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I can't imagine who would think 10am Tuscaloosa and Austin time would be a good idea for a game like this. Be that as it may, nothing's going to save Texas from what Alabama's bringing to Austin. Might as well get the crying over with early.
But I'm sure Texas fans will "love him regardless" he's a cancer and he needs to grow up fast
He does. But nothing's off the table for what these kids can drive these days in Tuscaloosa. Or anywhere else for that matter. The Texas running back has a Lambo.
The off season is meant to establish timing with your receivers. Especially ones brand new to the team. Nothing to see here other than the fact that Tua and Tyreek hill are working on that chemistry.
I do agree with your comment below though, Jones especially is on his way to being a top 5 NBA defender
I'm Not sure on team stats, but I know at the end of the season when bama was on that losing streak they could not snag a defensive rebound when it mattered
Nate oats would have 12 guards and one big man on scholarship if he could. I like the style of offense but defense, especially rebounding left a lot to be desired this year
USC is a done deal for this kid. Nobody else (especially Bama) is giving him $2 Million.
Georgia just went bankrupt after they caught bama on the perfect year. And Bama's freshmen and sophomore led team still beat Georgia's upperclassmen in the SECCG. And sure, copy my name like Kirby tried to copy his daddy's model for success
NIL and the portal do need to be better regulated, but they are basic rights that should've always been a part of college athletics. Anybody in America can change schools as they see fit and make money off their own name, athletes should never have had that taken from them.
I like it. Thibodeaux is way too high on himself. Greg McElroy roasted him over those comments too. Interesting to see how he plays with Evan Neal too after he lied about dominating him in a football camp
You have a couple loose screws but this is the first comment I've ever agreed with you on
Absolutely terrible. He had his whole life in front of him. Prayers to his loved ones
Your defensive backfield will still be top tier though right? I think the best of the bunch realized who the real DBU was.
Haha I did mean bama would be better next year. But they could get well be better than Kentucky again next year. They signed their best recruiting class ever this year
I agree. I'm guessing Lsusmc is way too old to be as immature as he is.
Just throwing this out there Bama plays 4 guards at a time and we're probably losing three to the draft. He'd get meaningful reps on a better team next year at Bama
Oats assigning blame to everyone but himself is starting to get annoying too. This roster has as much talent as any team this year and what shows up on gameday is getting worse and worse. A big part of that definitely falls back on coaching.
Exactly lsusmc, not to sound like a homer but in addition to Saban being arguably the greatest coach of any sport ever, Saban and Oats are both reigning SEC champions in these two sports. It's a no brainer.
Obviously you don't have valid proof to the contrary as to why he was fired with cause. Smarter men than you have argued against it to no avail. I like Art and believe his story but where there's smoke..
What connection does Doug Williams have to Michael Vick? And to put it frankly the approximate 20 cover up allegations Briles is accused of (though I do believe his statements) are far worse than Vick's dog fighting that he served his time for
I was hoping strong got the DC job while he was in Tuscaloosa, to get him as a position coach at Miami is huge. Top to bottom Miami easily has a top 5 coaching staff in the country with this hire
It is actually possible that he could be part of as many wins as an analyst at Bama in one season as his entire tenure at Tennessee
To call Alabama Auburn's little sister in anything is absolutely laughable. Bama's defending both regular season and sec tournament championships. The barn hasn't won anything yet.
That's definitely true for a lot of players that have gone through Detroit, Stafford included, but Hand never lived up to all the hype he came to Alabama with. He was a liability at times at Bama when we needed a pass rush
Are Gator fans really this sensitive? He literally said nothing bad about the guy.
You are the laziest troll on this site. Hopefully you at least make yourself laugh with your cringe comments.
I agree that QB is more important, but uga has a serviceable QB and just won it all