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Don’t think so! He is done with him and he has already said that!
Hey Georgia fans, last year is over! Move on! Nobody cares about last years’ game except you guys! Quit living in the past and look ahead! Whatever statistics you have now are a moot point. And just because you type in all caps does not make your messages any more important than typing in lower case. It just makes you look desperate!
You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about! It isn’t just NFL Alabama players! It is in the whole NFL, whatever college they played for! You need to check your data dude!
What? That an NFL player got frustrated? Yep, happens all of the time!
Now, just how would your know the Legacy of Nick Saban? Did you ever play football for Coach Saban? We’re you ever a coach under Nick Saban? and how do YOU know “Alabama players throw punches all of the time”? I think you are a sore loser and are looking at every chance to knock Alabama! Why don’t you focus on your own loser self and stop making silly statements that you cannot confirm or prove!
And you are a laughing stock just because! It is what it is and neither you or Danny K can say enough negative comments to degrade Alabama and its football heritage!
I was completely embarrassed! A&M outplayed them the whole game! Bama deserved that loss and maybe that will be a wake up call for all coaches and players!
Paul hit it right on the head! Disgraceful both offensively and defensively!
Not really! I think it is a great decision! Takes the pressure off of Bama and puts Arkansas and Georgia in the hot seat!
Nope, never did cry! And I am a Bama Alum! Glad it is somewhere else!
Not crying here! I think the Ark/Ga game is the better choice for Game Day and I am a Bama Alum! Sorry to disappointment! RTR