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Nipping at them dogs heals. Stoops and Marrow love opponents cocky fans.
It's obvious Connor is a Alabama homer. If your good enough it doesn't matter where you play. The NFL will find you. Connor didn't mention USC had the first WR taken in the draft this year. That 4-8 record didn't hurt London's stock as he was taken with the 7th pick. Even the Cats own 5'8" Wan'dale Robinson went before Metchie. If Addison wanted to prove himself he should come to Lexington and play in a true pro offense. He could catch passes from Levis and help the Cats win the east. That would help his stock more than playing second or third fiddle at Alabama. Going to a proven winner isn't hard. Going to a team and helping them become a winner is special. Just ask the guys who have played for Ky. over the last 5 years. Ok...go ahead and laugh. Cat fans are use to it. But I have to say, I have been laughing alot myself since Stoops and Marrow got here.
Tennessee doesn't want NIL regulated. They want to pay players 8 million to play. Pathetic.
I like the hype. Been a looong time since Ky. has had buzz about a QB. Exposure is good. Lets players know we have a offense worth looking at.
Sounds like you whine as bad as Satterfield does Farmer. The Cats have owned the dirty birds since Cal and Stoops got here. That will continue.
Farmer you just keep dreaming. Satterfield will be crying again about L's down after the Cats beat him 72-3 this year. When Pitino was at Ky.he said Louisville was like Kentucky's little redheaded step sister. That's what you will always be even with Payne.
He went to interview at Bama and never came back. He didn't address the o-line or say anything to anyone. He just snuck out in the middle of the night. A real sh*t head. Even had a player he was recruiting for the Cats set up to visit Bama before he left. I hope he ends up like Clinkscale at Michigan.He left Ky. last year, tried to steal players, and now he will be looking for a job. Harbaugh to Minnesota.
You obviously didn't watch the Kansas game. Cal coached a heck of a game. Every move Self made, Cal countered. Take off that UK logo. Your not a Cats fan.
The Cats showed what they can do with a healthy team on the court for the whole game. They are the only team to win on the road during the Big 12 Challenge. It's hard to believe the SEC didn't schedule home and home for Ky. and Auburn this year. We will have to wait until tournament time to see is truly the best.
You were lucky because both starting guards got hurt. See you at the SEC tournament. Prepare yourself for a good ass kicking.
The Cats were 95% healthy at the phog and you see what happened. Not the second best team. The Best Team in the SEC!
The Cats all time record against auburn 92-21. That's what I mean.
Auburn should cherish this win. It comes along once a decade. I would have liked to see the outcome with Smith out of the line up. He hit atleast 6 shots out his ass.
I think the headline should have been "Two Ky. guards hurt. Auburn wins game". Auburn was down 9 and the Cats were keeping them at arms length.
The Cats have a lot of good players coming back for one more go at it. It's going to be a fun ride. Please everyone continue to mark us down as a easy win.
The Cats defense is far from gutted. Need some help in the secondary. With some key pieces coming back, I think we will be just fine.
ESPN FPI is a joke. It gave Louisville a 67% of beating the Cats.
That's why opinions are like you know what! Even dumb nuts has them.
Did you watch their bowl game? Nothing to be worried about.
It's obvious someone else should have written this article.
Having the most talent doesn't guarantee victory. Stoops can do more with less than any coach in the sec. If we can keep him, we will get there.
He is ranked #1 by everyone except rivals and i guess 247 composite.
Don't let your alligator mouth over load your humming bird _ss. See you on Lexington.