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CRod was coming back to break records. Looks like he is breaking the wrong kind of records. I hope he gets his act together.
I hope he has some influence on his teammates. There is some more talent on that Boyle Co team that could help.
Is this anything to get excited about. I have never even heard of Texas St.
The DUI was bad enough but this was just dumb. Not looking like a good year for CRod.
I am as big of a UK fan as any and I love Levis but no way is he the number 1 pick. With improvement, he is only going to be the 5th or 6th best QB in the league but I hope he proves me wrong.
Welcome to our world SEC fans. We hear this crying and whining almost daily.
Wow, a 7th round draft pick is nothing to give up. I’m sure he is glad to be in KC.
Wow, congrats to Georgia. I’m assuming this is a rebuilding year. If not, we are all in trouble.
He passed the mirror test. If you can fog a mirror, we will take you.
The D-line will be fine. UK’s biggest concern will be at cornerback and offensive tackle. They are very thin at corner and real young and inexperienced at Tackle.
Anyone leaving now has been kindly asked to leave. Best of luck to him.
We needed him bad. Our secondary was so thin it only had one side.
No fears Auburn, ESPN has you at preseason number 10.
Over ranked are Auburn, LSU and Florida. Auburn was a train wreck last year and they have had a horrible off season. No way they come in at number 10. Tennessee and Arkansas should be top 20.
I wish the weather had been better. That could have been a turnoff for any visiting recruits from the South.
What you want most from the Spring Game is no injuries. Seems like every year we are losing someone in the Spring. We have already lost one and don’t need to lose any more.
Not adapting to the transfer portal would be same as a basketball coach not adapting to the three point shot.
I’m behind Levis and the Cats all the way but he can show improvement and still only be the 5th or 6th QB in the SEC.
Shouldn’t the same situation apply to Kiffin. He is more likely to jump ship than The Pirate.
Amen to that. 2015 was the beginning of the end and the kneeling was the end. He is toast.
Wow, sorry to hear that. Wishing him the best.
Just when I thought the SEC had surpassed the ACC, they get two teams in the Final Four.
That wasn’t a low blow. That was the SEC’s last big chance to win one and we blew it.
It was great watching a team that was excited and having fun on the court. Congrats!
Great job Hawgs! Good to see a SEC team that didn’t choke.
That is a huge loss for UK as he is one that gets the job done and they have very little backup at his position.
UK has been trying their best to step aside and hand over the reins to someone else but apparently no one wants it.
You just don’t know if Coach Howard is going to punch you out or give you a hug during the handshake line.