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I see what your mind is on. And it's not football.
Mullen was a really bad hire. Seems to be a trend at UF.
Have the Pepto handy as there will be lots of indigestion.
We are approaching the point where the goose that laid the golden egg gets eaten for dinner.
Let the NFL start a minor league. Just like MLB. Look at the recent stories on minor league baseball. Playing minor league professional sports sucks. CFB players have it made. They work their azz off but they get a free education, free room and board and a chance to make the NFL. They could play soccer instead.
Maybe as an anal-yst. How UF fans ever believed in that clown facade is beyond me. He was a "genius". LMAO.
NFL GM's will think twice about drafting Bama receivers.
It was Nick that coined the phrase "If you ain't cheatin' you ain't trying". He was 7 years old at the time.
I didn't say #1 draft picks make or break Saban's legacy. Apparently you're more obsessed with Saban's legacy than he is. Get a life.
Ron Mexico commenting about hooker(s). Appropriate.
Please take him and all the baggage and distractions that will come with him. You can have him.
Her Majesty says "if Richardson has a Heisman level season". What drug are you on? LMAO.
I assume by the date you were a Payne Stewart fan. But why? He was known as a jerk back then. And I actually can confirm that when I met him once at the Masters. Not a humble man in the least.
Savor those memories because Saban is just about done. He may already be. Never lost to a previous assistant before then lost to two in the same year and one of them for the championship. Age catches up with everybody. He may be able to hire some great coordinators and coaches to make up for his falloff but who knows. He's getting old.
Let's not forget the clean blocked punt that was penalized.
Just another example of Bama running a kid out of town because he didn't make a play. That's all it is.
Who ever gets Manning it could be a dream or a curse. From a recruiting aspect whoever he commits to others will go knowing they will get more publicity and all that comes with it etc. If Manning doesn't do well it will all be blamed on those around him, his coaches and teammates. This is a potential trainwreck waiting to happen. I hope he doesn't land at UGA to be honest.
So the SEC will have 4 divisions and a 4 team playoff on top of the expanded CFB playoff that is coming? I don't think so.
Bryce Young is 5'10" and 185 lbs. The little guy is going to get hurt in the NFL.