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Pretty impressive, hopefully this pressures that idiot OC to stop sucking.
Gotta disagree Outlaw has been dead in the water since the 80s Eric LARPing as Waylon isn't ruining anything that bro country and hick hop hasn't already killed
I don't get that either considering the bulldogs are fresh off a world series title.
Sounds more petty and childish than 'le epic troll XD' the article makes it out to be.
Nothing screams winner like a mayo bukkake.
Thank god. Maybe now that Clemson 'family' mantra will finally get put to rest when Vegetables takes all their recruits with him to Norman. I pray that FSU, Miami, Pitt, NC State and Wake keep tripping Dabo enough to keep him out of future ACC title games.
6) They got their @ss kicked all up and down the field by Michigan, be like Harbaugh
If Mizzou wins this it means they hate America and don't support the troops. There, that's about as credible as anything else in the article.
The Braves winning the world series broke the 'Atlanta' sports curse. The Georgia sports curse is still in effect.
>Cheers to the 2010 South Carolina Gamecocks, still the last SEC East team to beat Alabama. lol, really? I didn't believe that until I looked it up.
No disrespect intended to UGA but do any dawgs feel like Kirby gave up with 5 mins left in the 4th quarter? Didn't start burning timeouts until 2 mins left. Is it because he knows UGA is in the CFP regardless of the outcome?
We aren’t very good. We aren’t going to be very good any time soon. No point in getting worked up. Next year will be worse. Find other things in life to put your energy to. This is truly not worth it, nor is it healthy to invest so much emotionally for a team that will be a bottom-tier program for the next few years.
Someone call the Taliban to chase this clown out of the comment section.
Bill c'mon don't go so hard on the boy. Military suicide rates are sky high and we don't want to add to that.
Don't care what this loser has to say at the moment. Getting shut out at home to your rival is a program killer for me.
Tank Bigsby finished with 22 carries for 164 yards and a touchdown. Why the barn didn't run him all night is absolutely baffling.
When will Ole Miss bring back the nWo belt? It was my favorite gimmick prop in the NCAA.
I am optimistic that Beamer will do the right thing and eventually develop an offense that can compete in the SEC. That said wake me up when this season is over.
Meh, was kinda expected we'd get btfo I am more looking forward to what happens this offseason This offense is not ready to play in the SEC right now
I met coach O at a gas station outside of Lexington SC when he was here to recruit. He was polite, took a few minutes to chat, and I thanked him for blowing out Clemson in the 2019 national championship. I would hate to see him let go at LSU because loves it there but if he is I wish him a great life just for that 15 minutes spent talking to a random nobody like me.
Jahmar Brown likely won't punished for that embarrassment. On the contrary he might replace RJ Roderick as a starter because RJ is pretty lousy at his position.
Do like I did and don't put too much critical observation into this season. Treating it as a throwaway will help keep up the optimism for next season after what's looking like a 4-8 record in 2021.
Are any Aggies out there getting anxious about Jimbo? I am seeing the same issues that FSU had when they started trending down after their natty win.
What we learned. Drinkwitz is a work in progress. This is only his second year in the SEC. Give him time, his willingness to fire his DC after such an embarrassment shows he don't wanna be seen as soft.
I would agree with everything in this article if this was year 3 under Shane Beamer. It is still his first season ever as a head coach. Might be a little to early for SDS authorized character assassination.
I give them a lot of slack because 1st year coaching staff and they have already matched the win total from last season. I hope it works out but so far the offense can not compete in the SEC.