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Surprising that after Georgia’s 1 year dynasty that Kirby isn’t #1..
I don’t really care about golf or any level of baseball or basketball y’all can gladly have all that along with the nfl & your Atlanta ghettos & homeless tents surrounding that city
Well I’m much more confident in Bama this year & one of this biggest reasons is they didn’t win a championship last year..this team should be hungry & playing for respect..as for the dawgs they got over a few humps last year like beating Bama,winning the title..so they not gonna be quite as hungry this year..Stetson no longer trying to prove himself & all…hunger & fighting for respect 2 key ingredients for a championship team..Georgia players may be a little satisfied this year but Bama’s player’s aren’t..I feeling a very good year for the Tide
Well maybe all that tampering will get bama a national title this year..I bet Nick was having some steaks or maybe some lobster the night of that phone call is why he was in such a hurry to eat..hmm..I do wonder
Well all I got to say built by Kirby is I hope good ol’ Nick cheats bama to another national title this year..
Bbk..would you like some cheese with your wine ?..wine,wine,wine
First..I think it will be either kiffin or dabo that will replace Saban..second..anybody that replaces Saban isn’t likely to have quite the same success as Saban has had in his time at bama..but i believe that kiffin or dabo either one would have succes at bama & would be able to compete for championships at bama..I mean if kiffin can win 11 games at ole miss & dabo can win multiple titles at Clemson they both could definitely be very successful at a place like Alabama
Yep..good choice I believe for this young man..I think Pittman is a great coach & I don’t hate the razorbacks..
Well dang..if Bama & Georgia meet again this year I sure do hope we get some of those refs that always help the good ol’ tide out..
Suck daddy..you better enjoy last year..all I got to say
Suck daddy .you’re right..Alabama wasn’t elite last year that’s why Georgia was able to beat them
Ah..whatever Murray & the rest of you guys say..I don’t think any of us Bama fans are to bad worried..at least we know will we likely be in the mix at playoff time..can’t say that about every team..can we
& I am speaking from a standpoint of someone who at 22yrs old had a DUI accident ..I was punished & learned a lesson by being punished..
Well you would think maybe these guys would have maybe learned something after the Henry Ruggs situation..I would treat it no different than a player getting a DUI..he was putting his life & others at risk..better learn that their is consequences for your actions otherwise actions tend to continue till something really bad happens..
Y’all enjoy last year..don’t think any of us bama fans are to worried about this coming year..
Well Bama gonna have what we didn’t have last year & that’s hunger..Bama was satisfied with how 2020 ended..but these guys aren’t satisfied with last year’s ending..so give me a very talented team playing for respect any year (Georgia last year).
Oh bubbatime you’re making all us bama fans blush with all that high praise you’re bestowing on the program..thank you for the compliments..
Look at pretty well every past Nick Saban championship teams at Alabama & this team simply wasn’t on par with pretty much any of those teams..no excuses…
I’m gonna say what we all know..things like this happens cause Auburn suxs quite a good bit!!!
Just like Rolando McClain… no matter how much money you make if the thug life is all you know it’s all you know.
Playing football in high school back in the 80’s when we lost a game every Monday’s practice was soent running 40’s over & over again & we never complained..now days if a coach is a little hard on players like that you may hear that coaches are mistreating them..I mean in the town I live all the seniors on rhe softball team quit because the new coach was making them run at practice.. it’s a different world now..so when players are transferring & saying they are being treated bad now days could be what we used to call normal… it is truly a snowflake world nowadays.
Maybe Austin Davis did something after Harsin hired him..
Well Pete Golding is 40ish years old ..so we know he knows better & I assume making in the neighborhood of a million or so dollars annually..he is also in a role that he leads 18-22 yr olds & I think being in a privileged role of making that kind of money you should lead by example & be held accountable for your actions.. drinking & driving kills as does excessive speed..I say you have to fire him
Not only is Shaw 11-19 over the last 3yrs(I’m taking yankeepig’s word for it) but he’s 11-19 & I haven’t heard any rumors of him being on the hot seat or getting fired.. you go 11-19 at Michigan & you’re gone
Well having missed what he was saying on first listen I suppose…to me ..makes you sound guilty when people are saying you’re doing something & you start pointing fingers at other people..when it comes down to it coaches are like politicians.. the successful ones have usually bent the rules a little here & there & done things not totally on the up & up
Hmm I may have just misunderstood what his saying & reacted to it wrong.. nevertheless what I said is true of any coach complaining about it.. the bottom line is winning games & keeping those multi million dollar contracts coming for most coaches.. & they will do whatever it takes(see Brian Kelly video)
sounds like Jimbo is whining cause other programs are getting more transfers than him & other programs players are getting better NIL deals than his.. I guess that’s a side effect of the only accomplishment you have had at the program you’re coaching is beating bama one time..& he wouldn’t be saying any of that if he was benefiting from it more.. this is the coach that signed Jamies Winston after all..
I know you shouldn’t laugh about your little brother having troubles ,but it’s hard to keep from it sometimes..
Hey man exactly what is going on down there ?..that…that was weird