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I'll be pulling for Bama. After 2019, I absolutely hate Texas fans. I hope yall embarrass them so badly that they end up firing Sark.
One game I could do without is the Arkansas game. That participation trophy that's been collecting dust in our trophy room just takes up too much room.
May not be a bad idea to introduce a 4 team playoff for the SECCG where the team with the most wins in their pod progresses to the playoffs. If there is a tie within the pod, the winning bid will account for strength of wins/losses and best overall record.
I just dont see how they get rid of the LSU/Bama matchup. 16.6 million people watched that game in 2019 which was 5 million more than the Bama/Auburn game. Theyve done everything they can to bring back the TAMU/LSU rivalry and it's just not something that can be forced like that. If there are 3 games I dont want to see go away, it'd be our games against Bama, Florida, and Ole Miss. Im sure yall are similar in not wanting to get rid of LSU, Auburn, and Florida/Tennessee.
Yeah I think that would be the fairest. Id like it to look like for us: 3 annuals: - TAMU - Ole Miss - Arkansas 1st rotation: - Texas - Mizzou - Georgia - Kentucky - Auburn - Tennessee 2nd rotation: - Oklahoma - South Carolina - Alabama - Florida - Vanderbilt - Mississippi State Within the rotations, 3 are road and 3 are home games. The 10th game can be an out of conference matchup at a neutral site location and the remaining two be held for rotating instate teams (LaTech, ULL, Nichols, Southeastern, Northwestern State, Southern, Grambling, ULM, and McNeese) so that those smaller schools can continue getting the income they receive from playing SEC schools.
I think both UGA and LSU fans would look forward to that game to visit. From my experiences, Georgia fans are more similar to Auburn fans in that we get along with them better than other fans. Cant say the same about TAMU and Florida.
Probably because theyre finally held accountable for their poor behaviors and dont get to hide behind the elephant in the room any longer.
TAMU has the same record against LSU and Bama since joining the SEC, it's 2-9. It's not like Georgia and Bama are the only teams holding TAMU back. You have to focus every week or else you end up 8-4.
Both of your comments are spot on. It's less about "people" in general and more about the media pushing it. Most years it's Texas that gets ranked way too high. I think after a decade of "Texas is backkkk", they let that narrative go.
^These two comments right here made me like your fan base alot more.
1. Emery/Goodwin will likely take 80% of the reps. 2. The QB race has only gotten more competitive with Nuss breathing down Brennan's neck. Walker's is too green and Daniels just doesnt have the chemistry yet with the WR's. 3. "Will a tight end emerge?" Well seeing that Kole Taylor is just about our only option... 4. One thing we do know about the OLine is Campbell is a day one starter at LT. 5. Taking stock in spring game stats is poor practice. 6. Yes. It's just about the only thing anyone can be confident in.
That's hands down the worst photoshopped photo I've seen in a long time.
The only one on that list that I still dont know the story behind is Skinner.
Comes full circle with Taz on the coaching staff now.
Yeah I wouldnt say our biggest question mark is the QB battle either. I would say TAMU's biggest question mark comes from the WR room as well and our biggest question is how does our OLine shape out.
So what if he doesnt start. He's providing the same value Emory Jones did for Florida when Trask was there and he's faster.
Well the upside to that is he does run a 4.5 in the 40
I agree. We just needed one more QB in the room since we lost Johnson. We cant allow another situation like we had in the bowl game forcing a WR to play QB
My brother actually goes to Arkansas and my dad and he went to the game. They said it was the loudest basketball game theyve ever been to
I dont expect him to start, but he does provide a different look. It will be exciting to have him in wildcat packages.
I dont take much stock in our loss at all. We played a unusually cold and rainy game on the road against a respectable, instate team that plays on turf. Wont happen again.
Bubbatime got the exact reaction he was looking for
Sure but majority of the SEC is higher ranked than Mizzou in all of those sports but wrestling. There's only 78 universities that even have a wrestling program lol.
Because theyre a basketball
^Best comment I've ever seen on here haha
Part of me says history is going to repeat itself and he'll be another Manning who goes out of state, the other part of me thinks we have a legit chance at getting Manning with how our program is coming together.