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Funny to see a Georgia fan call someone a hillbilly when the movie of backwood inbreds Deliverance was set in Georgia. I hear banjos, paddle faster!!!
I had severe lower back pain back in 2006, doctors kept missing the root cause that turned out to be blood clots in my intestines. Barely survived that ordeal, blood pressure bottomed out to zero at one point doesn't a month in the hospital and months recovering. Prayers they find and fix the issue causing his pain and fight in the hospital.
I get what the article is saying and what you're saying about a trap game. It's not a trap game as in it's a rivalry and no one will be caught off-guard, but it is in the sense two tough, physical games lead into it and it's on the road and easy for Alabama players to chalk it up as a win in their minds given the recent history of the series.
Anything but drama, everyone praises his attitude and leadership. He's just highly confident and got that 'swag' about him, exactly what you would want in a QB with the tools to back it up. Georgia fans have been especially funny on their boards, saying stuff like 'can't wait until this explodes in their face' or 'Tennessee will not win until they slow down the offense'....just really stupid stuff trying to comfort themselves because they were enjoying zero resistance by the rest of the east. When they start chatting about Tennessee on their own boards is when they are just trying to comfort themselves because they would have taken Nico in a heartbeat.
First, yes, Tennessee should be a #2 seed. Beat Kentucky twice, Auburn, North Carolina, Arizona, Arkansas, LSU. Yes, lost to Villanova but have gotten much better since that game as the season progressed and lost by one point to Texas. So, the two toughest teams in Tennessee's bracket have already played Tennessee once, with Tennessee beating the #1 seed and in better position to give Villanova a better game this time around.
Yeah, I agree with him but I don't think the ones chanting that actually know anything about the sport legit think they're overrated. It's more to get under the skin of the opposition and the crowd just being hyped up.
.....and he we go, full display of what everyone thought was impossible. Georgia fans somehow more annoying and 'high and mighty' thinking they've been the pinnacle of college football the last 20-30 years. Albeit not all Georgia fans are like that, some are rational and approachable but, man, the loud ones more than drown out the rational ones with their gum flappin' and barking.
LOL....Georgia fans really going with the 1998 after waiting all of those years to finally stumble upon a national title. At least we were able to go undefeated.
Every newcomer is the 'next big thing' that inevitably get compared to past greats no matter what team you pull for (except Vandy...) kind of like the most popular player is always the second string QB who could be the next great signal caller until proven otherwise.
Good Lord Almighty.....must be the off-season, we're actually reading an article gawking at a teenager boys arms. Please football, come back soon!
Gimmick offense? How is it a gimmick? It's a run first offense that sets up downfield passes and spreads out the defenders. QB runs RPOs and uses the spread out defense to show their hand so the QB can make the pre-snap read. That's a gimmick? Just because they're efficient enough to run three plays a minute?
The enemy of my enemy is my friend....while I personally won't outright cheer for either, I was hoping Alabama would win because it was the lesser of two evils from where I sit. We all know Saban is a legendary coach, so I am numb to him winning titles at this point.
Two thoughts. Bowers went off, as he has in most of his games for Georgia, against the Tide in the SEC title game. The second half was better for Alabama against him so I would think the smart money (no pun intended) is on Saban making sure Bowers does NOT beat Alabama first and foremost. Second, obviously Metchie being out is a hit, but I think people are too focused on it. Alabama was tied with Georgia when he was in the game. After he went down, Alabama made it a lopsided affair. Point being, there are plenty of more weapons in their arsenal and Robinson Jr. wasn't even 100% in that game, I think we saw against Cincy he is much better now.
The thing that might get Georgia, at least from my point of view, is how do they handle a game that comes down to the wire? Very possible, if not likely, to play out that way. Alabama has had a few games like that. Georgia has not. Do they revert back to what has tripped them up in the past trying so hard not to repeat history or do they stick with their game plan in crunch time and keep cool?
Probably right up inside Kirbys head. Zero way you don't recall a team having your number in all other match-ups, the fact if Georgia doesn't win the title this year then WHEN will it happen? Etc. Kirby can say all of that is in the past, but you're simply telling a lie if you think that doesn't cross his mind or anyone elses mind on that sideline at some point. Not saying it dooms them, but how they handle that is the million dollar question.
Ever seen a team, say around March madness time, come in as a top seed, been beating everyone only to get upset in the first or second round? Happens all of the time. Believe it or not, some of the best lessons can come from a loss and refocus a team. I, for one, wouldn't want to see my team play a Saban-led Alabama team coming off a loss or near miss, odds are they aren't doing that twice in a row.
The moment a game looks like a sure thing on paper, it typically is anything but that. Never underestimate a team 'having another teams number', either. Unfortunately, as a Tennessee fan, I know how that is with Florida seemingly finding a way to win regardless of what else is going on going back to the 90's. On paper, yes, Georgia looks strong overall. On the field, Alabama will find a way to make this a game down to the wire, in all likelihood.
Heupel let the players vote, they overwhelmingly voted for the alternate combo, so if it makes them happy and pumped I'm all for it.
....well, a lot of things evidently don't make you better in Columbia, evidently.
AJ Johnson, stud LB for Tennessee when Dobbs took over at QB. After Dobbs made his first start on the road at SC he was suspended and ultimately abruptly ended his career at Tennessee. After a few years of back and forth in the courts and a bunch of wasted time, it turned out to be a bunch of nothing. Of course this was after his high draft status was ruined. Thankfully, the Denver Broncos gave him a shot and he has made good on their gesture by being a very solid LB for them and hasn't had any issues come up making them regret giving the guy a shot.
Beat me to it. Almost ruined his football dreams over nothing. Thank goodness he got a shot in the NFL after all.
Thank you for having the ability to see obvious facts. Several on here are unable to tap into that function.
Simeone's mom let them use the computer finally, and this is the way you choose to spend your time? Elementary-style attempts at jokes?
This. Though, still want to know how in 2021, a time in which they can tell me when I drove through any given intersection, was at the game or not, what ATM's and stores I've been to, they can't have a camera angle from the other side of the field to look at??
A waiver? All we have to do is beat South Alabama and Vandy to be bowl eligible.
Stevie Wonder could see they were faking injuries. 23 'injuries'. All on defense. Just about every single one was back out a play or two later. Plenty of ways to fix that, especially if player safety is a concern as they tried to make it seem on the totally botched call where Corral fumbled in the first quarter and Tennessee ran it back. If a player gets hurt, sit out the rest of the series, perhaps that series and the next to ensure safety. If they get hurt 2-3 times, they need to be out the remainder of the game, pretty obvious at that point they're in no shape to return.
Not sure why, but every season they REALLY want to hype Kentucky like this is basketball season or something. They want Kentucky out of the middle-of-the-pack and towards the top so bad they think willing it into existence is a thing.
Well, in all fairness it wasn't just one bad season, it was a couple of bad seasons with a good one in between. But yes, people were quick to push him out. I remember in the 90's hearing people complaining that 'all Fulmer ever does is win 10 games a year' as if that were a bad thing. Grass is always greener on the other side.