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Could be the NIL coupled with more primetime opportunities? USC and tu are blue bloods, no matter a lack of success in recent years. Better facilities. Better opportunities. You sound bitter and don't know why the kid is leaving. Hard to turn down $$$ that is life changing. We don't know his situation. So quick to judge and you speak with such certainty, when you have absolutely zero idea of his situation.
1. Austin isn't South Texas. 2. The turf playing surface plays more of a factor than the proximity of the sun to the earth (this comment made me audibly laugh). 3. You can't say "almost always" in reference to Texas weather. Very fickle.
2:30 kickoffs are brutal too. Its just hot in September. Comes down to conditioning and nutrition.
Same thing was said about Jacoby Matthews. "How do you not affix enough postage?" A $0.98 clerical error and you throw shade? Get a life.
Thank you, captain obvious. What will be the same is the core for each team, coaching staff, etc. But glad a native of Birmingham, someone with so much prestige, insight, and knowledge, could offer their ruling.
Wanna try again there, BamaTime? Tail caught between your legs?
An SEC powerhouse vs. a team coming off a 5-7 record. How is that statement incorrect? Get a new bit, the 4 Ls is getting a bit overused. But by that token, the W across from Alabama is always nice.
Pretty sure that was Earl Thomas or Malcolm Brown. Still, been about 8-10 years.
I agree. Guaranteed (i.e. certain amount of money right now) vs. betting on himself.
This has to be satire. Marquee games at 11 am against K State? Catching passes from a kid yet to play a snap of CFB vs the Heisman winner? Bill O'Brien's offense was better than Sarks last year as well...
They all bring money. It will depend on if he is serious about playing at the next level or wants a certain amount of money now. Bama just had two guys drafted in the first 2 rounds, and had 7 go in the first round under Saban prior to the 2022 draft. Writing is on the wall. Will be interesting to see what the kid choses. And I understand the argument the Bama WR room is deep, but this kid just won the Biletnikoff. I think he will get his fair share of snaps and targets regardless of depth.
Are you referring to the simple fact they are no longer in high school and therefore not recruits? Because all they have done is get bigger, stronger, and faster. Adeleye dominated the spring game. I expect him to be a stud along Jackson and Turner. I am not worried in the slightest about the front 7 turnover. I am worried about who will be taking snaps for us come September.
I would like to point out who the tweet originated from. Unnecessary Roughness and JackMac. JackMac is a 2019 graduate of Fordham University (the football powerhouse) and consistently has the worst takes at Barstool. This pimple faced, snot-nosed brat knows absolutely nothing about college football. He is insufferable.
LSU had a horrible offensive line last year. Only guy on the roster that has produced. Also, Weigman has come out and said already he wants to play QB for A&M. Redshirt is not out of the question.
Of course you meant it ugly. Because any college football fan understands the concept of a Fall Camp QB battle. Unless you are truly that dumb.
Demas didn't get any snaps for far more reasons than "other guys being there". We all know that. Attitude, lack of attention to detail, bad route runner, failure to learn the playbook, or just a bad egg. Something more than that was there. We just don't know exactly what it was (I have my guesses).
Need to revamp their Oline and Defense before that happens. Skill guys have always been at Texas. They have struggled in the trenches and on defense since '09. Will be interesting to see.
Cannot wait for this football game. Have my flight booked from Midland to College Station already.
Thank you, Yankeepig. I agree Arkansas is getting better and will be a tough team next year. But to act as if they have arrived is crazy.
GeauxTigers8, please elaborate on how a first year coach coming into town with a 5-7 football team, unproven starting QB, and offensive line struggles is a CFP dark horse.
It is ridiculous to think Arkansas will be a dark horse CFP contender. The program had its first winning season since 2016 last year. And last year, Arky was 8-4, hardly in the CFP conversation. I'm not hating, but all this love and enamor with the Arkansas program baffles me.