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There is the possibility he reclassifies to the 2022 class.
He wouldn’t ever get on the field. Maybe Nicky will take him back.
The Vols actually never lost the #1 ranking. Two of the five polls did have them at #2, but those weren’t the most widely accepted and respected polls. The D 1 poll always had them #1.
Of course Saban doesn’t like the collectives that raise money for players, he’ll get outbid for some top players now! Come on Nick, saying it isn’t good for the game is just plain hypocritical. You making $10 or $11 mil or whatever isn’t good for the game either, but we don’t hear you whining about that.
This time of year with all the pollen in the air, I can sympathize with him.
In contention? Heck we’re going to win it! It was down to the Vols and Auburn, sorry Bruce…not really.
You ever notice this redneck dog fan is always the first, supposedly Ga. fan, to respond to any article involving the dogs? Everyone in Ga. must be so proud of him!
I heard a reported $375 mil for ten years! Why would they pay him that ridiculous amount of money. Does anyone really tune in a NFL game because of the announcers? Of course not.
There are five baseball polls, and the Vols are still #1 in three of them. You are right, D1 is probably the most popular. The overall #1 seed has had a really bad record winning the CWS the past couple of decades, so if won’t bother mean if they don’t get it.
Yeah, but Coach Heupel is going to right that wrong!
I know he has been a bit of a head-case in the past, but there is no doubt he is a talented WR. I hope he has his stuff together and is ready to play some football.
No doubt, Switzer knows all about getting players by whatever means possible.
That moron is just an embarrassment to himself. I believe he thinks he is witty or humorous, but obviously he is neither.
The thing with that particular ump goes back to the CWS last year. Not sure what his beef with the Vols is about. Heck this guy even tossed a bama coach in the same game. By the way, Kiffin deserved what he got, he had players faking injury time after time to try and slow down the Vols offense.
Ho-hum, just another routine 15-4 beat down of bama this afternoon. Nice win Vols. GBO!
“controversy”, really? Because they are kicking everyone’s azz is a controversy? Deal with it! You had the umps trying their best to help bama and they still got thumped. Get ready for another one today.
That is pretty rich, a bammer accusing someone else of complaining about officiating. Kind of like Saban whining about NIL ruining college football. Hey Nick, players are getting paid, above the table now. I’ve never heard you whine about the ridiculous salaries you and others are getting paid! Freaking hypocrite, how about a salary cap on all the over paid coaches like you in college football?
Storied in the way they have bought players for years and got away with it, so far. We’ll see if any thing is done in regards to the allegations.
Those Vandy fans were really crying and moaning about the nonsense over the bat, but that had nothing to do with the BBs the Vols pitchers were firing at them!
Good riddance to Mike K. He is a fraud and a cheat, and has been for years.
So negan, what exactly the BLM Culter?? That third grade Georgia education is really showing up for you! Moron…
What the heck were the slobbering dogs thinking! Hiring a mediocre coach shows their commitment, or lack of, to basketball. “Where the football team holds up other sports”, what a stupid statement. Basketball can certainly stand on its own, but that’s something the dogs fans like you know nothing about!
Probably their best pitcher, Tidwell hasn’t even played yet, and is just now getting close to returning. Tony Vitello has a heck of a team this year.
Good luck Razorbacks. With a little good fortune I think you can take this one.
Pretty ironic a redneck like you calling someone a hillbilly. I guess that’s how a moron like you gets his jollies. 1980…2022…2064
Todd who? He may be a fine coach, but I doubt many people in the South have ever heard of him.