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Your point 1 is DEAD ON!!! The “model” was one of university personnel and departments take all the money as part of a sports entertainment offering but use words Like “amateur” and “student athletes “ for the players that they screwed over. Fun to see the various powers get the due. College sports is going to survive albeit with some transition chaos. Can only hope that congress doesn’t get involved.
Using inhaler? Asthmatic? I have for 50 years especially in May. This doesn’t mean that someone is out of shape. Sad to see kuharsky not consider this. Also indicates that Vrabel is pretty much in the Neanderthal mold of coaches. Remember jimmy johnson all over some rookie in Johnson’s first year because the guy had asthma anc couldn’t get his breath. Not much has changed. NFL coaches with no more sense than some high school coaches in Texas in the 1970s