GFY. Especially these bitch ass Mods.

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I like the sound of that, I’m excited to see next season’s team in action.
I strongly disagree with #1, that Offense is going to be even more explosive since the running game is EVEN better than last year and opposing defense just can’t key on One Guy-aka Burks, also expect Ark to get another WR from the portal.
…and let me guess, you’re one of those “free market” guys that has zero understanding that there’s no such thing and there has NEVER been a free an open mark where considerable sums of money are concerned. Here’s something some of you need to realize, other than some Hundred Dollar handshakes, Ark has been above board since joining the SEC. The Hunt Family has gotten behind NIL in a big way… I am hearing rumblings that one of the Giants in NWA are working on an NIL Package for Athletes - especially Football - that will put Arkansas on Par with EVERY Blue Blood. They know what they have in Sam, Eric, Dave and the other amazing Coaches at Arkansas and they are about to dominate. Hide and watch…
@weagle99, you are an absolute dolt. Your ignorance of the facts are astounding, these players aren’t public employees, they are independent contractors and nothing you’ve screeched us remotely accurate.
NFT’s are already dead, too late to really cash in… Especially with Russian Money Laundering all but stopped due to the war/sanctions.
Well said JH, this is a perfect fit. So much potential!
Heads up, I got my Master's Degree on The Hill and went several football and basketball games in Fayetteville and Little Rock because I have close family in both cities. I’m from Dothan and got my Bachelor’s Degree at Bama. I have a lot of history with both University’s. I even knew Paul Eels thanks to family living in Maumelle and enjoyed our talks sipping excellent single malt. We sure miss “Babes”, he will always be a Legend!
This Kid is a KJ Jefferson clone in the best possible sense but more developed at this stage than KJ. This is no slight to KJ either, his Mom worked her tail off to help KJ in his development in HS, so I’ve got nothing but love and respect for Him and Family. KJ showed Malachi exactly how he would be developed at Arkansas. I’m VERY stoked on this commitment and what he could do at Arkansas.
If this post is any indication of your future posts, maybe commenting isn’t for you.
Dude, you should jerk off a LOT more often… Or less, it’s hard to tell. Get oxygenated and chill on the C V 1 9 stuff, a lot of us have lost a lot of loved ones.
Why would you post this garbage here when a fantastic, hard working kid who loved being a Razorback died a horrible death at a very young age? Why would you post this? You are irredeemable.
I will definitely keep an eye on Houston and how they use the kid. I hope he has a great career at Houston.
Man, I’ve got second hand embarrassment for Tenner’s reaction. Tony V. needs to pull his team aside and use this as a teaching moment because they ALL look weak/petty. I’ve got agree with the Guy above that the midweek game hurt them mentally.
JWill is coming back unless an NBA absolutely falls in love with him and wants to use their first pick with him. He and His Parents are going through the process to learn everything they can for NEXT year’s NBA Draft where JWill could land in the top 20. This is straight from someone who would know, take it or leave it. JWill is expected to come back and Miss is licking his chops with what he’s got coming up to Fayetteville. JWill also appeared with my former Colleague and Friend TJ yesterday on GMA. Muss got the Twins/Brazile to shore up JWill and actually allow him to play at the 4, go high low and take that post screen game at the top of the key to the next level. Arkansas is in unbelievable shape for a Championship Run if they can all work together.
Hey Jack, no… How about YOU G F Y. Also, Saban hates to lose, is he whiny and ungracious too? Lolololol Ron Mexico, hope you get that well deserved aneurysm, you P O S. Hey Aggie… Nobody cares, you’re an Aggie.
And remember, this WAS Arkansas’s “down” year, because he class that’s coming in is brutal! How can AB NOT commit to the Hogs now?
Woo F’n Pig!! They have more than earned their respect. Great job Muss and Team! Go Hogs!
The Corn Patch Kids take out the Corn Dogs… I was rooting for you guys too, d@amn.
A win is a win is a win. I’ll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day, I bet Kentucky would love to have had an ugly win.
Arkansas did a great job winning this game despite it 8 on 5 in the second half. I fully expect a much more focused team for Saturday.
Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan base. I’m still laughing…
You realize that the journalist isn’t being “literal” right? Lol.
@warputz875 Lol, you might want to take it down a dozen notches.
Lol, 4.5 is pretty d a m n fast for someone that is 6’3”, 235 with elite body control and catch radius. Going to be a HUGE mismatch as well because he can line up anywhere on the field. Mass x Speed = Force and Treylon will absolutely be a force in the NFL. Still doubt me? Go look at his performance against my home team, Alabama.
“Clown comment” Enjoy your cellar dwelling over the next few years… Or decades. The constant mismanagement of your athletic program has been so entertaining. Thanks… lol