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You’d think they’d want the night game just because whenever Bama plays an out-of-conference Power 5 team it generally attracts a lot of eye balls.
Early games usually favor the home team. Advantage Texas. They’ll need it.
Both schools founding member of the SEC. 86 total meetings. The first in 1895. And that’s not an old traditional rivalry to you? Wow. Just wow.
Change is good, but so is tradition. The idea of ditching an annual Auburn-GA game or the 3rd Saturday in October or LSU-Bama is unthinkable. Old traditional rivalries is what makes the SEC the SEC. It’s what makes the league special.
To preserve annual rivalries you use a combo pod system/and one permanent rivalry game. 4 in a pod (but call the pods divisions — the NFL only has 4 teams in its division). That’s 4 set games that will be played every year. Then rotate the other four games. The way I envision the 4 team divisions to be set up is like so: East - Georgia, Ky, S. Car., FL West - Ou, Texas, Arky,Mizzou South - Vandy, Miss St, LSU, TAMU Central - Bama, Ole Miss, Auburn, Tenn Per many rivalries: Ga/Auburn Ky/Mizzou SCar/Arky FL/OU Texas/TAMU Vandy/Tenn MissSt/Ole Miss LSU/Bama Then the two teams with the best record play in the CCG.
I’d add, if he were 6’2” or taller he’d been a top 5 pick.
He really fell because he lacks the measurables. Hey, let’s hope he is another Nick Bonniconti (?) or Sam Mills. But let’s face it - those guys are the exception. Usually 5’11” LBs don’t cut it at the NFL level.
Surprised by Stingley going at #3. Yes, he’s a good player, but #3? Really? I could see this 2 yes ago. He was the best CB in college ball then. But his performance has fallen off a cliff since then. Can someone explain to me what happened to Stingley after the 2019 season? Why did his performance so precipitously fall off?
The fact that A&M is doing this is a testament to the big dogs of the SEC, especially Bama. Look at it from the Aggies point of view. Had they stayed in the Big 12 they’d for sure have won at least 3 championships during their decade in the SEC. But the SEC is just so hard. Look at all the first rounders every year from the SEC especially Bama. Their strategy is clear: to unseat the big dogs they are going to built facilities that most other programs can only dream about and lack the resources to construct. Aggies have a lot of money, especially now with oil hovering around $110a barrel. They are going to spend whatever it takes to make every other SEC facility look like a hovel in comparison. Add to that they are probably going to put 9 guys in the NFL the next three days. That’s how you win ships. You create something so awesome from an aesthetics point of view and a NFL preparation point of view that the best players will not be able to resist the offer to come to College Station to play ball. This is a good thing too. Time to spread the championship wealth around!
They must have the other half of the money in hand because the entire project will be $235K
#6 is bogus. No way Matt Corral with Ole Miss and Kenyon Green with Texas A&M don’t go in the first round.
A mountain team coming down to hot hot Texas in early September in front of 105000 people in an outdoor facility. To play a team loaded with 4 and 5 stars and all of them fighting like hell to see who gets to be a starter. I smell a beat down especially since Jimbo is an old pro at avoiding trap games.
Mountain Dog has the formula. Stacking top classes is the key. And keeping players on the team.
Too simplistic a comment. It doesn’t account the current coach’s predecessor’s failings in recruiting. Plus, in Jimbo’s case, it takes a couple of years to make in-roads in Texas recruiting since he is not from there and never coached there. In addition, it does not take into account injuries. Last year A&M lost its starting QB and starting center and two starting corners. It is on the head coach in the sense that it’s up to him to recruit depth. But that is a lot easier said than done. It takes many years of elite recruiting to achieve the depth needed to overcome those kind of loses to injury.
Voice of reason coming from SDS. Biggest reason Fisher’s record at A&M has not been better: his predecessor after the 2015 cycle got really really lazy in recruiting. That left Fisher with 2 classes that were subpar. It takes a long time to overcome that in college football. My guess is his predecessor realized he was going out the door and so developed a IDGAF attitude when it comes to recruiting. That attitude by KS set A&M football back about two seasons. Can’t blame Fisher. You’ve got to have the horses to consistently win in this league. Contrast that to UGA. Mark Richt was always a warrior on the recruiting trail. Thus, when Kirby arrived in Athens he did not find that the cupboards were nearly bare.
