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I agree with the workers getting their fair share, but I suspect quite a few sports/scholarships will be cut unless they work the contracts to allow the cost of attendance to be debited from the revenue share.
Indeed and I just saw ESPN ranked defenses preseason and UK's is #18. I suspect he won't even get 500 snaps.
So UK is returning 7 starters from a top 4 SEC defense and you think their best defensive player will be a transfer from FBS? He may have some good stats due to playing nickel, but UK plays base defense, unless forced into nickel playing against spread. Expect one of the 4-5 high quality LBs to be their best player on D.
At least 4 of those interceptions were dropped/bobbled catches. The numbers looked worse than the effort. Also had quite a few dropped TDs. WR room was terrible expect for WR1, but that room has flipped this season with transfers and high 4 star recruits.
I don't think the UK prediction was very bold. How about UK has a top half SEC passing offense and top four overall offense? Maybe not likely, but certainly obtainable.
What rule did Cal get accused of or penalized for?
You don't understand Louisville or their fans. The Pitino video played at the Russ Smith jersey retirement this week got a standing ovation. They don't have a President, as she just bolted for Penn State, and they will gladly take someone of questionable character if it gives them a chance to beat big brother.
Louisville, as a program, is definitely a step up compared to any team in the SEC sans UK, but they are currently a dumpster fire and have major sanctions looming, so anyone who takes the role will nee to negotiate a 7 year deal with a built in expectation that the first 3 years are expected to be underwhelming.
Beat me to it. When was the last time an upper echelon SEC coordinator took the same role at a less prestigious program? That's telling.
I guess UK is an '84 Cutlass that someone dropped a big block in and put in all new aftermarket upgrades. People keep looking at it thinking it ain't gonna run, but they keep unexpectedly losing their pink slips.
Looking forward to all the jokers predicting USCe as challenging UGA for top of the East next year, lol. Is there a team in the SEC the last 5-10 years that perennially underachieves their media votes?
Language evolves. 100 year level floods used to happen approximately 1 time a century, now they are happening much more frequently, but they are still referred to by the same name. That generational level of talent happened to show up more closely than is typical, so the adjective fits the scenario. No need to get hung up on word choice when the context is crystal clear.
We will likely continue to have issues with waves of mutation unless we can get to 85-90% vaccinated. Even if you don't believe in science, just do it in case it might help.
Should have written the NIL article about UK. They are the second school, behind only Texas, to have a private corporation set up in order to fund NIL deals at the school. Apparently we can't post links, so Google "UK 15 fund" to read about it.
Just blame it on all Stoops. He was either directly or indirectly associated with the end of many tenures. I think it may have more to do with lack of respect for UK football than anything. It started with Spurrier, the again Muschamp at USCe, Pruitt at UT, Mullen at UF, Orgeron at LSU, Odom at Mizzou, Mason at Vandy and Petrino at UL. Most of the teams have expectations that they should win all (some teams) or most of their games against UK, so consistently losing to UK would be seen as their team has dropped, rather than UK has risen. I believe Stoops has elevated UK to upper echelon SEC, but many fans still don't agree.
No way Iowa scores 22 on UK. Their RB opted out and they already had a terrible offense. Hammer that one!
Dabo’s a whiny dbag. It’ll be interesting to see if he can handle losing the staff stability.
Weez like the Jefferson’s, movin’ on up, to the East side!
Big addition, literally. One 5 star and two 4 star Oline recruits, plus a guard transfer who started at Auburn. They really kept the big blue wall rolling. I couldn’t be happier with the direction of the program. Now if Mitch will unlock the purse and increase the recruiting budget to higher than 12th in the league. Imagine if we had a Top 5 budget, what they could do.
Where have you ever heard him express and interest in being a HC? I once heard him say he wasn’t interested, that he didn’t even Stoops for all the stress.
Because he’s using generational to describe the level of talent, not how often talent comes around.
I would have expected UF to attract a more accomplished coach. He may turn out to be great, but this seems more like the AD wanted to get the guy he knew he could sign quick rather than a methodical hiring process.
Crean is turible, but I love the snapshots of his incredulous looks.
While I tend to agree with your assertion, I've got to tip my hats to the snarky replies.