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Arkansas hosts South Carolina on the 10th, that’ll be the Prime Time game on SEC Network more than likely, that’s the game everyone wants to see.
Honestly not sure why we brought him in, our WR room is stocked with young talent. Bigger need is on the D-line especially with a projected starter out for the year with a torn ACL from the Spring scrimmage.
He has had asthma since he was a little kid. It was good to see the reports today he went full through team and individual drills and didn’t miss a beat. He’ll make the SEC proud.
2021 was Warren Thompson’s first year with the Hogs after transferring from Florida State. He will be primed for a big season after a good spring camp.
Grandfather, Dad and Uncle to Ole Miss. Other Uncle to Tenner as the outlier. May, his sister is a freshman at UVA. Ewers has 4 years of eligibility left and has to play at least two before he can hit the draft, is unproven and may need a third year. Path to early playing time is definitely with Ole Miss, plus the feel good family legacy marketing conversation.
You can’t take a kid seriously who does this sort of thing. Left Arkansas, transferred to Auburn then left before playing a game only to transfer again to AR State. His UHaul bill is getting expensive.
These inner city kids simply don’t know how to handle success or money. Thug life or bust-
Just goes to show Richardson is a self entitled POS. Hopefully when he dies for acting like an idiot he doesn’t kill anyone else. And if Napier says that’s what the face and leader of a team look like, he’s one moron of a coach for allowing that culture to exist.
Zero respect for Meyer so that’s one show I won’t be watching, he’s a complete douche bag.
I don’t remember him starting unless it was a non-conference game maybe. Dude was always hurt and couldn’t add weight when Zach added 35 pounds after they came in together. Great Hog family tradition with his Pops, so I hope he does well at his next spot.
JWill is coming back unless something drastically changes with a couple of things.
He needs to put on some weight which I’m sure he’ll do with our strength and conditioning program. Also needs to be more consistent, he was pretty much shut down in the championship game today. Muss will get him straight
Hahaha…all the mice are jumping ship before the penalties are imposed. Cant blame the kids, LSU is going back to sucking!
Pittman isn’t stupid, every player that comes in is vetted. Whatever issue he potentially may have had won’t fly with this team, they are locked in.
I’m going to defer to our 2 McDonald’s All Americans and their coach watching the game saying during the game” ain’t no way the refs and the NCAA is going to let Duke lose this game”. They were right, we got hosed on multiple no calls.
The rims in this arena are “soft” much like they are in Bud Walton according to the players. The rims in the Buffalo regional were “hard” because it’s a hockey arena and the setup was temporary. I fully expect the Hogs offense to be drastically better tonight.
You should go play in the traffic at rush hour.
Absolutely the possibility of peaking early, that’s why I think Aubbie is in trouble come tournament time. Losing ADT takes 10/5 off the books and we can’t replace that this late in the season. If we can hold a 4 seed we should be able to win the first two rounds in the NCAA’s, but that’s as far as this bus rolls.
It’s an interesting take, program longevity and consistency are the keys. With the turnover in the SEC, the sample size is likely 3-5 years max.
Burks won’t last to the 18th pick, I look for him to leapfrog the OSU receivers at the combine. His potential hasn’t even been touched and he’s already a beast-
Meh, Hogs are anywhere from 2-6 in most polls. Once the lineup gets tweaked we should be leading the nation in home runs again and our rotation will get tighter. Should be #1 in the SEC again-
You’re way off Stubby, Mtn. Home is in 6A West, they were in 6A East. JA Fair and LR McClellan consolidated and LR Southwest was being added, so that was causing Jonesboro to get bumped to 7A. Turned out Southwest didn’t have the numbers so the Hurricanes went back to 6A East which bumped the Bombers over to 6A West.
This dude must be buddies with Lavar Ball, riding his kids coat tails all the way to the bank.
Absolutely agree. I think Cat comes back with something to prove after missing most of last season.
Saban is the worlds best motivator and I actually think those comments were directed toward the position coaches, not the players.
Hogs will be dominant and should lead the SEC in home runs again this year. Only question will be Wiggins as the number 3 pitcher, I’m guessing he’ll be replaced by week four, we have too much MLB talent in the pitching room