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Tennessee is probably going to finish 4th in the East with losses to UGA, Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, and LSU. Plus a loss to Pitt and you’re looking at a 6-6 record.
You guys had the #40 passing offense last season and we had #51. The idea that you guys were killing it in the passing game is absurd. Also, UGA was 4th in team passing efficiency and you guys were 6th. Very comparable, but UGA was better. Lastly, UGA was 11th in passing yards per completion, while Tennessee was 20th. It’s almost like you’re clueless.
Split the difference: 2 permanent rivalries and 7 rotating games. The only two teams I care about playing every year are Florida and Auburn. If we aren't doing that then I say do away with all rivalries and have 9 rotating games every year.
The offense will be better this year. Scoring average will be up. I’m predicting 40+ per game. I guess we’ll see.
Jameson Williams is really calling it out the Bama backup WRs here. Next man up wasn’t good enough. Pitiful.
People harp on Stafford’s interception rate but guess what? His interception rate is better than QBs that are in the hall like Elway, Marino, and Montana. He’ll probably pass both Elway and Marino in yards, and probably have a better yards/season rate too. And he’s got the SB win which Marino never even got, so it’s just head scratching to say he’s definitely not in yet. Maybe that’s true, but there’s definitely a case that can be made that he’s already in.
Streaks can be a little overrated. I’m curious what the percentages are over, say, the last 5 years? Or 10 years?
All of this basically comes down to one thing: people who think Stetson is a decent or even good QB, and people who think he sucks. And there are A LOT of UGA fans in that latter group. Not me, I think he’s pretty darn good, but several of my biggest dawg pals think he’s terrible and that we won *in spite* of him. The handling of Fromm and Fields several years ago also feeds into this, as well as how in the world D’Wan Mathis was our first game starter in 2020. People just don’t trust Kirby’s ability to decide the QB position.
And I think every UGA fan is extremely proud of the job he’s done at Arkansas. There’s just no doubt that our success this year was heavily due to the foundation Coach Pittman helped lay down those first few years. While they have a really tough road in the West, they’re going to be the team I root for over there for a while.
Lol. Co-national champs? That was a different game. Then I guess we’re co-SEC champs too. Although you guys lost two SEC games and we only lost one. Plus we beat you guys. So actually I’m going to claim we’re both national AND SEC champs. Or you can let it lie and get over it.
In that scenario I think he’d back off mostly to avoid any injuries. But I’d love to see a 50-point beatdown.
This Alabama defense, the one that gave up 35 points to Arkansas just a couple weeks ago, is somehow going to hold us to 7 points in the first half. I’d love to know how.
Florida fans are just mad because they keep imagining these are their good old days of dominating UGA, and then they look at the record over the past 5 years.
#1 has barely happened this year. #2 hasn’t really hurt him considering he’s #2 in the nation in yards per pass attempt. #3 is just silly considering what he does in the running game. Just not even close here.
I'm genuinely curious: what limitations does Stetson have? I'm certainly not saying he doesn't have any, but folks say it a lot without actually specifying them.
Brock Bowers is certainly amazing, but let's not forget Darnell Washington. And we've put both in the game at the same time before. In fact, Washington was running a shallow cross on that pass Bowers took to the house against GT. If Bama decides to rush LBs then the safeties are going to have to come up against Bowers and Washington, and that's going to leave single-coverage on our WRs. If the LBs stay back to help cover the middle of the field, then we'll start running the ball and calling wheel routes for our RBs. And we have the OLine to protect Bennett from 4-man rushes this year. There's just no getting around it, the Bama defense has a real issue on their hands here. Also, understand this. UGA's point differential for the season is +405 points, and that's with taking our foot off the gas in every game except Clemson. And even against Clemson we took a knee inside their 20 yard line to end the game. Our point differential could be over +450 or even closing in on +500 if we had kept our starters in all game every game. Now, consider that last paragraph with the fact that not a single other team is even +300 in point differential this season...
