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Falling between 2 cupcake games like that just goes to show 'how far the mighty have fallen', to 'how low can you go', so much so that even fate is resigned to the Horns place in all things football now! Heaven help us if those two teams give 'bama better challenges...
If I gave you documented, and notarized proof, you still wouldn't accept it...that's the mindset a lot of you bamas have when it comes to that team, and it's shenanigans...see no evil, hear no evil, even when it's busting you over the head!
Someone on his side tampered...if not him, then on behalf of him, making it him that tampered...he can try and use word games to deflect but he knows he did it, along with having his QB tamper with Jermaine Burton...he knew, and knows exactly what is going on in his program: it seems his staff's development of players, especially receivers have fallen off sharply as of late...so what does he do, he poaches the players from other teams, his modus operandi, it may be legal, but it ain't right!!!
If he has an unbelievable season it could cement his status in the 1st round...but 1st round selections for RBs are scarce now-a-days...1100-1200 rushing yards won't be enough, but maybe he'll nail it at the combine..
Why should he have to live up to the hype, artificial standards that weren't even created by him, but by people trying to make a buck off of commenting on him...I'd say to all players: eff other people's standards and just play to the best of your own abilities and standards, and everything else will slot into it's place...all that matters is if you feel you did your best, and not what some hacks, or fans expect from you.
I'm curious...why doesn't everyone call you by your chosen name of Negan, and what's up with the emulation of the great M. Vick?...surely they know who you are...don't they?
The government has it problems, but the people who hate the government are even worse, and a lot of them are seditious to boot!
If you're slow north to south then chances are you're even slower moving east to west, in most cases...no front speed equals even slower backing up or side to side, also meaning slower reflexes...
Actually it was his brother Jarvis that was the star...Jonas was a decent player but had nowhere near the talent of his twin brother. he was a valuable member of the team though...depth.
Yeah, I see your point...much better to deal with the younger good ones, than having to deal with the more established NFL 'woke' mob who don't care what you might think of them...hmmm, but wait, it was college students, including quite a number of players at the heart of BLM movements. But naaw, that must be a mistake.
Yeah, doesn't it feel a bit unsettling having to cheer for all those woke, virtual signaling players, who don't wanna keep their mouths shut and act right! I guess all a person can do is take a knee in protest and chill...sign of the times it appears.
"I hate it, I hate it, I hate it...It's funny that when black people start to take advantage of the same rules whites have been manipulating all of a sudden whites want to cry foul and end the programs...but those programs would be fine as long as they're the only ones benefitting, and this NIL hatred is just more of the same....typical, old white men getting outraged over upward mobility because they see it as a threat to their way of life, or part of the cost of their entertainment...well I don't think those black kids care whether y'all like it or not, they're going to get theirs too...
"Who Dey"?...wow, isn't that a blatant rip off of the sAINTs "who dat"...
No one likes or wants to listen to that country b.s. anyway. That genre should have been retired 50 years ago...awful singers, and even worse performers!
Well, you'd be happy to know that Will's uncle is a best friend...earlier today I put up a pro UGA post on FB, and lo and behold, that buster sneaked in and put up a Roll Tide comment before anyone else could comment...lol
It seems that a lot of the fans don't really care for the players, especially those players who think independently...they only care that they get their two lbs of flesh. Playing, or opting out is their own business, and it's certainly not up to the fans to determine, as they're not playing for your benefit, but instead they're playing or planning for their future...a young player daydreams about making game winning plays, not about a fan telling them what they should or shouldn't be able to do
you voted for the Dummy...after sharing that fact no one should ever take you seriously it says all that's needed about you...
What's the problem with people who don't want to live in the dump called Alabama...everyone that I know from that state catches the first train smoking, and only goes back to visit...how many ex players make their homes in the state after graduating...not many I suspect, they'll live in the Atlanta area and blow smoke ring notices towards the state to the west, but they certainly aren't making their homes there...if people can afford to leave they're leaving...
hunh..."All the top teams are down this year?...making excuses for your team already...not surprising though because you weren't saying that when bama was holding down the #1 ranking but now that it's time to face this season's juggernaut all of a sudden your team, and all of the others are below par.....man I swear! how can your team be below par when you out recruit every team in the country at every position every year for the last 10-15 years?
this isn't about Pres. Biden it's about ex-coach Jon Gruden...how can you fail to understand that?
In other words: "How dare you NFL, shining the light on me! "I got exposed...and because of that I'm going to burn the whole house down...burn baby burn". Those are his sentiments?, and you agree with him 100 too...(chuckles)
Maybe James Cook is the best back in the SEC...he does an awful lot of things well, runs between the tackles, outside, excellent receiver, blocks well...he's pretty darn good.
My sincere condolences to the Hall family, and friends. Also to the Houston Hilltoppers, and the community as a whole....R.I.P. Jamarcus Hall.
....It's very telling that he won't take the time to reply...not surprising though, as none of them seems to want to answer what must be a very vexing question.