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The more talented team doesn't always win nate. Was South Carolina more talented than Jawjuh in 2019? Was Ole Miss more talented in 2016 when they beat Jawjuh by 31 points? Was LSU more talented and better coached by Ogeron when they absolutely dunked on Jawjuh back to back years? If Jawjuh is more talented and better coached than Alabama, how come they're 1-4 against Bama under Kirby?
Well nate....I dont recall saying anything about if so and so happened. Jawjuh fans must have a serious lack of reading comprehention. I said Alabama skull drug you when healthy and they did....100% fact. I said Alanama outscored Jawjuh 50-30 when Williams or Metchie or both were in the game, and that is 100% fact. I said Jawjuh never had control of either game until both were lost....also 100% fact. Ot even took Jawjuh 2 more quarters after Williams went down to finally get control. I also said most everyone outside of your little echo chamber believes those injuries are why Jawjuh won the second game. A bit of conjecture there, but if I were a betting man, I would say thats completely true. Heck....Mel Kiper doubled down on that very sentiment when Williams and Metchie were drafted. As for what happens when Bryce and Will get drafted? Well....last I checked Saban has won 4 National Championships at Alabama with a first year starter at QB. Clowns like you were saying the same thing after Tua got drafted, and Mac went on to break many of his records. Clowns like you said the same thing when Mac got drafted and Bryce went on to break most of his records, and won the Heisman. I'm sure Bama will be just fine. The real question is how does Jawjuh deal with replacing so many draft picks for the first time. Don't go pulling an LSU on us now ....I want you all to get to the SECCG so Alabama can make an example of you.
If Jawjuh fans are the measure of "classy" then he should take that as a compliment
LMFAO...Still feeling insecure about that bogus *championship I see. Jawjuh fans are so sad that nobody respects them. I would almost be embarrassed for them, if they hadn't earned every inch of that disrespect. I'm not sure what you expected, but an inferiority complex that massive isn't going to go away because of one cheap "win" in 15 years over a MASH unit Alabama team. Nor is the perception of Jawjuhs program compared to Alabama, except in the feeble little minds if some seriously delusional Jawjuh clowns. I would probably feel the same way if everyone outside of my echo chamber (like Mel Kiper at the draft) was talking about how lucky my team was that so many key players were injured or they don't even win their lone "championship" in 4 decades. I really hope you clowns are still here talking about your one cheap little "win" in December after Bama drops 50 on Jawjuh and skull drags them around their own yard....again.
Is there a more insufferable bunch of clowns right now? Nobody has ran their mouths more and their team backed it up less than Jawjuh fans. 1 NC in the last 4 decades....the same as BYU, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Washington, Tennessee, Auburn and a handful of others, and their fans flex on everyone like they're Alabama.
Just our daily reminder of how insecure Jawjuh fans are about that asterisk "championship". Nothing to see here
That is certainly what the rest of CFB is hoping....that he goes anywhere other than Alabama.
I could not care less about anything you just mentioned save for the Masters. The Atlanta Olympics were over 25 years ago, amd they along with pro sports in 2022 are nothing but unwatchable, virtue-signaling woke garbage. The reality is that everything you've brought up on this predominantly CFB site, is nothing but a limp-wristed attempt to downplay the fact that Alabama Football is everything you wish Jawjuh football was. And no NC in 4 decades, and one win over Alabama in a decade and a half, doesn't change anyone's perception except except for a few gloriously delusional Jawjuh fans
Lmfao...talking out both sides of our mouths huh? You mean like how Jawjuh fans cried about "the refs" for 4 years, but now their new adopted mantra is "no excuses" after making more excuses than any 3 fanbases combined for 41 years if mediocrity? Your obvious insecurities about how that *championship is viewed outside of your echo chamber is duly noted. Those two players clearly made a difference when they had that "all-world" defense tripping over themselves, and Alabama skull drug Jawjuhby 3 scores. Alabama outscored Jawjuh 50-30 when Williams or Metchie or both were in the games. The only time Jawjuh ever had control was after both were lost.
Lmfao.....I love the tired old "Alabama is only a football school, and they have no pro sports blah blah blah....". I'm sure the Falcons have more than made up for 4 decades of Jawjuh football being almost completely irrelevant.
Pretty rich coming from a fan of a team who went almost the same amount of time without beating Alabama
Funny, but I don't see anyone taking exception on behalf of you guys either Hump. I there any bigger collection of insufferable clowns who have run their mouths more and backed it up less than you guys? I noticed you weren't too keen on arguing with facts presented, so you opted for a limp wristed attempt to deflect. Just because everyone in the last 30 minutes hasn't jumped up and agreed with me doesn't mean the overwhelming majority of them don't roll their eyes at pretty much everything Jawjuh fans say
I doubt they'll even have better stats. Where is anyone getting this absurd notion that Jawjuh has been significantly better than Alabama in defense? In 6 years since Kirby took over at Jawjuh, Alabama has had a better scoring defense 4 times. 2022 will be 5 times in 7 years. At most Jawjuh fans will try to argue total defensive rankings, or rushing defensive rankings without anything even resembling context. Alabama runs an offense that scores quickly and is not complimentary to the defense in the least. Jawjuh runs a stone age offense specifically to compliment and protect their defense, and Alabama still has better scoring defense in 4 of the last 6 years. Alabama has also played in 10 Playoff games to Jawjuhs 4 in those 6 years which amounts to more games against top rated offenses, and yet Alabama has a better scoring defense in 4 of those 6 years. So tell us all again how Kirby took all the defense to Jawjuh with him.
