again!
Next season Texas A&M will win the west and meet Georgia in the SEC Championship.