Achaine, the fasted running back in America, will be their featured back in 2022. However, there is no doubt we’ll see a whole lot of Johnson on the field.
Then why are they do obviously trying to raise unrealistic expectations? A&M is getting there but they are clearly 2-3 years away. It takes time to develop the studs, especially in the skill positions.
In the skill positions it’s really rare for a true fish to start for Bama.
The SDS writers know this. They are very Deep South traditional SEC blue blood oriented and they are just laying the groundwork for forging a false narrative. That narrative will be imply that Jimbo sucks as a coach when the Aggies lose key game(s) next fall. SDS loves creating unreasonable expectations so they can pull the rug underneath programs. That helps their favorites, that is, the traditional SEC powers. SDS does everything it can to help schools like Bama and UGA in recruiting. This is part and parcel of their m.o.
They just landed the first #1 class. It takes time to develop them. Those guys just don’t walk in as true fish and dominate. That’s why I say they are still 2-3 seasons away. Just like UGA that hauled in the #1 class — it was not until 4 years later they won a tittle.
The current commish never advocates for A&M or acts in A&M’s interests unless those interests just happen to coincide with with SEC’s traditional powers. He’s the anti-Slive. He’s the issue here.
If Addazio returns to his form when he was solely an OL coach (when he held that role at Florida) he will be the top OL coach in the SEC. There is no reason he should not return to this form, especially since he now has much to prove.
Yes. Recruiting always lags a year behind success. This, expect UGA to have the top class in 2023. Success by A&M in 2020 captured the attention of top recruits in the 2021 off-season. Those recruits built relationships among themselves and A&M coaching staff. Those relationships more than anything else is what propelled A&M’s 2022 recruiting class. That and they saw that team with a backup QB beat the #1 ranked team in front of 107,000+ people who were just going nuts.
With NIL, these kids will get money wherever they go do it’s not about the money. Look at Ewers and that Bama QB. It’s not about the money. It’s about A&M gathering a lot of momentum in 2020 by have a #4 finish and Orange Bowl win. Then they capped that off with Jimbo being Saban’s first former assistant to beat him in October. Add to the mix the incredible facilities. A&M has a locker room that would make any NFL team blush. And their stadium is second to none in college football. Finally they have great coaches/recruiters across-the-board. All this adds up to having the juice to recruit a tremendous class
Alabama is not alone. It’s a national pastime: every college football team that loses offers up excuses. Nothing to see here.
NIL played at best only a very small role in A&M’s class. As top 5-star defender Walter Nolen said, if it were about money he’d gone to Tennessee. His home is just 14 miles from Neyland stadium. Here is what really happened. Recruiting is always a cycle behind success. That’s because it’s success that captures the recruit’s attention. These recruits saw in 2020 have its best season in 30 years capped off with a resounding Orange Bowl victory. They also saw them defeat Alabama with a backup QB. Add to that Fisher is one of the nation’s best recruiters. He’s never had a class this good but he’s had numerous top 5 classes over his career as a head coach. Then the recruits see the Aggies’ facilities, learn about the Aggie network. The best guys like to play together. So once some of the top dominos fell the rest fell into play. This is especially true with the addition of Bryce Anderson who is just an outstanding young man. Add to the mix that Texas had another down year. OU and LSU had coaching changes as did the U. And then there is Saban turning 70. Recruits know Saban will not last forever plus how well does a 70 year old relate to 17 and 18 year old kids. Finally, from a recruit’s perspective it’s just more fun to do something that has not been done in 80 years — bring home a natty — than ride the momentum of past recent successes from program’s like Bama and LSU. They win a natty at A&M and they are forever Aggie legends. They win one at Bama and they are just a footnote in a book kept in Nick Saban’s trophy case.