Lmfao....the Kirby effect huh? And what would that be exactly? Would it be leading Jawjuh to a worse ranking than Alabama in PPG allowed in 4 of his 6 seasons as Jawjuhs head coach? Because he did. Or maybe it's getting absolutely dusted every time he faces a legitimate offense? Because he does. All those first round picks for Jawjuh faced a top 10 passing offense 4 times in 2020 and 2021, and they gave up 40+ points and 500+ yards in 3 of those games. Kirby hasn't had a single defense at Jawjuh that didn't get manhandled at least once, and that includes his "all-world" 2021 defense. You Jawjuh fans are have one season in 4 decades where you aren't an afterthought, 1 cheap win over Bama in 15 years and suddenly you have the best of everything. And you wonder why everyone thinks you're a joke
Duly noted. You might just want to avoid reading anything else I post from here on out, as I simply do not care if you're offended by it. Frankly...I find that a great deal of what's wrong with America these days is due to alot of people's inability to cope with someone saying something they deem "offensive".
I doubt the defense being better will have much, if anything to do with how the offense operates. It's just the nature of Tides offense to score quickly and often. In 2021 Alabama averaged 40 PPG after replacing 9 starters from the 2020 offense, including 5 first rounders....and that was with an abysmal O line that got our QB sacked 40 times. If the O line improves enough to even cut the sacks by 50%, I simply don't see this offense averaging less than 42-45 PPG
Lmfao....ever the staunch defender of the special needs brethren aren't you Hump? The only thing that showed in Indy was that Jawjuh needed our top two WRs to go down in order for that "all-world" defense to finally take control. BTW...would you care to explain how a team who supposedly has more talent got absolutely trucked by 3 scores, or how Alabama has a higher average player rating per every recruiting outlet available over the last 6 years?
The writer says the O line will be better, yet predicts that there will be a slight dip in scoring, even with Bryce winning the Heisman again. If the O line play is better than last year, Alabama will average well over 40 PPG. Where does SDS find these guys?
Uh....the entire article is rife with mistakes bruh. Tell me you know nothing about Alabama without telling me you know nothing about Alabama.
You do realize that you're attempting to talk reasonably with a troll who doesn't really believe anything he's saying....right? He's just a self loathing Alabama hater who knows every word he just posted is a crock of chit. Jawjuh isn't better than Alabama at any position other than maybe O line at the moment, and if you look at the statistics from 2021, their "generational" defense wasn't a whole lot better than Alabama's in any area other than PPG. Here's a nickles worth of free advice....nothing that reject from the special needs class says should be met with anything other than mockery
I really wish SDS had writers that actually knew something about the teams they're writing about. "Tackle JC Latham and guard Emil Ekiyor have the most experience returning" Latham has yet to even start a game, while Cohen started all 15 games last year, Dalcourt started 12 games, and McLaughlin started 3 postseason games. While still shockingly bad, the O line allowed 42 sacks last year....not 57. The 57 sacks were logged by the defense. The more I read the "journalism" found on this site, the more it resembles the rambling, incoherent nonsense of Neegin and Doog.
You would think that after 15 years of getting smacked by Alabama and thinking about what they would say if they ever beat us again, they'd have come up with something better. Of course....the special needs section is the most densely populated part of the Jawjuh fan base so....
Just your daily reminder that even Jawjuh fans secretly believe their backdoor "championship" is a fraud
The truth is that outside of Alabama and Nick himself, there is still quite a bit of parity in CFB. Clemson and LSU are the only other programs with more than one NC since Nick came to Bama
Kinda like hurry-up offenses and the transfer portal made things difficult for...oh, wait.... You must be one of these clowns who has dedicated himself to being wrong every year until the law of averages finally catches up one day.
Careful bro.....Hump won't tolerate you picking on the densely populated special needs section of the Jawjuh crowd.
So because he doesn't know exactly which spot each player is taken, means hes wrong about what would happen in a football game? Besides....I'd say that his projections on forst rounders, regardless of the order they get picked is probably pretty good. Its so heartwarming when you stick up for your special needs brethren Hump. That must be exhausting given how many Jawjuh fans qualify for that designation. BTW....way to tell me Mel Kipers comments about Metchie and Williams bothered you, without telling me they bothered you.
Still not enjoying that asterisk "championship" I see. I can't say I blame you after Mel Kiper told the entire world at the draft that Jawjuh only won because Metchie and Williams were injured