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Good for him. When JG was on, he was on but when he was off, he was off. Perhaps the systems he learned at TN and being so many of them, were an added pressure to him to do well and that is when his nerves seem to cause him issues. But the tools were always there to be good. Go ball out JG certainly earned your lumps.
Oh, but you said TN was going to fold mid season. You should steer clean of
Well, as a Vol fan, I'd rather get more glory beating a pretty good BYU team that's been ranked. Not knocking Virginia but it won't draw as many VA fans as VA Tech did. I like the out of area games and even though we've only played them a couple of time, still not as excited about it. The biggest upset that I recall from Virginia is beating an undefeated Nebraska team decades ago in a night game. It gets a headline because we are TN of And for the fact that you'd think for a state that borders us, we'd ahve played VA a lot more times than just a few games.
Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020) There you go with the shine You do realize that we got ahead of you with the NIL and our collective is because we know how to market. See you Jawga folk would never think to market shine in 300 flavors, offer it in a thimble sample at Dollywood and make millions doing it.. lol. You all would feed it bull, keep it in the blind and tell your fans base you got it all under control.. Oh, i'm sorry, that's right, that's your take on NIL lol Your the school that wants NIL to That is what recruits are already saying..Good luck maketing that to players.. lol
Eradicator1729 If Hendon was the starter since game one, we'd still have beaten you all in every category. Also, 20th because our QB is a dual and ran miles compared to Bennett. Also, consider our harder schedule.. So yeah, TN's offense is just that much better than UGA's. I'm sure though Bennett will be pursued heavily by the NFL and will go early rounds like Hendon will be.. Bahahahhaahhah! lol
Eradicator1729 Your just that team that refuses to modernize your offense. You place hold by beating lesser foe but do poorly against elite offensive top ten teams. This has been the way of it. It'd be different if your offense could stand by itself but just can't. We will be hushed if your offense dictated games, and you beat those better teams, maybe win a shootout this century again. We just need to see it, but I don't think that happens until Kirby is gone.
Eradicator1729 You played lesser foe. And and against common foe it took you all game to get to what we did in one quarter.. You also can't go anywhere near as fast, nor as deep. Your QB stats or nowhere near Hooker's and your QB is a smaller rollout QB that is only accurate against air. Your schedule was pretty easy. You all just don't have an offense that's going to dictate any game. Same thing, game in and our. Your ground D dictated your game. But when your D is faced with good offenses, it wilts and you get blown out. That's true going back many years. If you played our schedule last season, you lose a few of those games. You played against no great offense teams bro, and some bad teams.. So you should have been that much better but you weren't. 20th because we have a dual whom just ran for more yards than anyone else. Your out of conference was a joke. We'd have doubled you scoring against those teams. Takes you all ages to score. See UK No one with a reputation in sports would take the UGA offense over TN's. Four quarters to hang 40 on Mizzou? Disgrace. We did that and more in one. Once Hooker was the starter after the UF game it was on. Had he started from the first game, we'd easily have drubbed you in every category even with our harder schedule. LOL You all were lucky to score in the SECCG, and to say nothing at all about the goose egg your offense laid against Clemson.. Wow dude, we'd have at least scored three times against them.
Yeah, just like ballot counting in Spot-on.
I was born in Colorado, so how can that be Croach? LOL There is nothing disturbing than a 400lb keyboard croach who thinks he's Negan from the walking I guess we all have our heroes. You do realize Negan isn't going to survive the final season right? lol
Yeah, just like we were predicted to last year huh? lol. Well, anything is possible. But all that is about as likely to happen as UGA And I got 41 years as the proof. But if you bench Bennett, get yourself some good QB coach and new OC, the sun could shine on a dawgs @ss twice in a row.
