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Sounds like a pay-to-play deal to me…how the powers that be don’t see that is mind boggling
Agree…going to be slim pickings for sure. If anything I would’ve fired Cohen
Nope…he wasn’t going to start anyway. He’s looking to get that chance somewhere else.
No kidding…just a few years ago we were on fire…now it’s more of a dumpster fire.
Wonder how much smack KSU is talking today…I bet they’re proud.
No doubt one of the better games this season…congrats!
Hire Mullen…I’m sure he’s still living in Florida
Isn’t that why there’s more than one quarterback on the team? If one can’t play…the next man is up.
Didn’t see that one coming…I figured he would’ve picked Ole Miss
Of course he would say that…I bet if he’d had a better season he would be singing a different tune.
Manny must want to coach really bad to even think about sticking around through this mess. Wonder what his statement will be come Monday afternoon if Cristobal doesn’t sign? “I’d like to thank the University of Miami for giving me the opportunity when their first choice said no..”
I bet Kentucky and Tennessee’s pens are smoking trying to write those extensions so fast right now…
As of yesterday it’s supposed to rain so I hope our passing game doesn’t suffer from that…better bust out the sticky gloves!
70% chance of rain for the game…gonna be a nasty one
That was the final straw for the boosters…not Stricklin
At least we know what our identity is…y’all can’t decide if it’s a rebel, bear, or a fish.