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After reading a couple of other articles by Connor, I get the impression that he is just not a fan of the Aggies. Oh well... Time will tell but the Ags are set up to be a very, very good team for the next 2 or 3 years and winning a National Championship is well within their reach.
Right now college football is in a "dead perioed", right? There is really nothing for sports writers to write about concerning college football until around the 1st of August when fall football practice starts. Nothing going on. So during this "dead period" everyone who follows SEC football gets all stirred up over an article that Connor writes voicing his opinion. So what else is new. I hate this time of year because football season is still 3 months away. Now everyone needs to chill out, maybe the Aggies will win the Naty or just be mediocre but right now we still have to just wait until the Fall to find out how the Ags will do. Don't get your blood pressure up right least wait until Sept. Enjoy this summer and let's just hope that the Aggies don't lose a player to injury or something else bad doesn't happen to the Aggies,
Like it or not, A&M has made a long term investment in jimbo. One way or the other, A&M will have to pay Jimbo $95 million dollars. So he is here for the long haul. What happens over the next 10 years remains to be stay tuned...and Gig 'em Ags...WHOOP!
Back when Deloss Dodd was AD at texas, every summer the chant would start "Texas #1" as the whole of 40-acres (i.e. texas fans) would be happy and start celebrating texas winning the national championship. Then the football season comes along and except for one (1) time, texas would fall short and texas fas would be depressed by New Years. Then the next summer comes along and once again the chant of "Texas #1!" would start up again. In fact since A&M left the Big 12, Texas has even had 3 or 4 losing seasons. Poooor Texas!
I live in Aggieland. I have not seen much written on how the Aggies will end up in the 2022 season from a local perspective. Yes we had a great recruiting season. But I have not seen anything speculating on where the Aggies wil end up national champions. So I guess it is slow now for items to write about concerning college football, so all these other sports pundits around the country have written on how great A&M will be. Here in Aggieland we hope we do well but it is more of 'a wait and see how the Aggies do' as the 2022 football season progress through the fall. So let's just wait and see how the Aggie football season goes...OK?
I have to disagree with you on one point. If the Aggies had stayed in the Big 12, I doubt they would've won 3 Big 12 Championships. Look at what A&M did in 2011 before they became members of the SEC. We choked. And that would've been par for the course had we not moved to the SEC. Texas was running the show. That's why A&M left for the SEC. In fact A&M would've moved to the SEC in 1994 if the Texas legislature had not stopped the Aggies and forced the Ags to join the Big 12. Now look where A&M is compared to t.u. Getting out of the big 12 and into the SEC is the best thing to happen to A&M
I was on here reading all this lengthy verbage and I dropped my car keys. Has anybody seen them?
Just wait until 2025 when Texas comes into the SEC. That first year for Texas, ESPN will pick Texas to win the SEC...just wait and see...LOL.
Deloss Dodds, the former Texas AD, started that nonsense hype back in the 90's...and the 'horn faithful still listen to it...and believe it. Just sad isn't it?
Just sing the song that we here in Aggieland learned a long time ago, which is sooo appropriate now, And that is---"Pooooor texas!!!"
ESPN loves Texas and they have a financial stake in Texas too, with their support of the Longhorn Network. ESPN always hype Texas with a Top-10 designation preseason and the 'horn faithful go crazy at the start of every football season (in the last 10 years) with dreams of winning a Naty. Then the college football season comes along, reality sets in, Texas ends up with a 5-7 season record and don't even make a bowl game. Finally at the end of the season the 'horn faithful once again head to their doctors office to get depression meds 'cuz the 'horns let them down usual. Kinda sucks to be a Longhorn fan, doesn't it?
Thhe Agggies have in fact won a National Championship in football. They won a Naty in 1939
After getting commits from two 4-star CBs and a punter, the Aggies moved up to #9 from #23...and it is just April...lets see how well the Ags do on signng day.
Well let's see...In 2019 the Hogs recruiting class finished at #23. In 2020 the Hogs recruiting class finished at #29. In 2021 the Hogs finished at #25. In 2022 the Hogs finished at #28. A&M finished in the top 10 during the same time period as did Alabama. Wasn't it Nick Saban who said that a coach needs to stack classes in order to win a Naty. In 2023 the Hogs are at #3, right now, with three 4-star recruits, who are all Tight Ends. Arkansas is doing a great job recruiting. Bet all your money on the pigs to win it all next Fall...Sooooey Pigs! LOL
In 2022 Arkansas finished at #28 in recruiting (by the way, the Aggies finished at #1). Right now the hogs are at #3 in 2023, it is April though. The piggies have 10 recruits committed at this point in time...three 4-stars and seven 3-stars. Plus the three 4-star recruits in the 2023 Ark class that are all Tight 4-star QBs, no DLs, or WRs, etc...just Tight Ends? Huh??? So you think that the piggies are going to challenge to win the SEC West in 2022??? Well let me just add that you better make sure that you go to church next Fall and do a whole lot of praying ... 'cuz more than likely the piggies will have 4 or 5 losses in 2022.
Jimbo's son suffers from a genetic disease called Fanconi Anemia.
A&M just beat Florida in the SEC Tourney...Gig 'em! I hope Florida likes going to the NIT.
This is a laugh,,, Seems like every year after the season is over, LSU players are leaving LSU in droves, like there is a fire sale going on. And you are spouting off all this garbage about A&M and Jimbo Fisher? Better make sure you own house is clean first. By the way, didn't LSU finish 6-7 in 2021? And LSU wanted Fisher as they offered him up to 125 million over 8 years to come coach at LSU just a couple of months ago but he had the integrity to stay at A&M. Hmmmm...
Will be a great game in 2024 when Georgia comes to Aggieland to play the Aggies. Try to make it to that game, why don't cha?
Were you happy losing to the Aggies back last October?
Ahhh but you are wrong there, RealUSC. Texas A&M won the National Championship in 1939. Looks like History is not a smart subject for you.
Why would Perkins go to Arkansas? They weren't even mentioned in his choice of schools.
The Vols winning the SEC east...Hmmmm...that is odd. Especially since I saw a prediction for the Vols to finish 7-5 after the 3033 season. It is way too early so maybe...
Haynes King may not be able to work out for Spring practice due to his le injury still healing. So Johnson may just be competing against Weigman during the Spring. We'll see...stay tuned...
Then why did the LSU AD offer Fisher 125 million dollars, at the last minute before hiring Kelly, to leave A&M and come to coach at LSU??? HMMMM...
I wonder if he meant UT as in Tennessee or UT as in the Longhorns, since Texas made it known that they were going to make $50,000 in NIL available to any recruit who came to Texas,
Plus when LSU did score in the 4th quarter in the 2020 contest at Kyle field, the Aggies had the 2nd and 3rd string in on defense. LSU finished where they should have finished, because they were a lousy football team. Now in reecruiting for 2022 lsu finsiehd at #27. So LSU has a long way to go to get back up to where they once were.
A&M is #3 in recruiting and may end up with the top recruiting class. The Aggies have 4 5-star recruits and 14 4-star recruits. Tennessee has no 5-star recruits and just 4 4-star recruits..'nuff said.
A Chicago newspaper reported that Brian Kelly's contract was for $75 million. So whose right and who isn't?