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Not sure this really fits the “way too early prediction” scheme. This article is more akin to “bold predictions” than anything, especially the d-line. Granted, as an optimist I’m probably higher on the talent we have than most, but even I wouldn’t begin to go as far as thinking it will be one of the best in the SEC. That’s just unrealistic sunshine pumping.
I agree. I’ve never seen the point in early mock-ups like this considering we have no way of knowing who will be coming or going in the offseason.
While I’d like to stay optimistic about Auburn’s chances here, I’m pretty sure we’re only in consideration because of the “close to home” factor. I do hope I’m wrong though, looks like he could be a stud.
Regardless of what he does, I’ll bet he won’t be showing up to the race in a minivan like some head coaches do >.>
I get it, Michigan made the playoffs this past year and you’re probably still high on that. However, wasn’t your coach out of town getting turned down for an NFL job on NSD? Let’s not try to pretend the past several years of bottom feeder status didn’t happen for Michigan. Stay in your own lane and just hope the wheels don’t fall off again, perhaps worse than they did before.
Didn’t forget him, just already knew he was a stud and not surprised he’s gonna be a force on defense. I was just glad to see Johnson Jr with the 1st team offense like I thought he should have been last year.
Doesn’t matter what happens this season, Bigsby won’t be transferring anywhere. He has enough NFL eyes on him that he’ll just declare for the draft and move on to the next level. He may be able to transfer to help improve is draft stock a little, but he knows he has a bright future in the pros and I don’t see him sticking around college for another year.
Idk how many games we’ll win this year. I think 5 could be the floor but I can see a path to getting 7 as the ceiling because Auburn is not completely void of talent and I firmly believe our main offensive output is gonna come from a combination of Bigsby, Shenker, and Malcolm Johnson Jr in a surprising fashion. Regardless of other deficiencies we have, those 3 are legitimate playmakers and I wouldn’t sell them short. Realistically, I’m not gonna be watching Auburn this year with the hopes of making a bowl game. At this point, it is what it is. I just wouldn’t go so far as to say Auburn is gonna be the next Tennessee. After all, last year was the first sub-.500 season we’ve had in 10 years. I firmly believe our boosters would have to go bankrupt before they would allow us to sink to the level Tennessee was.
The only thing I took away from the A-Day game was Malcolm Johnson Jr. I’ve said since the beginning of last season that if this kid starts he’s gonna turn some heads and do big things at Auburn. I couldn’t understand why he never got a shot at starting last year because he’s got great hands, great instincts, great speed and has no problem getting separation or taking the top off a defense. I’m looking forward to what he’s able to do with more responsibility and playing time.
Im sorry but UK’s rivalry with Louisville is nowhere near comparable to Bama - Auburn. That would be like saying LSU vs Louisiana is as heated a rivalry as the Iron Bowl. The only rivalries that come close is Georgia - Florida, Georgia- Auburn, and Ohio St vs Michigan.
Dang Negan, if I didn’t know better I’d think that announcement triggered a nerve. You okay? We know UGAs DB room and coaching situation will be fine but I’m concerned about your mental well-being now. I mean, you just sounded a little but-hurt with all that.
You can’t put us in the same ‘wing it’ category. Missing punctuation is nothing compared to whatever that was. My mistake was more akin to ‘feathering it.’ He dang near used the whole bird.
Give him the back-pat. Most of these amateurs wouldn’t even take the time to correct their click-bait garbage. It shows he has potential.
And don’t make fun of my ‘alteast.’ Spelling is hard
Felt I should include grammatical errors myself so you wouldn’t feel so bad. That proofread was free this time bud. Next time we Cashapp. Get your sh!t together and alteast pretend you’re a professional.
“The Crimson Tide and Razorbacks happen to play Saturday, who face off Saturday, are the 2 SEC teams trending upwards in Lunardi’s projected field of 68.” I just can’t…..where do I even start?!…. I mean, is proofreading not a thing in the journalistic world anymore or is everything ‘just wing it’
He’s not going to stay just to tank the season. That wouldn’t be a smart career move for him. I think he needs to block out all the nonsense, force his brand of football, and if successful, move on to another P5 gig after the contract is up.
All that just to prove his point. Next time just say, “Yes I’m jealous Auburn’s having elite level success while Florida sucks!”
Auburn needed to lose one and I’m glad it took OT to do it. Now that the pressure’s off we can get our minds right for tournament time. Just glad it was Arkansas and not UGA.
I agree with you, the only 2 big question mark games we even have remaining is @Ark and @Tenn, can’t believe he overlooks the team that’s 3rd in the league with the 2nd longest winning streak. Very poor journalism, but that’s the standard at SDS.
I didn’t read this wall past the first sentence because to call it their hardest is a little bit of a stretch. I agree with Cox that the Tennessee game will be our toughest although Arkansas would be the 2nd.
Hey Adam, just out of curiosity how much are y’all getting per article from AUs boosters to continue to push this narrative? Just wondering what a mouthpiece costs nowadays….
I think you broke him AUforever. Definitely triggered
Leave him be. Took them 41 years to finally get one, probably going to take another 41 years before they add another. Every other SEC school is starting to gain traction in more than football so stands to reason success outside of football will take 41 years too.
What was that? I couldn’t hear you over your 1-9 conference record.
Just remember boy, nobody gets up to play UGA, EVERYBODY gets up to play Auburn.
Yeah if I was UGA, I’d get my money back from them refs. Tried to give the game to UGA and still they lost. At least our refs deliver on the deal. So yeah they got robbed. On the other hand, the refs can only do so much if UGA is just determined to suck this year.
No their was one guy in the stands with a Hawks Basketball hoodie on so it’s only 999