I got a very bold prediction. UGA won't go undefeated and TN will beat Also, Vandy will win via Hail Mary and Kirby will still get trolled for wearing visors.. lol Sorry but your D is not likely to better than Bama's. Your losing quite a bit and it would take the 2nd coming to bestow a no drop off scenario for your D. YOur talking about Oregon's schedule after the schedule UGA played? LOL. It's not your D that gets you a poor record against top 5 to 10 offensive teams, its your offense, and the fact that it just can't win on its own against those teams. Imagine UGA winning shootouts! That's like more exciting than watching dolphins do
Two things also to remember. CJH didn't run this offense system solely because we were thin, he ran it at UCF when he wasn't thin. Frost, same thing. When UGA is matched with better foe, they struggle offensively and don't even make it into a shootout. They are just drubbed by better, more dynamic offenses and its all left to the D to attempt to wear them down. They have a vastly losing record in doing this. In 19 you had the D to beat both LSU and Bama but not the offense to make those a game. So it came down to the two best offenses whom were dynamic, LSU and Bama that year.. That issue at UGA has yet to be fixed.
Because your UGA, anything with throwing a ball over 20 yards looks like black magic high tight-rope flying witchery..LOL You all call them But remember, this style of offense has been ranked in the top 5 and 10 since before 2017. Has your offensive scheme? Nope..Our offense ran and threw circles around your and against better teams.. lol Also we did it in 1/3 the time.. Four quarters for you all to hang 40 on Mizzou? Did you all play with aneurisms? lol. It was more exciting watching paint dry than watching UGA's offense in the post season. lol. The only thing that was fun was watching Bennett jump up to see over the line before
fuzzy, so far at the end of Spring ball the secondary D wasn't looking bad at all for us. It was who was going to end up at nickel or star. But Charles is looking more the part.. The D scored many sacks on our offense in the scrimmages and some pick sixes. Needless today, it looks a far cry better than last season where the offense just picked the secondary apart all Spring long. I agree with you about Butler.. We seemed to have progressed in shutting down the QB up the middle options this Spring and we'll see if that continues in August.
AFan, I think if they dump their new coach at AU, they will end up with someone worse. Strange how many fan bases will say to TN, "give him a few years", but others will want to can this guy at Auburn first chance they get..
Worst passing D for TN in the power 5? LOL Those are some pretty thin reasons for thinking TN will have a terrible passing D, let alone the worst in the power 5. One, the passing D throughout Spring ball has been the shocker. They were way more effective than CJH expected or probably desired. They gave the offense fits all Spring long. Not only were they getting picks, the D was sacking the QB's almost steadily. This even before some blue chip D guys get here over the Summer. So, yes, that is a very big bold prediction because it's not based on anything we've seen thus far and opinions on how big Butler was for the TN D. It's also very hard to get tackles for losses with TN's D last year but they were 3rd in the nation and won't be nearly as thin at multiple spots on D this season. Imo, TN should have the 2nd or 3rd best pass secondary in the SEC east and maybe 4th in the SEC as a whole this season.
A good needed pick up for Ole Miss. Probably wouldn't have started at TN but a good experienced rotational player for sure.
I disagree here. The overall goal is not to reduce the number of years between east and west meeting. This would increase it. UGA and Bama don't play many regular season games. Most want to change scenarios like that where they face them once every 5 years in the regular season. In the new scenario, UGA could get out to College station every 2 or 3 years or vice versa. Winning the SEC without divisions is a more fun and more unpredictable way for teams to compete for a title. Your not locked into saying, "we have to beat this or that team to get to Atlanta". Someone else whom that does does not normally play could beat them, upset them. A&M beating Bama last season had that system been in place last year, it would not mean a few other teams were out of it. But it gets too predictable with the system now.
UGA would not have won nearly as many championships if they had to face Bama every year for the last umpteen and TN would have only had one losing season over the last 12 years.. lol. No avoiding that 4 win season even with a win or I say, spread it around. It's ok to eventually play every team 1 every 2 or 3 years. It creates an excitement of a different kind to face a team only some of the team has ever faced..
