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That cancelled game sucks. Especially when Auburn had the bases loaded with one out and their hottest batter at the plate. Hope it doesn't come back to bite them in post season seeding.
When I was a public employee, my earnings were capped. I was legally not allowed to earn money outside of my job without consent from the government. Which was never given.
They would have an option. Take the hundreds (if not millions) of dollars being spent on a scholarship, or don't. No one is limiting their earning potential. Are you suggesting we treat players like true employees? Then fine...tax them on every penny they earn (scholarship, tuition, R&B, stipends, etc...) and yank the non-profit status from the Universities. It's the "fair" thing to do.
Makes perfect sense. I'm past ready to drop the nuclear option. Go back to intramural sports only and end the charade of the "student athlete".
I only see the season ending in one of two ways. 1.) I think the team plays hard for Harsin, but can't overcome the lack of a true SEC caliber QB or OL. They go 6-6 and Harsin gets fired. 2.) Someone at QB steps up and the team pulls a couple of upsets leading to a 8-4 or 9-3 season. Harsin is praised in the media, and leaves Auburn for the first available HC position back West. Either way, the offseason shenanigan's doomed Harsin at Auburn. And yes...it was the fault of the boosters.
The NCAA doesn't have the capability or legality to control pay for play. The idiots in Washington have already seen to that. The schools should present the full value of a scholarship offer to players (tuition, R&B, training, facilities, medical, stipends, future earnings w/degree) and let them decide. NIL or scholarship. Can't be allowed to do both. If they decide NIL, then they have to pay their own way, including access to facilities and trainers.
I'm definitely a grumpy old man. I fell in love with Auburn Football because I was a student and there's a sense of loyalty that players shared. Those days are dead. So is my passion for college football.
Because they are being payed to play for a public institution. Income is public domain for public employees...which is what they are now. Any outside monetary compensation has to be disclosed to avoid any conflict of interest. I also think they should now be required to pay taxes on their scholarships and room and board.
I agree with him, but it's too late. Cat is out of the bag and good luck trying to roll back the clock.
I kind of expected him to end up back in Texas. Maybe SMU or TCU. Seems like he had more talent than ending up at an FCS school.
1. Army v Navy - obvious 2. OSU v Michigan - most heated outside of Iron Bowl 3. Michigan v Michigan State - Always a toss up 4. Miami v FSU 5. UNC v NC State - truly underrated Chili Cheese Dog all the way (preferably foot long)
I've never doubted his legacy as one of the greatest BB coaches. I've just never like his holier than thou attitude. And yes, nearly everyone has been caught cheating in college BB to some degree. The difference with what you even stated above, those programs got investigated. Duke, or Coach K...untouchable.
I wouldn't be shocked if he was recruiting some guys still on the team.
He's a self righteous arse. He should have been investivated for Zion. A lot of people believe the timing of his retirement was a deal to keep Duke from getting dragged down.
Thompson was built by Bama Boosters to be their own little IMG. They get any and every kid they want out of there.
Way too early for BB rankings for next year. December will probably be too early for that matter. Just from the past few seasons, you've got to have a top 5 of Arkansas, Auburn, Bama, Kentucky and Tennessee. Someone will disappoint, someone will surprise...every year.
He's the guy I want to replace Kessler next year. Tons of potential.
Regardless, I would wager more people know the name Bo Jackson because of the Nike campaigns.
I guess you guys are national championship or bust now? At least Bama won something before they became so egotistical.
Yeah, all those accomplishments are moeal victories. I guess your back to back elite 8s are moral victories too?
Nah, I'll still take Pearl. He took a program that was a joke for decades to the Final 4, Sweet 16, first time overall #1 ranking, two regular season titles and an sec tournament title. Muss is a good coach, but he didn't have to build a program from nothing.
I'm surprised it took this long. He never got a shot during a real game for whatever reason. I hope he finds a better fit.
Good luck to Bounceman! He never turned into a consistent scorer, but he always played hard and was electric.
Lack of tournament experience really showed this year. A bunch of transfers and freshmen couldn't overcome the veteran teams that are doing well this year.
I think they shkuld have been there...but as a 16 seed. A&M didn't have the non-conference resume Bama did, but they were clearly a better team by the end of the season.