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Another Conner opinion piece another slam of Auburn. Yes we have some new linebackers does that mean they are hot garbage?
Harsin had you clowns overdosing on Malox for more than 3 1/2 hours last November. You better hope he doesn't show substantial improvement.
"But Nix did transfer, which makes one wonder if he thought he would be benched now that Finley has a full year under his belt as a Tiger." I guess you and maybe one other person would seriously think this??
It must officially be the off season if this qualifies as "news".
Sorry to disappoint you but, hey, you do currently have the better football program.
Well gee guess Pearl should just go ahead and pack his vacation bags no point in showing up at either Tampa or NCAA tourney. What a Debbie Downer...
Saban/Smart?Fisher those are the four right? Except isn't that just three?
Nobody here gives a #$@% about last year right now. Try to keep up!
Nothing on SDS yet about the passing of the great Auburn running back Lionel James, taken from us too young age 59 after an illness. He was part of a star-studded Auburn backfield with Bo Jackson and Tommy Agee in 82 and 83. The AU A-Day game MVP award was permanently named for Little Train in 1987. Rest in Peace Lionel.
You really need to get a life judging by all the dribble you posted below that I refuse to follow.
Like I am sure you know the whole story. You are the "fly on the wall" right?
I think boner is a masochist who comes on here looking to get called out cause he secretly loves it.
Umm so why was UGA uninspired in the SECCG? That makes no sense.
Matt Hayes has a hard-on for AU; has for years. Best to put him on IGNORE.
You have met Harsin and can verify he has "no charisma"? You sound like a liar.
You have no proof he is "toxic". You just take the word of butthurt former players. What a jackleg you are.
Ignorant comment. We were stuck with milquetoast TJ Finley in the latter two.
Toxic is another of those over-used terms that those who keep throwing it around don't even understand.
Has Georgia ever been relevant in something besides football? Go find you a football article dipwad.
Thank God your mama is going to pay off the trailer note.
We all knew Gus was gone the day after beating MSU you dumb#$%
Glad to see an alum back on the staff but his resume is not all that great.
DM might want to look into another line of work. Analyst maybe.