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negan, I’m calling you out on the fraud you are. You mentioned a few weeks back that you were not going to be confrontational on SDS and be more civil. What happened? You can’t live up to that billing? Quite the impossible for you huh?
You’re the king of excuses negan and total scum.
Why all the excuses? Why not say that Bama was the better team in SECCG and UGA was in the NCG. Again, why all the excuses. I never once on SDS every mentioned injuries. It’s part of the game. Some of you on here need to grow up. You know who you are. Some of you on SDS need to find a job since you spend WAY too much time on here. Again, you know who you are.
Just goes to reinforce that Bama lives rent free in your feeble, minuscule mind. Not a good look to be brutally honest. I would suggest changing your name to 2nd&26 and leaving it forever.
negan, you’re nothing more than a walking excuse and a pitiful troll.
Yes 2008 is a cranky feller who writes the same mantra every time. Both him and negan are thick as thieves.
Like your team was smoked 42-24 in the SECCG?
By running the table is having a 0 for losses.
That bridesmaid runner up you’re talking about kept Georgia from running the table in 2021. Like LSU done in 2019 (15-0) and Bama (14-0) in 2020.
The biggest win in sports history is the 1980 American Olympic hockey team beating the overwhelming favorite Russians. You need to take off those UGA colored glasses since your selection is no where close to the best.
So goofy Miles and gibberish Ogre brought up some fine altar boys while at LSWho? Geaux Tigers what?!
Commenting 33-18 is just dumb on this site. Imagine me commenting 42-24 consistently.
These are five top guys in no particular order of ranking if you read the story by O’Gara.
Negan isn’t just a few fries short of a happy meal. Them fries never made it in his box.
Negan, I though you posted a comment that you weren’t going to get confrontational on SDS. What happened?
Bama actually plays LSU better in BDS West in Baton Rouge than at the real BDS for some reason. Saban is 7-1 at BR while 5-3 at BDS.
If Nick were to pass gas, SDS would be on top of it.
Leghumper, I may be a little naive on the subject or how to look it up. Name the player(s) that Bama had in the transfer portal that wasn’t scooped up or how many players that entered the portal.
I don’t. Give me some proof that UGA head coaching is better.
What is your infatuation with Bama Imperial? We know you hate Bama with a fiery passion and want to see it’s demise. Anyone can see through you. You’re just full of bluster. What has Nick Saban and Bama done to you to make your hatred so great and insurmountable? You need to seek help to get rid of all that hate. I don’t think Bama is in for a reality check. I think Bama will be just fine contrary to what you think and hope. You’re right there with Negan boasting and dominating your diatribe on Bama articles. Not a good look.
How many times are you going to repost that worn out post 2008?
How long can Saban maintain his current level? Probably longer than you want it to be Tim.
King of trolls Negan still won’t admit that Bama won the natty in 2017. Blames the refs. I’ve heard that excuse 100,000 times already. What happened to “no excuses?”