Change is good. Year in and out the same teams avoid the best teams during the regular season and wow, you can win a natty that way with a weak enough schedule. lol. I like the idea. We focus to much on preserving rivalries from generations past but wouldn't it be nice to crate some new rivalries in this conference for a change??? I'd still say this even if Bama was a bad team or if UGA could have beaten Bama every time they played since 08.
boxster355 Yeah, it's all laugh until you get smoked in the SECCG and everyone is crying, "what happened". Well, I just told you what happens. That was my worry for UGA going into that game and it played out like I thought it would, though I was pulling for you all in that game. Early in the game when you all were reduced to flailing duck passes from Bennett after seeing nothing open after his roll-outs, I know it wasn't going to go well. The Clemson game was convincing that even though you were missing receivers in that game, I couldn't believe the cubberboard was that empty of back up receivers that your staff didn't even attempt any real passing in that game. That should never be the case again going forward. If you trust your QB's throwing ability, you let him throw. Gone are the days of, "we have to run to throw". Now days, if you have a good QB and targets, sometimes you throw so you can run, which is why TN did fairly well rushing this past season.
JTF I always give two scenarios in which could happen, sometimes more. I never do just one.. But I said last year, UGA will struggle against better offenses, as they have over the last 5 years and somewhat before that. Well, they did. You are 1-1 against even an offense that is a far cry from what they were in 2020 (Bama). I said the same junk last year because I been right the last 5 years about UGA's offense. Look where Fromm's rating was for SEC QB's in his last two years.. That is due to non-dynamic offense.. You will beat those 2019 LSU's and 2020 Bama's with a dynamic offense of a younger generational mind. Bama was 7th in total D but got hammered on some individual stats. Tackles for losses? Nope. And that is a big one. The Bama D rush barely has a pulse by comparison to years past. Also, you can throw all over their secondary with an above average offense to a good offense. This upcoming season, the secondary at Bama like most schools is a goal to improve upon.. Level of competition is another factor.. They padded some great numbers with some weak teams and out of conference schedules. But the D as a whole, allowed too many one score wins, stats or no stats.
GreatScott I never understood that either. It was talked about or rumored about for like a week, than it was gone without any reputable source ever reporting on it again. Now, with TN's NIL is a fine example of brain juice. If TN wanted to pay players, they wouldn't use McD bags, they'd simply do what Bama and UGA do. Go to the HS, talk on three way with the coach silent to gauge interest. Than have HS coach throw out names in which to offer cool cash and prizes.. This way, you can say that no university coach approached the
AFan, can't believer it but I agree. With the D coming on and the offense improving, why the need for speed? If you know you can score most of the time, why not control some tempo. Last season being thin, they wanted to score fast because the O'line was gassed and needed off the field. A primary way to turn a 4th quarter game into a two quarter one by scoring fast and often early in games. That way, if your up by 3 scores, nothing in the second half matters as much on D. Your D should imporve, but there is no reason for you all to have been one score winners over LSU, Auburn or UF and don't know what happened in the natty game concerning your D. But Henry T still can't guard the slant from his days at TN. lol
JTF I only say that based on higher competition. UGA is fine against lesser foe and lesser offenses. I'd say its a studious, competent offense. But an offense that must be relied upon to win shootouts is another man, see SECCG. I agree Bama's D will improve this year, no reason to think it shouldn't, unless some unforeseen D coaching issues come into play at lines or in the secondary.
Not really JTF. Bama's D this year wasn't anywhere near what they have been in the past. Seven point winners over how many teams? Also in the natty game, where was the D. That wasn't a good UGA offense, led by a guy who will never see the NFL. I think Saban's departures of staff are starting to show.
LOL at Ron, again. There was literally one mustard bottle ever thrown..Don't you wish your team mattered enough for anyone ever to throw anything from BS calls? LOL
Just going off also what analysts are saying. Fansided has a good one. While more blue chips don't get her until Summer, it certainly was reason to be optimistic. TN has always been middle to upper in D in the SEC. Usually around 4th overall, so TN being good on D isn't a new or unfounded thing.. This is just getting back to something more normal for TN only a simplified different scheme.
The DL was the big news from Spring practice. They looked very good. Scored multiple sacks in the last scrimmage and the D scored a pick six. The above looks good and there are still many transfers yet to get here before the Summer's out. The D as a whole looks much improved according to Banks and staff. CJH is very excited about the strides made thus far for the D. Will be exciting to watch.