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(looks at trophy case) Sounds good. See y'all next year.
Thanks. It's crazy to consider that someone can be in the top 1% of male athletes at the college level with a bright, clear path to millions of dollars and screw it up by not wanting to do simple stuff.
Speaking of, whatever happened to the yankee kid who needed to be close to his grandmother in New Jersey so he moved to Colorado or something similar?
It's shocking how bad officiating has become in the last few years. It seems like it corresponds with the implementation of the targeting rule. I don't know why that would change their ability to see pass interference or hands to the face, but it really seems like it did.
... and after then-coach Jack Harbaugh wanted to drug test him weekly because of his marijuana history, he quit the team and went home * Good story and good for him. Here's the takeaway and the unspoken lesson. His coach was right, and instead of kicking him off the team he gave him a chance. But nope, he gave up a free education and potential trip to the NFL because pot mattered more than his family or children. I guess the transfer portal "fixed" that sort of thing, though.
He transferred to play for arguably the most fickle, most meddling fan base in Division I football, right? I don't think they're particularly shy about it, either. Good luck young man. Play well. Or else.
This article just reminds everyone of the travesty that was 2021 Heisman voting * The full maturation of Participation Trophy society, and it just gets worse from here.
Dang, that was outstanding TD throw by Michigan. Shame it was to the Georgia player.
Nevermind, I'm drunk. I thought he had one more to get. Even after I read your comment. I've still got hours before new years is here, too. Dang.
I've thought that same thing for a while. He has a whole lot of respect for the school and "gets" the tradition of the program, and I don't think he'll surpass Bryant's total at UA for that reason. You can go out on any given day and find a fan who isn't even 30 years old wearing an outdated hat paying tribute to a man they never saw coach a game, and I don't think Saban wants to one-up that mystique and what it means to Alabama. I'd sort of love for him to win five more, but I think he'll tie Bryant at the school and retire. He'll still have one more total and by far be the greatest of all time with nothing left to prove.
Coach Fickell might be onto something. Until Notre Dame joins a conference they're ineligible for the playoffs, and whoever the top non-Power 5 team is (UCF, Cincinnati, etc.) plays them in a bowl game. That's their bragging rights. They can win and be as good as Notre Dame.
"Bama didn't impress anyone tonight" while soundly beating your returning generational Cincinnati team and holding them to two field goals after record-breaking offensive performances in an undefeated season in their own conference might not be the best way to draw attention to your team losing to the what, sixth youngest team in the FBS?
I was expecting a lot more risky play / high reward from Cincinnati and thought it would be a closer game because of that.
Based on your comments I think you may not have a clear understanding of what a “pandemic” is * Allow me to make a modification if you don't understand the post. We have a pandemic of PCR tests.
They have absolutely nothing to lose, and they can play that way. That's why they'll be dangerous.
These are the biggest two games of the year and one of them starts at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon * I think this is much more offensive to Cincinnati than any perceived imagined slights. That it's not an 8pm game is the NCAA / playoff committee, sponsors, and tv network openly insulting them.
It's incredible that the folks who are the most pro-virus always know the least about it. Heck, even Fauci recently admitted that hospital numbers are high because people are going in WITH cov1d and not FROM cov1d. They don't even know they're sick. Hint: If you have to tell someone, that person isn't sick. And now that testing kits are no longer available we're magically only required to quarantine for five days. Because Science.
Yep. Stop testing healthy people and the pandemic ends today.
Yes it sucks but C0VID is wrecking havoc everywhere. * Except for the part where it's not, and if we stop testing it disappears as a problem virtually immediately. Alabama, population 5M, has had 36 people die while also having cov1d over the last week. These healthy football players simply pinged a positive test. I doubt most even had a sniffle. It's over. We're what's keeping the pandemic going now.
It's so weird how this new change came from the feds immediately after the news broke about the same feds not planning ahead in order to have adequate testing kits. Probably just coincidence. Also Science.
Well, no excuses here. It is a bad look for a conference that has had fans saying the lower tier teams, this year, could beat most of the top of other conferences. ** I stand by that sentiment. If the teams were competing in the other conferences on the way to conference championships and subsequent NC / playoff entries then they are competing differently. I have no idea how many kids in the SEC are sitting out to save themselves for the NFL, but I assume it's more than a few. It would be interesting to know how many kids on the non-SEC teams are deciding not to play in the bowl games.
I'm not entirely sure "these SEC teams suck because our teams were just as good as them" is quite the right approach for programs to take.
Also I'm looking forward to seeing Cincinnati's constantly mentioned 1st round draft pick defensive players who have dine well against Tulane and Navy once they reach the playoffs. It was nice of Metchie to sit this game out for them.
I suspect an Auburn-vs-Alabama performance on their side, and they'll be dangerous because they're playing with absolutely nothing to lose. That said, I don't think they have the voodoo, and I don't think they've hexed the stadium. I'm expecting lots of big circus plays from them because of it, but I'm hoping that risky style bites them a few times with turnovers.
And he literally said he's feeling well. How absurd. It won't stop until we stop complying.