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The horns are lucky it is at 11 a.m. playing Bama. They have the rest of the day to watch games that will help college football fans forget what happened as they hope for someone else to get more embarrassed.
49-2. I like our chances moving forward. BOOMER!
Whew! I like your analogy with Nebraska, that's fun stuff. Where have you guys been since cheating with Reggie Bush? Oh, wait, that was NIL, right?
Well, that's true, except for your Dawgs. That was a great game! That said, I agree with you about Venables.
Agree. LR is terrified of the SEC. OU knows that's where the best football is played and is unafraid. By USC dude's logic, skating through the PAC 12 and getting blasted if they can ever make the CFP, is going bring renown to the trojans. Good luck with that.
Caleb Williams has stated he's in the portal to see what's available and talk to potential suitors although he said he may come back to OU. So, he's not quite at USC yet, Mr. Hayes, although he could possibly go there. If that were to happen, Mario Williams, OU WR in the portal would likely follow him there.
It should be no problem for Spencer at USC. Beamer used to be his coach at OU.
I think this is a really good move for USC and Rattler. Those who are punishing him for his attitude after getting benched for Caleb Williams need to put this into perspective. When given time, Rattler has a superior delivery. The problem as indicated by Mr. O'Gara is the "drop 8" defenses that the Big 12 opponents (and others) figured would nullify his abilities. And Beamer knows his abilities and Stogner's (actually Stogner is a huge loss for OU and big gain for USC). The problem with Rattler is his ability to run when defenses drop 8. We'll see if this gets corrected in Beamer's offense.
Glad to see Coach Venables is doing a nice job assembling a really good coaching staff. Next stop: stop the bleeding of players and working on recruitment. It's been a roller coaster lately. Enough with the drama! BOOMER!
This is a big loss in terms of talent for the Sooners. Congratulations, Arkansas. Wish this guy would've waited to hear who the next coach would be. But that's the portal....
Welcome back, Coach Venables! Make sure you get the cowardly stench that was left by your predecessor out of the coach's office. We're happy you're rejoining the Sooner Nation! BOOMER!
Sometimes the blind squirrel finds the nut. Didn't happen this time. Corso is still blind.
Venables will be a great choice for OU! I hated it when he left for Clemson. Brother Mike should have been the one to go instead. OU hasn't been the same defensively but should get some help on that side of the ball. Finally! BOOMER!
I hope there's still time to change the schedule and enter the SEC. OU needs to pay up and get in. The Big 12 is a dead end. Time to pay dues and go with a winner.
Here's what Bob Stoops had to say... "It's Lincoln's choice to leave," Stoops said. "It's OK. You're the ones who are going to make all the plays or not make the plays. You guys win and lose. You're OU football. He isn't. I'm not. And any other coach who comes here isn't. OU football has been here a long time. And it isn't going anywhere else. It's going to be here and it's going to be at the top of college football and it's going to continue that way." BOOMER!
Actually, I don't believe Bob Stoops will stay at all. But in the ever so-slightly chance that he would, he needs to keep his relations out of the picture even on a temporary basis. This is what I meant to say, although I didn't do so eloquently. Yes, OU will get the best coach available.
The Sooners could do a lot worse than having Bob Stoops as an interim coach. Hopefully we'll get another great coach, one who can do a better job building a defense like we used to have - at the beginning of the Stoops era. It was later when he brought and kept on brother Mike that the Sooners lost their focus on defense. I hope Bob doesn't bring back Mike.
I'm just glad that OU will be able to play in a conference that will be competitive. Heck, the Sooners have won 14 of the 27 conference titles in the Big 12. Texas is second with 3. OU needs to up its game and I can think of no better place to do so than being in the SEC. BTW, I seriously doubt that OU will win over one-half the titles once they join the SEC. But OU will compete.
Without a doubt, this year, Georgia is the team to beat in the SEC and most likely in the CFP. They're an incredibly talented team deserving of their #1 ranking.
How can anyone hate Bama? They're the best team historically in all of college football. Hell, as a Sooner fan, I admire them.
That was an opening game, too, with Tulane and emotional because of the hurricane. But yeah, OU played poorly as they had a huge lead and forgot to come out in the 2nd half. My point is that no team, with the exception of Georgia has really played well all year consistently. Congratulations thus far!
Uh huh. Everyone except Georgia appears to be struggling with teams they should easily put away. But wait, the 10-7 victory over Clemson now doesn't look all that great either. It's college football, folks, and anything (apparently) can happen. If my team makes it unscathed and wins the Big 12 championship, then they're in. Period. If they slip up, it is doubtful. That is how it is.
How many teams did Mizzou "squeak by" this year? Oops!
Jealous of Tulsa? That's funny, especially coming from a Mizzou fan. It'll be nice once OU/MU start playing each other again in the SEC. I'm sure you'll totally enjoy it!
As an Oklahoma Sooner fan, I find this decision appalling. The Tulsa Golden Hurricanes are awful. The A&M/Auburn game should be featured. BOOMER SOONER!
I hate this preseason BSing. Spencer Rattler has to prove himself on the field. That's it. Nothing has happened yet. OU is already a target (high preseason ranking, moving to the SEC, etc.) and doesn't need these distractions. I get it that folks like to prognosticate. However, with everything happening these days outside of football (see Covid-19/Delta variant) there're simply too many unknowns. That said, BOOMER SOONER!
Now that's funny! I wonder if the Coaches in the Coaches Poll are going to be flagged for this.
Greetings SEC fans! I'm new here, enjoy your ongoing dialogue, find most of your comments entertaining, and wish you well. Grinch has been a breath of fresh air to a dormant defense that hasn't been where is should be since the departure of Brent Venables. Bob Stoops stood by his brother to the detriment of the program, even though Stoops was the defensive coach for Spurrier at Florida that won one of its national championships. Bob let the wrong coach go, to OU's detriment but it meant canning his brother (whom he shouldn't have hired in the first place). Eventually, of course, Bob Stoops had the good sense to hire Lincoln Riley, one of the best offensive minds in recent history. Furthermore, Stoops had even better sense to retire and allow Riley to assume the position of head coach. Of course, Riley inherited Mike Stoops and it took too long to be rid of him. But now, Coach Riley seems to have an excellent DC in Grinch. Time will tell whether this was the correct move. Insofar as whether OU will prosper or perish in the SEC please know this. OU is used to winning conference championships. The latest example is that the Sooners dominated the Big XII. That has been the case throughout most of their history. Of course, things may "go south" for OU joining the SEC. We Sooner fans know this. The chance to play some of the best teams on a regular basis in the new conference is something the Sooners and their fans look forward to in the future. I wish all of you good luck for whomever you support and we will see how it all turns out in the next few years. May the best team win! BOOMER SOONER!