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That would be Alfano. He was kicked off the Colorado team without playing a down. I think they are blaming his behavior on some medical condition. Last I heard he was going to go to Last Chance U.
He reminds me of Alfano & Anoma. He will probably end up like them.
This is the second time you’ve posted this. I would like to point out that the premise of the statement was that the defense wouldn’t be as good usual due to the attrition on you D-LINE. The portal joke is obvious with y’all losing so many to the portal. That fact that y’all picked up a safety does nothing for the d-line.
He was replaced by a true freshman who played much better than him. Sanders got pushed around a lot.
Ron: I think he is saying that the stats will be better because they are playing terrible teams. Since most people use stats instead of their eyes it seems fair to say that UGAs defense will get more credit than the Bama D.
Bamatime: kills me say this but Urban Myer isn’t totally wrong about the “road to hoe”. Most people do use “row to hoe” as it refers to farming. It is believed that “road to hoe” refers to when Roman soldiers built roads using hoes to level it out and remove rocks.
I don’t mind he posts sunshine. I just wished he posted anything remotely accurate about football.
G: small points to ponder. Did your offense win the NC last year? Has that offense ever won a NC? Did your offense beat UGA? It appears by the last part of your comedic post that you would rather watch an exciting offense lose than your team win. You really should have someone read your noise before hitting send/
Really? Allow me to explain. Will Anderson has publicly shown that he is highly motivated by any perceived disrespect. Real or otherwise. The article clearly states while he is the best it also clearly states that other people will have more sacks. I’m sure he understands the football logic behind the statement but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t motivate him. It’s actually pretty simple.
Still chuckling over that. I think almost everyone of his posts show his football knowledge is idiot level.
Nate: Most people think having a mature and experienced team is in fact a good omen. Last years UGA defense & the Bama offense the year before are just 2 examples.
So Haynes doesn’t understand why people still drink & drive. Here’s a hint. Alcohol impairs your judgement. It’s ironic that reason you are driving impaired is same reason you even got in the car to start with. It’s one of the reasons that servers & establishments are also held responsible in alcohol related driving deaths.
NIL and getting a cut of the profit are 2 different things. If they get a piece there is no arguing that they are in fact professionals.
Hmmm, is this how Kirby gets his transfers. I love how it’s tampering when someone transfers into Bama but nothing to see here when they transfer into UGA. Several UGA fans on this site cried foul about Burton and said he should have honored his commitment. What about Kendricks(?) the DB thrown off his team. How about Smith from WVU, Daniels from USC or Gilbert from LSU. Oh, that’s right. Just crickets. Saban cheats but Kirby doesn’t? Everybody but my team cheats is the war cry of Unicorn U.
Thanks for the info. It’s sad that this is day old news. I was able to find out all of this yesterday with a google search that took as long as it took to type Jerry J.
How many PAC 12 schools have won a NC in this century? USC. Oregon got close twice and Stanford hasn’t truly competed for one. By the way, this is sports. You EARN a spot in the playoffs by winning more games than other teams. Just because you win a weak conference doesn’t mean you DESERVE anything. Thanks for bringing up Cincy. Most thought they DESERVED to be in also.
Your mother not raising a r$cist was a big time bust. I bet Jeudy made more money as a NFL bust than you did as a bust of a human being.
Okay, I just did a quick google search. He locked the wallet & medical info of his baby mamas in a safe. This was in response of her wanting to move away and hiding his phone. No violence occurred. An additional charge was added later but it was automatic since he has a child with her.
A 1 minute google search gave this info. He locked the wallet and medical info of his baby mamas in a safe. She wants to take the baby to Virginia and supposedly hid his phone. There was zero physical activity. The domestic violence kicker was automatically added since she has a baby by him. I wonder if I get paid for doing Farner and Adams work.
This is the second “article” about this and I still have no idea what he was actually accused of doing. What’s wrong Adam? I guess someone else hasn’t written a story with this info yet.
At least our players wait to get in the NFL. The LSU players hide behind the tiger in the room while still in school. Just what is LSU being investigated for? Oh, right. Players were assaulting women and the administration covered it up. Looks like the LSU players were never held accountable for their criminal behavior.
More details? I would have thought a big detail would to say exactly what he did.
So the same guy that coached 5 1st round WRs has fallen off? Didn’t Burton enter the portal the same day that Bennett announced his return? Hmm, I guess it’s totally insane for a WR to transfer to another program that has a better passing QB. Crazy that a WR would want to go to an offense that throws the ball more. It’s legal for you to give an uninformed opinion, but it isn’t right!!!
Reading is fundamental. He was going 91 in a 70 mph zone.
Arkansas has done more with less? Just how many super seniors were on the 2 deep last year? All that experience really helped last year. I think Pittman is a great coach & motivator but this year will be a test.
He is not kidding. He has put the blame on Sankey from day one. Facts aren’t relevant to the Booch.
The same contribution that every leader of extremely successful businesses.
He clearly said that the SEC is fine with 4 but that it wasn’t good for the rest of football. I guess he is whining about doing what’s best for the sport instead of throwing a temper tantrum about the SEC expansion.