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Dang, if you're not in the two deep and walk into the coach's office, you better keep an eye out for that trap door!
Why do you think they were crying every year about A&M not wanting to resume the rivalry game (before the conference expansion news)? We knew that home schedule was terrible and we had no desire to help them improve it.
Well, we agree on something. Except I've been hating those jackwagons for 40 years longer. They won't fire Sark for an embarrassing loss to bama. He's still coaching there after losing to Kansas... at home. I mean KANSAS!!!
Chomp, If Quinn wins the job, you are expecting him to be competitive in his second real game? When he hasn't played since his junior year in high school? And playing against Saban's defense? Say what you want about Ehlinger, but that guy could take a hit. Quinn? Bama might break that kid.
This "postage mishap" doesn't smell quite kosher, but sure, use it as another way to segue into another "bought class" post.
Schloss probably deserves SEC coach of the year, but it would not surprise me if it goes to Vitello.
He was high on the Aggies last year so this year he is over-correcting.
There is the t-shirt fan that loves to troll the Aggies. Everything TexasRetired said is correct and a lot of guys like O'Gara have not done a deep dive on the talent that was in the 2-deep rotation last season.
I am still firmly against them being in the conference, but when it happens, I'm fine with settling it on the field EVERY year. Me and my oldest are planning to be at that first game.
"Most of our veterans just suck". Really?!? C'mon man, if we get consistent QB play, you will see MUCH better WR production even from our veterans.
Meh... Haynes King starts and Stewart gets 600+ yards regardless of the QB.
I feel like LSU/A&M is a pretty good grudge match but then again I remember those games before LSU pulled out of that annual match.
I don't think you can have Conference champ auto qualifiers without a federal anti-trust exemption unless you give all 10 division 1 conference champs a spot in the CFP.
I've seen a good graphic of three permanent rivals and 6 rotating games. It still allows playing in each stadium at least once every 4 years. Example: A&M would have LSU, Arky, and t.u., LSU would have A&M, Ole Miss, and Arky, etc.
The thing is... A&M regressed with a mediocre backup QB a banged up Oline that was starting 6 different guys on the fly during the season. Yet they were in every game in the 4th quarter. You can call it excuses or reasons, but to project Arky better this season while Aggies regress is just guessing with no sound argument.
It's amazing how some remember that Arky win at Jerryworld. Aggies have the ball in the 4th at their ~35 with a chance to tie and Calzada bounces a pass off an o-lineman's head for an INT to give Arky the ball at the 50. A&M holds them to a FG and our backup QB can't move the ball. So yeah, Arky wins. Sure Arky jumped out to a quick lead, but the game was still in question late into the 4th quarter. But sure, Arky has a better chance to improve while Aggies will not. We'll see.
Come to think of it, no way I'm giving Miami 9 at this point.
No way I'd give Arky 7.5 at this point. I'd wait to see how things look after week 3.
That 16 point line is not going to stand. Take it now if you can.
Funny, my gut is telling me to take a bet where the Aggies are getting 10.5 or better against bama.
Sankey did not leak the news of the tu/OU expansion. I'm not saying it was an Aggie administrator, but it's awful funny how it was a Houston sports reporter that put it out first. I'm sure everyone remembers how most Aggies were against the move right up until we saw it was inevitable. Heck, I'm still against it.
I hope those LBs stay healthy. Youth and inexperience behind those starters.
I follow A&M football and Aggie related websites habitually and have read no rumors of A&M trying to poach Boutte. This feels like another rumor made up by ignorant fans.
"But I just don’t see them (A&M) getting past Alabama this year at Bryant-Denny; and Miami followed by Arkansas could be a tricky couple weeks. I tend to agree, but IF A&M goes into Tuscaloosa undefeated, and plays a good game, win or lose, they have a good chance of finishing strong with those young players finding their stride. In that scenario, 10 or 11 regular season wins is reasonable.
It is not an exact science in regards to an individual player. It is a projection. As far as predicting trends in the overall talent of a program, it is fairly accurate, but there are always outliers.