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Remember the story from a few days ago that Burks couldn't even complete 1 NFL practice? Well the next day he practiced just fine and now they're finalizing his contract so perhaps that was not such a major issue.
Texas went 5-7 last year, including a home loss to 2-10 Kansas, but will magically get to be a top 20 team to start the year as is the case every year. I get the national hype for this game but I'd take Bama by 20.
Burks was the number 1 threat for a very uptempo Arkansas offense for 3 years and he rarely ever left the field. Conditioning has never been an issue for him.
Sounds like the Athens PD was working overtime in Mississippi this weekend.
Mississippi State made me think, "But what about Dak Prescott?" Forgot that guy was drafted in the 4th round, pretty much a steal considering.
Things will continue to change with conference alignment and it may even make sense to form a "Super League" of the top schools. But as long as there is fan interest and tons of money involved, high quality college football is going to be around for the foreseeable future.
Jimbo Fisher: "3 Stars, 4 Stars, 5 Stars, it doesn't matter. We're going to go out there are lose about 3 games we should have won no matter who we put on the field."
I get that they have the recruiting class coming in but this is still a little too much respect for an A&M team that went 4-4 in SEC play last year and withdrew from the Gator Bowl.
"Making even slight adjustments to the style of your uniform, how lame." - Alabama
Guys playing at Jackson State can certainly make the NFL but highly skilled players choosing to go there aren't doing themselves any favors.
It's rare that such a dominant college player just doesn't have the right game to translate to the NBA. He can probably make better NIL money at UK next year than he would in the G League.
Arkansas will get the 2 seed but still be at #23 in the NET rankings.
Gardner Minshew has been the most successful QB coached by Leach and his career NFL record is 8-14. Next would be Tim Couch who threw 64 TD and 67 INT for his career. He was drafted #1 overall and considered to be a historic bust. These guys all put up huge numbers in college but it never translated to pro ball. Josh Heupel - Never played in NFL Kliff Kingsbury - Played 1 NFL game BJ Symons - Never played in NFL. Sonny Cumbie - Never played in NFL Cody Hodges - Never played in NFL Graham Harrell - Played in 4 NFL games Taylor Potts - Never played in NFL Jeff Tuel - Played in 2 NFL games Connor Halliday - Never played in NFL Luke Falk - Played in 3 NFL games Anthony Gordon - Undrafted, Broncos practice squad
Hogs are 29th. Projected by ESPN to go 6.5-5.5 on the season. Pretty insulting for a veteran team coming off a 9 win season.
Auburn and LSU both go 6-7 in 2021. LSU fires their coach, Auburn tries to fire their 1st year coach. Just a dumpster fire of a season all around. ESPH FPI: "Hmmn, 10th and 11th sounds about right."
This guy was a lightly recruited DE out of high school. Credit to him for upping his game so much in just a few years.
TAMU playing Treylon Burks man-to-man with no safety help was also a big boost in that game.
Arkansas, Tennessee and Ole Miss finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in rushing yards per game but were also 6th, 7th and 8th in yards per attempt. When your up-tempo scheme runs more offensive plays per game you can be more productive even when you're not quite as efficient as others.
Played in 12 games as a Freshman and then just 3 as a Junior. Getting beat out on the depth chart by several underclassmen in spring ball. Probably time to move on, best of luck to him.
Toney is a good enough defender to play in the NBA but needs to improve his 3 point shooting (29%). He already has his degree, might as well go get some nice money playing ball overseas instead of hanging around college another year. This is a loss for the Hogs but no doubt Musselman is working the portal to find a replacement, just as he found Toney last year.
It will bring me personal joy to see Lane Kiffin declare 'Manning Day' at Ole Miss and paint his name in both endzones to only still get snubbed by Arch.
Musselman has taken Arkansas to back to back Elite Eight appearances largely relying on transfer players from small schools that were not heavily recruited. Who knows what he can do next year when he will actually have a full lineup of top tier talent.
Coming off back to back Elite Eight appearances and signing the #2 recruiting class in the nation, Arkansas will likely be ranked in the Top 5 to begin next season.
This is now a trend. Last year the B1G had 8 teams with only 1 advancing to the Sweet 16. That was #1 seed Michigan who eventually lost to #11 seed UCLA.
Musselman emphasizes his NBA Head Coaching experience and knowledge of what it takes for players to make it in the league. This seems to be very attractive for transfer players who are running out of eligibility and want to improve their chances of getting drafted.
Same thing going on with Alabama transfer LB Drew Sanders at Arkansas. Coaches and players love him, say he will likely be immediate starter.
Vermont had won 22 of their last 23 games and won their conference tournament games by an average of over 30 points each. You'll gladly take any win over teams like that in March.
Notae has been a very streaky player for the last 3 years. Him being off in the 1st Round game means there's a good chance he'll show up big in Rounds 2 or 3.
The committee did not do the Hogs any favors with scheduling. They have to play Vermont and Connecticut up in neighboring Buffalo and then a trip to San Francisco to face top-seeded Gonzaga.
So much for that revenge game against Arkansas, Mr. Zep Jasper.