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Whether Notre Dame has a seat at the table? Let’s take Notre Dame, if there was a 12 team playoff last 8 years, Notre Dame would probably had made the it every year being an independent with their flexible scheduling. Notre Dame has mad it twice and got crushed! So what are you changing with 12 teams, really nothing on competition side, just trying to stuff pockets with the risk of hurting the whole landscape forever, from 1st game, conference play, to championship. BCS to 4 team playoff was not that big of a jump, 1 game. 12 team playoff will restructure college football forever and these clowns are not capable of doing it without ruining the tradition of the college football. It will be a disaster across the board. Notre Dame as a single team independent with a seat, that’s a dream come true for them!
Finishing tied for 3rd in the west with 2cd year coach at Arkansas and 2cd year coach at MSU is underperforming, sorry.
LSU’s last 2 head coach’s won national titles. I would project LSU winning another title before A&M gets one.
Most overrated? Somebody taking Penn States decade long title!
50 high schools in South Carolina had a better defense than UT last year! All joking aside, It will only take 1 more year for Huepel to be shut down, ask Gus Malzahn. The trickery only last 2-3 years till SEC defenses expose it for what it is.
“Preseason Natty” keep hearing it like it’s a putdown from UGA fans. While it doesn’t mean anything, it does tell the obvious over time. Bama has double digit more titles than UGA, wonder how many “preseason natties” Bama has compared to UGA?
Obviously if he can’t stay on the field, it really doesn’t matter how fast or if he even has 10 fingers! Speed is worthless on the sidelines and in the locker room, kid sounds like he has had some bad luck or a lil brittle.
That’s 1 title and 1 SEC Championship (2017) in the last decade. Pump the brakes my man! Enjoy your ride this year, dynasties don’t start until the 3rd title in a decade.
Unemployed with the same number of titles as Kirby. I don’t understand how UGA fans can knock Coach O, he did go undefeated in his title run! LSU has won 3 titles in 20 years… UGA and Kirby won a title, well deserved, but to predict anything in the future in this conference is foolish!
Look, UGA will never be Alabama…. UGA doesn’t have the history, UGA doesn’t have the titles nor the SEC championships, not even close. There are 2 blue blood programs in the SEC; Alabama in football and UK in basketball. You can’t change history, and nobody sniffs these 2 in accomplishments. There are great programs in the SEC that can claim National Champions, but comparing yourself to Bama in football or UK in basketball, projecting your school is on the same level or above these programs domination after a few successful seasons is beyond ignorant, delusional, and insane. Enjoy your time at the top, only 2 schools have figured out how to stay there over time in their respective sports. Could not imagine Bama or UK going 40 years without a title, it just wouldn’t happen. They had before you and will have it after your gone!
Kiffin can’t help himself, even under Saban’s watch he broke rules. It’s not an act with Kiffin, it is who he is.
You don’t even have to tell his wife that, he’s safe.
If 1 booster is still active at Bama, it won’t be Kiffin.
And Bear won as many the titles as 3 UGA life times!
The real question is, who is brave enough to follow Saban? It’s almost a coffin job following the GOAT in any setting. Not bashing Alabama and their fans, but the mental challenge with the expectations against Saban’s could be quite overwhelming.
The whole world is dumber bc of imperial’s post. Let’s count titles, let’s count CFP appearances, let’s count SEC championships……. Then some how geography is suddenly going to determine Bama’s fate in the future!! Just wow, break out the clown suit!
Are you serious? So change the format and predict a team that got 3 + weeks rest would win against a UGA team that destroyed them with just 1 week off…lmao then you say Michigan was gassed after Iowa and OSU. UK beat Iowa!! and Florida! Hutchinson got exposed along with another Big 10 champion. Sacks in the CFP don’t matter? Just ones he got against other teams? Just plain comical!
Scum Forde and independent AD predicting the college football landscape! This is hilarious, nobody has sniffed this one out yet! The AD from a school who won’t join a conference saying it’s about money in a negative light! What a joke.
Don’t have to worry about Hooker winning the Heisman. He is a product of a gimmick offense that puts up some points on average competition at best. UT would have to win the SEC and that’s not happening.
What’s funny is you watched Bama’s spring game! Big UGA fan watching another teams spring game! Now that’s the prize….. Homeland Security has you on the radar!
Plenty of press for ole Lane, and he hasn’t won anything at ole miss. Jimbo wins a conference game against Bama, and he is in the press everywhere. A&M has already won a title after a recruiting ranking…. It’s press, get over it.
And MSU can draw a better coach then Leach? Mullen had 1 winning conference record and one 10 win season at MSU. MSU should be ecstatic to have Leach, what has MSU won to be considered a “big time coaching destination”?
You are correct. Alabama is the blue blood in football, always has been. UK is the blue blood in basketball, always has been. Bear created Bama, Rupp created UK. The only 2 schools in this conference who can make claim to dominance over time in this conference in the 2 major sports. The championships and stats don’t lie. It’s just different, and that doesn’t always means good.
I remember when UT won a title…. Wait, that’s wrong… I remember when UT got running water in the 90’s. Love that East Tennessee subculture.
Cal can be shelved in 2025 for the basketball ambassador’s roll UK created for him at 1 mil a year. He can say no, but if asked to he will.
Yeah, Calhoun walked away after ncaa sanctions were imposed. That is revered!
Correct, and very doubtful they will try to prove in a arbitration that players were ineligible. More than likely no vacated wins either from previous seasons. The FBI probe has turned out to be a joke, corruption was so wide spread and left attorneys open doors.
KU will not have title vacated, that’s a pipe dream. Self is going to be suspended about 5-10 games, lose a couple of scholys, go on probation for 4 years. There is a reason AU was handed down 1st, to set up the bigger bball schools punishment. Basketball is all KU has, not going to anything to diminish that program. Watch and see.
Don’t agree, plays in ACC. 10 win season is hardly a failure, 3 loses in a season, 1 of those come against national champs who could only manage 10 pts. How many asst coaches has Saban lost, and now Smart getting a taste, when are people going to realize it’s the head coach’s baby. Dabo built it, just like Kirby and Nick, and has 2 titles to back it up, 2cd most playoff appearances.