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CRod will be punished off the field and maybe miss 1 game. Just relax everyone
It clearly says in the article not comparing him to Burrow - they are comparing him to Burrows situation.
I went to 8 games last year and watched almost every single one. I have NO idea who this kid is.
Nobody, I mean NOBODY wants to see Urban on TV. Just retire and spend ttime with your family...... or wait he already did that once?
I'm shocked and excited that Will Levis has been going top 10 in mocks..... I don't see it happening, but a man can dream. Go Cats
Man - maybe the worst prediction article I've ever read LOL
man, how embarrassing this guy is. I thought Ron Mexico was the worst on this site... I was mistaken
Not mad at the kid, can't blame him. I am mad at his handler. If you read Kyle Tuckers piece on the athletic you will see what I am talking about. This is starting a precedent that could be very bad for college hoops. Top notch prospects enroll early, get their NIL money (he also got a porche), and leave without ever playing a game. That is a loop hole that needs fixing.
If you don't like your Gator's hire you don't know much about college basketball
Ron Mexico has lost it... not that he ever had it. I can't even get flustered reading this insanity, I just feel bad for him. I didn't realize he was this slow, I take back all the bad things I have said about him, hope you are OK bud.
I think he won player of the year? Not sure tho........
Murray St has a TOUGH draw in round one. Don't look past the Don's
I don't trust Arkansas away from home what-so-ever. An L to Vermont would not shock me... no offense of course to Hogs fans
LOL... maybe you havent watched much hoops or nknow much about this cats team. But the "5 star lineup" argument doesn't work with this team. As we play 1 of them.
Somebody explain to me how Lunardi has KU and Baylor as 1 seeds over the Cats with the same records. Baylor has not been the same since the injuries and has struggled the last month or so. UK beat the breaks off KU in KU. Just trying to figure out what merits them a 1 and not the Cats.
I think everyone on this site knew it was Levis and C-Rod
How do all UT fans forget about the first time we played this year?
Ron Mexico lives in his mom's basement. His life hinges on reactions on a regional football site. He has a sad life - lets let him have this
Ahh, that would make sense, although not clear what-so-ever.