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@BamaTime Saban's acquisition is unreal and will continue to be as long as he is the coach, my question is what will be there when he does eventually leave? 4 years ago, I'd say a program even I Jeremy Pruitt wouldn't screw up but now it won't be nearly as stocked with developed talent.
Gab- Y'all are sec Champs. Congratulations. Keep telling yourself how if so and so were there it'd all be different. Quick question, what happens if yall don't win the championship this year, Young and Anderson are gone and you missed on Arch? You make a lot of the fact Metchie and Williams were the real HP that drove last year's team and your top 2 wrs this season are transfers, that leaves the Bama future where exactly? No current year development because of the transfer players. To further paint the picture, where does this leave the program when Saban is gone and y'all aren't attracting the best assistants in football and players aren't lining up to play? Could be a scary precipice you are standing on. Not saying coach is leaving but the program will on shaky ground with this new talent acquisition process he has whenever he does finally retire.
I don't think athletes care about the fan comments, but that has been Saban's pitch. Y'all are uber talented but how long before the recruits stop lining up since your starters are from other schools? Also, if Bama was so talented last season why did the loss of 2 players cost yall a championship? Y'all were more talented with a better coach but didn't win. Weird
It's from the uga fanbase or rival fans, nothing to do with Bama or its athletes.
It's Bama, they are super deep and uber talented. Just ask any of their fans, they love to explain it incessantly. Unless of course it's the championship game, then the one player made all the difference and was the reasonthey lost the game. It's an interesting dynamic in their mental makeup. I would be curious to see future transfers and commits if he opts for Bama. What happened to being developed and trusting the process at Bama? The team has consistently dipped into the portal the several years to find the difference makers instead of having the next man up mentality. Bama fans, you can only talk out of both sides if your mouth for so long before people (athletes) stop listening to you.
That's because of the regression of talent on that side of the ball, having players stay around longer to improve their draft stock. Having an older unit might not always be a good omen.
BamaTime couldn't the same thing be said of Alabama under Saban?
@gwhite If "ifs" were fifths we'd all be drunk. This isn't horse shoes or hand grenades, it's wins and loses not margin of victory
Don't tell Mullen stats don't matter, UF had more yards than UGA last year. That is a fact
@Ron Mexico 2 quoted comments by you and why I think your comments lack substance. 1)"You can’t possibly predict the season. No one can." 2)"UGA will make the SEC championship game barring some loss to UT or UF. Alabama will beat UGA." Enjoy the rest of your contradicting day
I think what corch is trying to say is he was the best DL off last year's team. Barring injury, he will rise up the draft board from this ranking
Hes indicted on rape. Not eligible and not playing for uga
Interesting take on thinking these guys know what they are doing. Out of curiosity what is the average life span of nfl coaches not named Bill Belichick? GMs last a little longer but not much.
Modern rules always favor the offense. If we can play the game using the rules from 1985, then UGA. Under the 2020 rule book, Bama.
Yeah but Jameson and Metchie were hurt...that's all I know because that is what the Rammer Jammer's keep telling me. Listening to them talk about "how it would have all been different" is like listening to Napoleon Dynamite's uncle talk about his HS playing days if his coach would have just put him in in the fourth quarter. If "ifs" were fifths, we'd all be drunk.
Negan, the media didn't make the picks and GMs don't listen to fanbases nor the media when making picks. Dean fell because of an unfortunate timing of an injury. If he could have tested and ran a sub-4.5 40, he was coming off the boards in the 1st. His measurables don't equal his tape, he plays bigger than he is.
Lincoln Riley did it twice. To have the number of opinions on college football (and the number of negative opinions on UGA football) you post, you sure do lack a lot of common knowledge on college football.
He played up and down the d-line. He may have been listed as a DT on a program but the game tape shows he played everywhere. He was a DT on 3rd downs to create a better pass rush not the hole plugger that Davis was.
My uneducated and lazy take on stingley is he read his press clippings from his freshman year and essentially shut it down the last 2 years. He's talented but lacks a killer instinct after he finds success
Let's not forget injuries are a part of the game. Why didn't any of your other receivers step up? Could it be because Saban didn't develop them because y'all were playing nip-tuck games all year? Y'all had a GREAT SEC championship game but unfortunately for y'all it wasn't the 1 you wanted to win. Enjoy being league champions
Excellent question since you have won 2 since smart left and 1 was within 2 years of smart leaving. What has happened to your all world defense since smart left? Hint: it moved to athens
We know. We lost to them too...with a more talented team than Florida had this year
There is kernel of truth to his question. Itll be interesting to see the difference in development from Napier's program with inferior starting points physically than what UF has historically recruited. If they are at least average in the SEC, that will be a good sign for UF's program in 2-3 years.
If Napier can combine the talent from in-state recruiting with discipline, UF could be back to respectable by 2023. That off-season sweat equity will show team first attitudes and a change in culture.
Learn the difference between there and their before you criticize other people's cranium contents.