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True. But, it's also Satterfield. He would cry tampering if the kid transferred to Southwest North Alabama State A&M.
If Levis simply improves his accuracy, he will become a coveted QB. It's been a long time since we've had a QB like this in Lexington. Can't way to watch him this year.
LSU has always been my other team. I love Tiger Stadium and seeing a night game there (and attending the all-day pre-game tailgating) is No. 1 on my bucket list. Also, crawdad boils. Love 'em.
Um, considering we've only beaten them once in Knoxville since the Reagan administration (and only twice at home), I'd wait a little longer before being that brash, at least until we see what our secondary looks like, because they torched our corners last year.
He's in full-defense mode since Cards fans are ready to run him out of town on a rail.
What? Satterfield is crying again? South Carolina dodged a bullet on that one.
As a Browns fan, I can attest that it is certainly possible that they may not know what they're doing, despite 20 years of practice with high draft picks.
TBH, I think the lack of a No. 1 overall pick for so long speaks volumes to the amazing high-quality of the program overall.
I don't think AR's stats from 2021 really tell the whole story. He was the backup on a team that was disfunctional most of the year. I'm pretty sure most QBs getting their first start against an archrival that had been steamrolling everything in it's path would probably struggle. Let's not forget he had some nagging injuries most of the year as well. Now that he's the guy, I think he'll actually be under less pressure, especially with getting consistent reps. Here's hoping he forgets to tie his shoes when we play them, but I think he can flat out play more than some of you are giving him credit for. I'm gonna go make some more popcorn.
Isn't the whole point of going to college about preparing yourself better for your chosen profession? Are not non-student athletes able to transfer at will if they're dissatisfied with their current situation? I don't like seeing players leave anymore than anyone else, but I'm not the one who's trying to get a spot on a professional team. If a player can get a better situation for themselves, then they should be able to do it. I respect Vitale as a fellow college basketball fanatic, but this is an old and tired take.
Congratulations Vols. You all earned it. Hell of a team. Good luck the rest of the way and stay the hell out of our bracket, please.
Georgia basketball now is in a similar place that Kentucky football was after the 2012 season. Sure, they need a coach who can recruit, but how is he supposed to get them? The administration needs to make a commitment to improving the program. Stegeman Coliseum needs to be upgraded, if not replaced. They need to reach out to the fans. One thing UK Basketball used to do that Coach Cal stopped doing (and I will forever hold it against him), was to play an annual home game in Louisville, giving the fans in western Kentucky who may not be able to attend a game in Rupp a chance to see the Cats in person. Maybe UGA could play one or two home games annually in Atlanta and another city in southern Georgia. I'm not sure of what the facilities for basketball are like for Georgia (dorms, practice facility, locker rooms, etc.), but the facility wars in basketball are just as cutthroat as in football. It's important to stay cutting edge. Attending a game in-person is much different than watching one on TV, and I've never been to Stegeman, but on TV it comes off as dark and drab. Improved lighting and a more reflective floor would go a long way to fix that. Have some fun with the court design and the uniforms. Have some throwbacks, some fauxbacks, and some innovation. Special jerseys sell. Push hard on NIL deals. Show the recruits they can have some success. There's a limitless list of things that can be done to raise the profile of the program for coaches, players, and fans. All it takes is a little commitment.
I don't think Wade, Oats, or Pearl really want the Louisville job right now. In fact, due to the current situation at UofL, it should be argued that Maryland is the better open job. Both are championship programs. Both are arguably basketball schools. But one thing Maryland has over UofL is that four years ago, UofL had an interim president, interim AD, and interim coach. And later today, when it's official, they will again have an interim president, interim AD, and interim coach. Not to mention the ever-hanging and embiggening cloud of NCAA sanctions over infractions committed while they were already on probation. TBH, Louisville is a complete dumpster fire right now. I'm not sure it's much of a step up at all from Auburn, Alabama, or LSU.
Congrats Auburn, and it's well earned. Can't wait to see how far you guys go in the tournament. Unless you're in our bracket; then I'll be hoping for your demise but it's nothing personal.
So, did they have to have a seance to get that quote from Myles Brand? Or did he pull a Moriarty, see this coming years ago, and left it on a piece of paper hidden in a copy of Sports Illustrated in the Indianapolis Library?
You can try to say no to a hurricane, but it's a weather system, not a people. It doesn't understand English.
INSERTNAME looks like he thinks Sprite is too spicy is now my all time favorite roast.
I sure didn't see that coming. Seems out of nowhere but may end up being a great hire.
I do not expect to win the title every year. I've been lucky enough to be able to watch us win the title three times. I am much, much older than three. I don't even expect a Final Four every year. It's hard to do. However, I do expect to have a good team every year which has the ability to compete for the title, or at least be in the conversation. If it doesn't happen in a single year, I am not one of those clambering for regime change. I'm actually very patient. I can see the game changing to where the one-and-done model is outdated. Now, if Cal lays an egg for a second year in a row, I'll be getting a little antsy.
After watching our exhibition games, I would say a Final Four prediction is a little premature. Coach Cal is in no danger with the AD, or the fanbase, but for me personally, this is a show me year. 2018 was a let down. Still not sure how we won the SEC Tournament that year. Seeing our bracket in the NCAA become wide open only to fizzle out to Kansas State was even more deflating than the four-game losing streak late in the season. 2019 was okay. We won 30 games. Herro blitzed Louisville. But we had some weird losses. And for a team that won 30 games, none of those games were a league championship, or tournament championship. 2020 was a good season after a bad start. Evansville. Ugh. If not for the sickness which shall not be named, I thought that team was strong enough to make a run in both the SEC and NCAA tournaments. They were also inconsistent enough to get upset in the first round. 2021. Meh. I’ll give Cal the benefit of the doubt moving forward. There was no preseason. We had no gimme games in the pre-conference season to right ourselves. It was a completely new team whose only returning player was injured for half the year. Askew was the only UK point guard I had ever seen to lack the ability to get around any one. I’m ready to move on. 2022. I truly believe we’ll be a much stronger team this year, but our performances against Kentucky Wesleyan and Miles College left a lot to be desired. The biggest question is frontcourt depth. Who do we lean on when Tshiebwe needs a rest or gets in foul trouble? Go Cats, Beat Puke.
It's amazing how quickly they became the Horizon League South.
C-USA, we hardly knew ye. Good night, sweet prince.
Still so much to play for. A 10-2 season and NY6 bowl are still attainable. Our remaining road games are very winnable. And to be honest, I think coming back to Earth a little bit can be a good thing moving forward.