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some good potential for the uf/fsu game getting some stand alone attn on fri night. hoping for a more engaging game than last year's hot mess.
are we sure that it's really down to just those three? it wouldn't surprise me at all to see a mystery team show up before it's all said and done. why not Tosu? plenty of exposure. no shortage of alumni 'support.' top tier college qb. easier path to the playoff. outside of one commenter above, everyone knows this kid will start wherever he goes
sure, fedex field could have been a desirable location too, but for different reasons and i'd argue that the game wouldn't be as fan attended at fedex as it would be at nissan. i was simply stating that nashville being available was a win-win for all involved. it's a nice central location within the state for all vol fans, while there's no denying the appeal of nashville to opposing fan bases, of which i'm sure the wahoos will appreciate. what were the other 'weird takes' that you didn't like?
i used to think he was an 'idiot,' but now i'm not so sure. no one else triggers so many quick, wide-ranged responses as he seems to. consider this website. there's quite a few active uga commenters. they comment a lot and by such, bring the clicks. maybe i only notice his comments directed at uga, but he seems to focus his comments to uga and he does so under the mask of uninformed takes and misrepresentations, as opposed to obvious troll jobs, like i'll admit certain commenters do poorly with comments like 33-18, quoting the last year of a champ, etc. people have suggested that negan is a plant by sds, of which i don't buy. he's a guy that simply has a lot to say, no matter what we may think about it. now, gwhite....?
do aggie fans really think that o'gara has been against them? he's given them plenty of spotlight...while he's already, multiple times excused them for however they finish the 2022 season. he's come out and said that fisher should essentially be above judgement until the 2023 season....or more fittingly the 2024 season when this last recruiting class will be jrs. that's great that you believe you had plenty of talent in the fold before this past class. if that's the case, are you being honest with yourself to expect anything less than a 10-2 reg season record then? vegas has a&m at a +/- of 8.5, so the casual fan expects a&m to go anywhere from 8-4 to 9-3.
agree with your take that a more desirable seeding would be #6 or #7 over #5 in the final standings, but that benefit would likely only be seen in the sec tourn...and no further than that. yes, aub is a good team, but nobody is fearful of playing them. the negative outlook of being the #5 seed is contained to being in TN's half of the bracket and that's it. contrary to the lost appeal of finishing #5 heading into the sec tourn, it'll likely assure that team of hosting a regional, while the #6 and #7 teams in the standings will likely finish as 2 seeds in the regionals and have to travel
no kidding it won't draw as many...and no one with a lick of common sense would expect it would either. the allure of the tn/vt game was attendance driven and to find a central location to the two campuses. the tn/uva game is a replacement game...and nothing more than that. all parties lucked-out that nissan stadium, a desirable neutral site was available
morris has certainly received a lot of flak and i get ark fans ire towards him, but there's no individual person more deserving of such ire from ark fans, etc. than jeff long. the more you read up on the guy, the more you wonder how he ever made it as far and as long as he did in such prominent positions
i like your selections of ucf and houston as the two primed, current g-5 schools as the best candidates in having long-term success in the sec. i'd imagine the pushback from uf and a&m as to either ever receiving an invitation would be fierce though. selfishly, i'd rather see a school out west, such as hawaii, byu, fresno st or boise st get an invitation first. neat travel destinations for the local fanbases in the se, while it'd also be a nice, more local travel option for the alumni based out west. it'd be unfair to those schools however in having four long away trips each year.
thanks for sharing. those w/l records are a nice look into how everyone, especially the two new schools have fared since expansion
with ohio st losing to oregon in the reg season, mich getting punched in the mouth in the playoff and ohio st struggling to beat a top 15 utah team....there's a lot of support to your argument in that the big 10 is very overrated
i took the intention of the article was to identify the next former assistant not named smart or fisher. agree with all in your 2nd paragraph
it's no secret that the media loves kiffin, and with good reason, but i'd be very interested to see an honest poll as to where his peers rank him. peers within the conf and outside of the conf. as for the conf, i believe he'd definitely garner votes in the top of half from the coaches, but i feel like the media would rank him no lower than #4....with possibly some #2 and #3 votes.
