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I just wanted something that rhymed with ducks. lol
UGA will go as far as their QB and WRs can take them. Their defense will be just fine after a reload. Bama will go as far as their OL will take them. They should have a good line but will it be enough in the big games. Bama has Vandy as a crossover game and an easy OOC schedule but SECwest teams. UGA has Ducks, SCAR Cucks, and Hail State to go with their SECeast schedule. UGA TEs may end up being the difference.
Well if you went the 3 rivals route, Kentucky is TNs most played team/rival: about 70 more games with KY than with FL So maybe Bama, Vandy, KY Auburn's would be Bama, UGA and FL (nasty!)
It this happened then Vandy would instantly become a National Powerhouse! lol
Levis did everything possible to try and beat Tennessee last year. Just really one bad pass all game for a pick6 but he ran and passed at will. I thought TN would be higher with the DL ratings than 13. I'd say we are much closer to 7 than we are 13. We also have the best DL coach in SEC with Rodner Garner.
Good Kids make bad decisions sometimes. He'll learn a lot from this.
I think TN already has 2 safeties in 23 class but we are low on DBs.
UGA should be fine after reloading with yet another top 3 class. I think the SECeast is theirs to lose. Stranger things have happened though. Aub and @MissSt is far from the toughest SEC crossover schedule. Last season 38.6 average is hard to gauge: They had the ball a lot due to constant 3 and outs. But they also slowed the game down in the second half with big leads. If Gilbert keeps his focus could be best TE tandem in the country. I have a hard time anointing a player coming off a broken leg as WR #1. To me it is Kearis Jackson until it ain't.
Even with all the attrition, Georgia should still be considered the favorite to win the East. 2nd-4th is wide open between TN, KY and FL. KY has the easiest path again with MissSt and @Ole Miss. TN has Bama and @LSU. FL has LSU and @aTM. TN has slight advantage by hosting both KY and FL. KY has to travel to FL and TN, so that makes it a bit more even. SCAR could also sneak in a grab one of those spots or slip to 6th due to schedule: aTm and Ark. I look for Mizzou to lock down 6th unless SCAR fades and Vandy to lock down 7th.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have top 5 WR transfer from Pitt. Let the so-called NIL bidding begin at $5 million, do I hear $5 million? 6, $6 million ...
Sources tell The Athletic Young has been working out in Southern California, but one of the quarterbacks he’s been training with is Alabama star Bryce Young, so it wouldn’t be shocking if the Crimson Tide became a factor in his transfer considerations. So Young has been working out with Young?
Funny but true B&G: We'll trade with you! lol Prisoner exchange: bama for aTm or is it TN for SCAR?
I almost expect the B1G to make a power move for uscWest, OR and 2 other West teams to hit their 16 quota (Stanford, Wash, UCLA, Cal). ACC will grab ND, Baylor, WV and Maybe a Kansas, Kstate or OKst team. The remnants of the Mountain West, B12 and P12 will then make a hodge podge 4th P4 16 team division including Utah, AZ teams, BYU, Colo, Tx Tech, etc.
Understood Lizard but I figure, TX will keep a lot of those recruits that go to aTm, Bama, LSU, FL, etc because they want to play in the SEC. Otherwise they would just stay with their Longhorn network (except that it is operating at a huge loss by espn?)
That's one year of the new TV contract. Also $70 is negotiable.
We're going to 4 team pods. One for each of the CFP playoff spots. lol West: uTa, aTm, Ok, LSU South: MissSt, Ole Miss, Bama, Aub East: UGA, Fla, SCAr and Ky North: Arky, Mizzou, Vandy, UT Crossover game with each division: Example UT: AL South, uTa West, FL or KY (Older rivalry) East 3 crossover games 3 Pod games 3 games rotating from other division: Example UT rotation with South in year one plays, MissSt, Ole Miss, and Aub plus crossover AL. Year 2 West aTm, OK, LSU plus crossover uTa. Year 3 East: UGA, SCAR, KY or FL plus crossover of KY or FL. Every 3 years you play all 15 teams.
LynnBob, something to consider: 1)Buyout cash for B12 in 23 vs KMA B12 in 24 2)Scheduling fiasco for B12 for 23/24 3)High probability of OK/uTa winning B12 championship in 23 and 24 4)Cooperate with the SEC and they will lobby for B12 to stay a P5 conference. If they don't, then we move to a P4 of 16 team conferences and a P6 which includes B12. 5)SEC can lobby to help get B12 a better TV deal. 6)SEC and B12 can have their own alliance to counter B1G, P12, ACC alliance. 7)B12 throwing a tantrum is bad optics for the conference, schools, boosters and recruits. (Bonus Round) All of the schools in the B12 are sick of uTa horns and their inflated egos. They want to root against them vs other SEC teams.
Henry T is a run stopper beast but he can't defend a slant pass to save his life. He's a great runner if they want to put him in the backfield like in HS. Hooker is great. The one thing for him to work on besides sacks is that he has fumbled a few too many times on those sacks.
Funny with an element of truth. Pruitt turned Tennessee into a basketball school. lol
Vandy's arms and UGAs bats would be a formidable team!
Interesting week. Auburn and aTm have proven that they can beat anyone. Arky is a quietly very good #2 team in the SEC. UGA and LSU are good teams that can make some noise in post season. Vandy needs better hitting to take the next step. Vols are still playing good ball. They made some mistakes this weekend but are resilient.
Laxatives would be one thing, still wrong but not super dangerous. Paint thinner could blow out a liver and be deadly. As the Dierks Bentley song goes: What was I thinking? (what were you thinking?"
Stadium attendance is on a downward trajectory. So making seats bigger while reducing overall capacity isn't that big of a deal. It is about the fan experience: Jumbotrons, party areas, wifi, light shows, comfy seats and private box suites. Maybe engineer some extra sound reverberations in as well.
Agreed! Hard to peel him away from his alma mater and he's at ground zero for recruiting 5* players.
Arky and Miss St were supposed to be the best teams this year. Arky looks to be finding their grove. Hail State has been hampered with injuries but is still a team to respect. Great weekend for drama. Bama was the second hottest team in the SEC, winning 8 straight, so it's not surprising that they took one this weekend. Vols faced some adversity and came out alright. Pretty good season all in all, plenty of surprises such as UGA playing good and then promptly gets swept, Ole Miss tanking and Vandy looking a lot more human. Bama is overachieving a bit too.
If the Ump had been on Nutrisystem, then he wouldn't have been bumped!
That was a pretty impressive Pre-game Cuck Walk! It's clear, Beamer is bringing the energy for these kids to feed off of.