Bama fan. My dad went to Bama. I grew up sitting at his knee watching the Crimson Tide... been a fan ever since. My son went to Georgia. My daughter is currently at Auburn. I attended CSU (Columbus (Ga.) State University).

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But all that "love" that Texas fans showed him... and how much those fans meant to him... and how Texas just feels like the right fit... and, well, whatever. One gets the feeling that Mr. Hall may not like competing for playing time.
Arkansas got a great pick up when they acquired Drew Sanders from Alabama. I really hated to see him go but he was stuck behind Will Anderson and Dallas Turner. I was hoping he would shift to inside LB and replace To'o To'o next year as the starter. I can totally see Sanders making all-SEC, but not 1st string.
i agree with you on the Alabama WRs. I don't think we get Addison and there is a reason why Harrell only had 19 catches. (Not sure what that reason is, but it is telling.) Burton looks solid but must remain healthy. Saban brought in a bunch of WRs with track speed but they are young and inexperienced. Bama receivers are solid and may surprise me. I don't know whose receiver group should be rated at the top, but putting Alabama's receivers there is a bit of a reach.
The writer seems to think that J C Latham has more experience on the o-line than Javion Cohen. I don't know where he gets his information but it is incorrect.
CNS is talking about parity of rules and opportunities. Once again, Saban is not whining as much as he is warning about the future of college football. Btw, parity of rules and opportunities doesn't mean equal success.
@ Eradicator The math doesn't work for 2 permanent and 7 rotating games.
I have always felt that Texas, like Notre Dame, is over-hyped. I watched the Texas spring game and was really impressed with Ewers. The physical talent in that arm is unmistakable. How quickly he processes and his leadership is yet to be determined. Texas has Xavier Worthy at the #1 WR. He would rank among my top 3 WRs in college football. Texas is high on the list for portal transfer Jordan Addison. If, and it's a big IF, Addison goes to Texas, the Longhorns likely have the best duo, along with Ohio State, at WR in the country. I still think Texas is a couple of years away from the big-time, but they are heading in the right direction.
@ Musicman "I'd put his potential all-purpose yards closer to 3000". Man, that would be sweet.
I suspect the UGA defense will not fall off much in terms of physical talent. It's more in the experience and leadership areas that will take some time to develop. They won't match last year's stats but then, who will?
Jahmyr Gibbs is going to a great pick up for Alabama. But 2000 yards from scrimmage is a bold take given how unsettled Bama's offensive line is at the moment. If Alabama had UGA's o-line I would agree (and predict a 15-0 season). I think a more likely scenario is Gibbs gets 2000 all-purpose yards.
Based on previous production, I'd have to go with Kayshon Boutte. If it was just about the receiver, that might be a pretty safe bet. But the receiver has to have a solid QB and that QB has to have a solid O-line. Based on the returning O-lines, I'd have to think that Arian Smith might be a good bet.
You make a valid point. I have lots of Alabama sites in my favorites and have been reading many articles on the young man but shouldn't assume that others have seen the bigger story.
I don't really have a team that I would root for beyond Alabama. My oldest son graduated from UGA, then spent 4 years at Florida in their dentistry school, so I have connections to those. My daughter graduated from Auburn and I live in Lee County, Al so I have that connection. I really like the fit of Coach Pittman at Arky and Coach Stoops at UK. I guess I'll continue to pull for all SEC teams unless they are a specific roadblock to Alabama's journey. Good luck to all.
Wow. I do believe many posters are missing the main point. It ain't about football and whether or not he will be eligible this season. This young man has struggled with depression for years to include thoughts of suicide. He is attempting to find a less pressure packed situation that may help him cope with his illness. God bless young man.
If Scott Satterfield is implying that an Alabama booster might have contacted Harrell... well I guess I don't have a strong opinion on that. If he is suggesting that an Alabama coach contacted Harrell prior to his name being in the portal, I would say, "Put up or shut up". Present the evidence. Just because you thing something doesn't feel right, you don't get to bad mouth individuals or institutions without potential consequences. Too many people in this country think something is a fact merely because they want it to be one.
He was not a good fit at Alabama. Whether it was having to be made to attend class or being late for meetings and practice, or tweeting that he and other freshman receivers deserved more playing time... this young man had not matured enough to "create value" for himself on the Crimson Tide. Maybe a fresh start at Texas will be exactly what he needs. I wish him success in football and life (other than the 2nd game of this coming season).
The O-line is going to be everything to so many SEC teams this year. It is the most questioned unit for soooo many teams. I can think of Alabama, Auburn, Kentucky, LSU and TAMU. There are probably others.
You are so right. And those two words would apply to about a half dozen SEC teams.
I get that NIL is here and not going anywhere. Originally, NIL was to be about signing autographs, and pictures, and making some public appearances a new store openings. Man, did that escalate fast. I want the players to be able to make money. But this is pay for play, nothing more, nothing less. Let's not pretend that it's something else. I'm aware that it has the potential to benefit all teams but If I'm honest, I know that my favorite team will benefit disproportionately to most college teams... as will most SEC teams. And, I hate it. I'm old and stubborn, and I hate it. Nothing will change but, having said it, I feel a little better. Maybe a nice glass of Woodford Reserve will make me feel even better.
Should anyone be concerned that if Arch chooses their favorite school, it might have the effect of clearing out the remainder of that school's QB room? I get that he is a big prize and that QB rooms are going to be very fluid in these days of the transfer portal and NIL, but I can see a real possibility where that school might find itself with Arch and several walk-ons as their possible QB situation. Maybe he is worth that possibility. And, maybe having a walk-on at QB isn't a situation that should cause great concern anyway. I've heard that some schools do quite well with former walk-ons.
TJ Finley seems like a good guy but he's just not the answer at QB. I suspect the starter will be Calzada but Ashford is intriguing. This year is a rebuild at Auburn which might lead to all 3 starting at different times.
The thing about an intrasquad game is that for the defense to look great, the offense must look bad... which is what happened. If the offense had scored 50 points, detractors would say that Alabama's defense sucks. It is what it is... a spring intrasquad game... nothing more. They are designed to get in some game-like practices without revealing too much to other coaches.
No doubt AG has the talent but the biggest obstacle to "having a Kyle Pitts-like season" is probably Brock Bowers. Bennett and Bowers seemed to have an immediate connection... something that is unexpected with true freshmen.
I like your picks. In the East, I have UF at 4-4 but agree with the rest. In the West, I have Arkansas at 5-3 but Auburn at 1-7. Auburn's QB situation doesn't look good to me, but what do I know. Some of their best seasons happen when not much is expected of them.
I agree also. QB's aren't the key as much as game situation. If, as most people expect, Alabama and UGA are leading most of their games in the second half, then they will turn to a "control the clock" offense which benefits the running stats. Auburn has a two-headed beast at RB but may not be in position to use them if behind. If I had to bet, I would again pick Arkansas to lead the league.
Any prediction for Auburn, or are you saying it's best if they don't play??