gwhite, you really are my favorite commenter on this site. it's one thing to post predictions and to try to defend them, but it's quite the other to boast that you've always been correct, yet everyone knows differently. i'd love to attend a workshop where you presented to the DCs across the country where you try to convince them how non-dynamic the uga offense was last year. they only averaged 38.4 pts a game, of which placed them #10 in the country....while playing an additional 3 games against top 5 competition in the postseason. to put it another way, had tn faced that add'l 3 games against bama, mich and then bama again....your beloved tn vols and their elite offense would have finished behind that archaic uga slop of a team in scoring avg.
i'm glad to see that etter apparently handled himself and the situation well with white in discussing his entry into the portal, in which there was an opportunity to return back to the team. no delusions that etter is a difference maker or some big coup of a pick-up like oquendo and bridges were, but every team needs solid role players....and with some proper usage and subbing, i can easily see etter improving his stat line. etter played fearless last year in late minutes in taking the ball to the basket. with some opportunities in the 1st half, that mentality will be key and hopefully create some early foul trouble for opposing bigs.
i like salyer and i definitely don't know how he fell to the 6th rd considering all of the positives attached to his game and results, but you're mistaken that he'll 'probably' be the best 6th rd pick ever. that title will forever be held by TB.
yeah, in terms of keeping the playoff at 4, the whole 'alliance' configuration and handshake terms is best. even with the thought that their own interests actually collide into a mutual interest is misguided. one would crawfish the other in a second to get ahead of the other. warren has already stepped away from a previous handshake alliance with the pac 10 and neither warren nor phillips may say it publicly, but you know that they don't view the big 12 on the same footing as whether they ever did is another question in itself. on another note, they not only have to worry about the sec getting in 2 teams, but now a g5 team realistically getting in as well.
so, are you considering potentially 7 teams as true 'dark horse' type teams to make a run, or simply stating a consideration of the 5 additional teams to your initial thought? i get the reasoning of a fan of any of those 7 teams thinking that their team may have a shot, but in taking fandom out of it, i could really only see one team as potentially a true consideration to potentially make the playoff. tn
agree. considering how all played-out in Dec and Jan of last season, uga/cks has some built-up credit now to assist in any potential back and forth debates on them.
uga may have provided a blueprint, but don't discount the value of top-shelf athletes available to actually execute that plan of action. i agree that the DCs will have a year's worth of tape to utilize and will likely better defend against TN's scheme, but no one will have that caliber of talent to execute. the tn offense will still finish in the top 5 of SEC offenses. confirmed everything that [you] and essentially every non-homer knew about meyer....
and there you go. solid comment. there's no reason that levis couldn't pull out a great performance and carry his team to a big victory in a given week, but an expectation surrounding a #1 pick or 1st rd pick is that they would be doing so on a regular basis....and past play just doesn't support that kind of trajectory for him this season.
no knock to levis, but all of this unjustified elite hype and attention coming to levis are gifts to the other qbs in the conf. hopefully levis can handle this pressure and praise. most wouldn't be able to.
no kidding. there is nothing that links burrow and levis together other than the fact that they both transferred from big 10 teams to sec teams.
i don't like joining the masses in criticizing negan, but the negan comment word count to the actual article word count is something like 10-1 here....and it's just a filler article. smh.
'shock jock' move by cubelic to incite some additional listeners and call-ins for today's show.
i don't think any rational sports fan is calling him to be on the hot seat. they're more wanting to see better results than 8-4 seasons (save 2020); otherwise, enough with the a&m talk. there's plenty of other 8-4 teams that don't get anywhere near the hype
love the tossed-out idea that o'gara may have also gotten some of that nil money. why not? there's certainly been plenty to go around. to all a&m fans, above is more of a funny assertion than any type of knock to the team. i've said it many times, it doesn't seem that a&m broke any rules in being the first school to really take advantage of the new nil opportunities. that's a compliment to the brain trust over there, not a knock
and that should definitely be considered when discussing UK come regional seedings
i'm certainly interested in the rubber game later today in athens. at the same time, i'm looking forward to the series in knoxville this coming wknd too. on a side note, i have no delusions of the dawgs taking the division. i'm hoping the dawgs win as many as they can to finish the season and hopefully hold onto 2nd.