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Jamarcus wasn't even any good and it was so obvious that he was going to flame out quickly.
Ha! Last time I had Everclear was summer of 2005 when I turned 21. And it was only because of the girl I was talking to at the time was into it. Some great times for sure.
Adam said he uses mezcal as a substitute for bourbon in an old fashioned. If your comment is towards me saying that tequila is weak, I stand by it. Of your major liquors (whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum, vodka, gin, etc.) tequila is at the bottom of the list. Vodka isn't all that great either but at least it's more versatile than tequila.
Mezcal is decent and yes, I agree that it's better than tequila which is probably the weakest of the standard liquors. As for using it as a substitute for bourbon in an Old Fashioned though, I don't know. I can see it, I guess, but I just don't know.
We have no depth, in terms of SEC-caliber. That's why Napier has put out the want ads.
Carolina's ceiling is making it to the SECCG. Tennessee can win a Natty if they catch a few breaks. And yes, I agree, same floors.
Tenn is going to be a Big 12 style team. Great offense, suspect defense. While Carolina will probably be a more rounded team, UT will just outscore them more often than not.
Lol. While we're probably not the No. 14 team in the country, there's no way we're No. 53.
Tennessee > Carolina. This year, next year and in the future.
Agreed. Todd was great with Mike Patrick too. And his Taste of the Town segments are always fantastic.
Ahh, new people (Missouri and A&M) to the conference. In regards to SEC transfer portal fandom, the correct answer is Vanderbilt. It's always Vanderbilt. Everybody loves Vandy. I guess y'all will figure it out in time.
Nashville is about to begin the process of a dome stadium for the Titans. They'll host soon.
He's probably looking at being Detroit's No. 4 starter, at best. Still though, good for him. He's had a rough few years.
Alabama to cover, easy. Arkansas to cover, close. Utah over Florida. :( UGA to cover, close. Memphis to cover, close. LSU to cover, easy.
I agree. If he plays to his potential and makes the neccessary improvements than 6th overall at the 2024 NFL Draft is within reason.
He could go early if the Warren Sapp comparison holds up, I agree.
I'd be stunned if AR-15 left after his RS-Sophomore season and I think the NFL would be too. He's got to prove quite a few things (health, decision making, release on timing, short and intermediate throws, among other things) first to even warrant being drafted let alone a top-10 pick.
Yes, forgot that one. Haven't understood the hate for him.
I'm not so sure. I have us in the 6-8 win range as of now. Utah, Tennessee, A&M, LSU, Georgia and Kentucky aren't going to be easy. The Vols are due to pop us and I'd rather it be a year like 2022 instead of a year where we're rolling. We'll see though, it's barely summer.
No. 1, Walker: Sure, we'll see. 50/50 on worth it. No. 3, Stingley: Waaaaay to high. No. 7, Neal: Typical. No. 9, Cross: Again, typical. No. 12, Williams: Seems about right. No. 15, Green: Who? No. 18, Burks: Bit too high, maybe. No. 22, Walker: Sure, whatever. No. 23, Elam: A smidge too high. No. 28, Wyatt: Meh. No. 32, Cine: OK.
A little surprised he went that high, but still, good for him. Buffalo isn't going to be a bad place to be the next few years.
Well here's the thing: despite the fact that kickers are fickle, our main two are a true freshman and a walk-on. We don't know what we have yet with the two. And won't until we need to.
I'm sure y'all will be fine. Jalen Carter is a stud and he'll single handily help the DBs this year.
That's for next season (2023). We're talking about the here and now.
More than at the pass catching positions? WR and TE? I don't think so. Our OL is filled with upperclassmen and Torrence looks like the real deal, especially after relegating Braun to backup. Also remember that Delance is gone so there will be some addition by subtraction. Aside from Hendo, Shorter, Zipperer and maybe Zanders we don't have anybody reliable... and nobody can stretch the field. Dan Mullen didn't recruit speed and we'll more than likely pay for it this year.
Meh, seat belt. Otherwise a reckless driving charge... just sign up for a defensive driving class and move on.
I promise you, all head coaches at major universities in the country have friends in government. I think the larger issue here is that while Saban has at most 4-5 years left, you're worried that UGA is going to fall behind in the NIL game and you're somehow trying to connect that with this? Deeper fear, I'd guess.