If you're a realistic fanbase then all you can ever ask is that your coach puts your team in position to be in the mix every year. Kirby has done that. At some point it's also up to the players. Kirby's coaching didn't get fooled on 2nd and 26. One safety did and Tua made a great pass. And it's not like Georgia fans are going to want to throw Kirby out any time soon. The present looks great and the future is bright for Georgia so I'm just not sure what the point of this argument even is? Seems like a straw-man, invented to set up a requirement for Kirby that doesn't really exist.
A lot of folks keep dismissing the common opponents but there really is a trend there. Alabama struggled against all four (Even Tennessee was a one-score game at the start of the fourth quarter). UGA basically dominated all four of them and had backups in at the end.
Honestly I think what Alabama is going to do to deal with our pass rush is they're going to have to leave more blockers in. So on most of those plays look for either the RB or TE staying in to block. Sometimes they might even leave both in. That's going to reduce their receiving options to three or four. Those guys are really good, but will they be open? If Alabama doesn't leave any back to help block, they may have all five receiving options, but he's not going to have the time to hit big downfield plays. They'll have to try to dink and dunk their way along. Which maybe they can do, but other teams have tried that and ended up failing somewhere along the way. All of this to say that I think Alabama's cap is probably around 21 points and that will be extremely hard-fought for I think. So can their defense hold us under that? Sure they can, but I think the edge goes to us in that match-up more than it does to them.
Mostly accurate post, but Alabama only beat Florida by 2 points, and the Tennessee game for Bama looks lopsided but that really occurred late in the 4th quarter. At the start of the 4th quarter the score was 24 - 17 and Tennessee was very much still alive. In fairness UGA was only up 14 on Auburn entering the 4th quarter, so they were still kind of alive in that game.
Well let's face it, the numbers for your passing defense and rushing defense are skewed by facing Miss. St. They've attempted the most passes and the least rushes. You also faced New Mexico State which is among the bottom in rushing attempts and yards. Yet you guys are touting your rush defense like you're stone-cold run-killers. You've actually faced three of the bottom 15 teams in rushing yards per game. All these stats can cut multiple ways.
Putting all your eggs in one basket I see. Will Anderson hasn't faced an OLine as good as ours. The closest is Florida and he didn't get any sacks against them. The next closest after them is TAMU, and Anderson had no sacks in that game either. The next closest is Auburn, and he got one sack against them.
Ok, then look at yards per completion then. UGA's giving up 8.85 yards per completion (less than a first down) while Bama is giving up 10.95 yards per completion (more than a first down). I'd say that's significant. For relative clarity on the defensive issue, when you look at rushing defense, Bama is allowing 2.42 yards per attempt and UGA is allowing 2.48 yards per attempt for a whopping difference of 2.16 inches per attempt.
Ok, so multiply by three. You get 24. Your line has still given up 36 which is 150% of what ours has. Better yet, let's compute the percentages. UGA has attempted 302 passes and given up 8 sacks. That's 2.6% Bama has attempted 442 passes and given up 36 sacks. That's a percentage of 8.1% I think the point still stands.
Sure, but the difference is slight. 2.42 yards per play for Bama vs. 2.48 for UGA. So we're talking about 2.16 inches per play difference. The real difference is in passing defense. UGA is 2nd while Bama is 42nd. UGA is allowing less than a first down per completion (8.85 yards) and Bama is allowing more than a first down per completion (10.95 yards). That's a significant difference.
UGA has the 2nd ranked passing defense in the nation. Bama's is 42nd. Also, Bama's OLine is 112th in sacks allowed while UGA's OLine is 2nd in that category. Bama's OLine gave up 11 sacks to Arkansas and Auburn together while UGA's OLine gave up just one.
Your last point is just weird. Bama is 42nd in the nation in passing yards allowed. Their secondary is mediocre. UGA's secondary is currently 2nd in passing yards allowed.