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There's a reason he went to threw high schools.
Get back to me when Tennessee is relevant.
Name one player the Giants have coached up. Good player, horrible organization.
I get it they all look the same to you. Aren't you late for a klan rally or something?
I guess he's waiting to sign deal until his divorce is final?
It is a shame Georgia got beaten twice, I said twice, on the same passing play two different times.
He sold his steakhouse as he got a little too much meat.
IIR Hutchison looked pedestrian versus Bama and every team in the NFL is better than Bama.
I'm sure you're very familiar with sloppy seconds.
I guess you didn't see his play calling in the A&M game. Name me the number of trap plays he CALLED against agressive defenses ?
How many years has Georgia finished number one and why was Georgia beat by. The. Same. Play. Twice.
Bubba, who is us and what position do you coach?
Maybe it was his inability to score from the red zone and inability to run a trap play.
Oh he was doing, the question isn't what, but who?
I'd like to see him do bar amd restaurant reviews and he can grad them on thumbs one to five
Does your boss at the Quickie Mart know you spend all day posting here? Or are you in momma's trailer waiting for your EBT check?
How CAN Golding afford an Uber on that kind of money???
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't smoke meth in your hovel. Doug the wise is like saying Joe Biden the brilliant. But seriously UGA has won how many championships in the last twenty-five years?
Bill finally found a way not to choke. Can't say as much as Bama's basketball coach. Kansas has a storied basketball program.
KU had 14, that is 14 shots not go in during the first half. Coldest streak they have had all tournament. Half of those fall and they win going away.
The University turned thier back on the team and is yet to apologize. Duke was woke before it was popular.
Agreed. He's the epitome of smug and poor sportsmanship. And let's not forget the whole Duke LaCrosse scandal. Hate Duke, hate K.
Before A&M quarterbacks just used a boosters credit card, now they can use their own.