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Haha? Really? I think Hall might excel in fatboy's offense. No route tree to learn, just bubble screens and down routes. You are correct though, he is way too young to play for the Hype machine, who only starts C0V!D seniors.
It is a pitiful look. The agreement was a home and home series with BYU, only if the Cougars play the first game in Knoxville. Once the Vawls got their home game and arse whipping I might add, UT nation reneges, then backs out of the away game. Of course Vol fans will justify it, since they are still in the honeymoon phase with Hypel. Does not matter how he gets to 7 or 8 wins, as the media and fanbase will only recite the record at the end. 2 buyouts in 2 seasons for easier opponents and an extra "home" game. Has any other SEC school paid a buyout for 2022 or 23?
Suddenly 85 former college QB's demand a tryout and Colin K whines just a little bit more.
But at least Florida has high expectations. They could buyout any potential nonconference losses just to pump up their win total.
He should go to Tennessee and compete for playing time with Bru McCoy. They can set a record for transferring without actually playing.
Having a great chance to win a national championship may mean more to this kid than others. If not, I say Texas.
But gfuzzwhite said he wanted to play in Heupel's "vaunted" offense.
Vols 1998 were run, run, run and once in a blue moon, a deep ball. Tee Martin was more Jared Guarantano than Peyton Manning.
^^ Only because Carson-Newman was already booked.
For once, stop the sunshine pumping. It takes less than a minute to look into this and see that BYU had nothing to do with this game not being played. It is your scared coach, who believes Vol fans are dumb enough to accept his wins over bad teams as continued progress. BYU and UT had an agreement for a home and home series. BYU comes to Knoxville and then when it is time for UT to return the favor, they back down and disgrace the whole SEC. Consecutive buyouts for a HOME game vs Army to play Akron, one of the worst teams in CFB and now paying not to play a Mormon school, so they get another home game against one of the dreads of the ACC. General Neyland just turned over in his grave.
Army now BYU, wow, how pathetic. So, if the Vols have a chance of losing in a non conference game, it aint happening. Scared to play a Mormon school. BWAHAHAHAHA!
Jeremiah Alexander looks the part as well. Sanders was just not strong enough to hold up against the run. I too was disappointed to see him go, but he chose to do that rather than bulking up and competing for the job.
Even funnier seeing a Vol sunshine pumper arguing with the National Champion.
"Just like we were predicted to last year??" All the sportsbooks had you winning 6 and you won 7. Outlandish. The Vols showed everyone.
Kirk, how dare you argue with gwhite aka The Human Sunshine Pumper.
With his size and what is on tape, he will be a 4* this time next year.
I remember a Judge who would give no bond for any DUI arrest. Found out her daughter was killed by a drunk driver.
They are not. It is amazing how football fans defend the vile actions of players.
Maybe we should ask the A&M so called "lawyer", who vehemently was defending Bru McCoy for some odd reason.
You and gwhite don't have glasses you take on and off. You have bright orange retinas.
Why is the D "coming on?" Oh that's right, the D line looked great in the Spring. Another way to look at it is the UT offensive line is not very good. Still wondering why SDS has decided to not mention LB Aaron Willis leaving. Losing 4 star LB's normally get a small article. Willis must not understand, you need to be in your 5th or 6th year of college to play for Hypel.
Desperate coaches and teams do that kind of stuff.
And you are one of the pencil necks who swear the President has no control over gas prices.
I can respect that. For me. nothing tops the Van Halen self titled album. It is the songs I like more, rather the who was doing the singing.
My god Jeremy Banks is still on the Vol's roster? He was playing when Josh Jacobs was returning kicks for Alabama.
Biggest UT troll being called out by the biggest UT homer.
What happened in the natty game to the D? Both starting CB's, who are now on NFL rosters, being replaced by a true freshman and a guy who had never started before didn't help. 2021 Alabama was one of the youngest teams in CFB; all that experience will pay dividends this season. Especially since they will be much better at RT and RB on offense and the corners will be vastly improved.
I sure hope the Jags improve. So sick of hearing what a great coach Vrabel is, when he benefits heavily from the worst division in football.