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Over/Under for flops? Asking for a friend. lol
..and kicking him while stretching. I think that's over the line in any era. Did Meyer go out and kick any of his linemen or linebackers to improve their performance? Yeahprobablynot. I'd expect an NFL linebacker-even on a 2-13 team would tear into that coach and put him in a Bobby Petrino neckbrace. Kicking a player that is struggling. That tells me everything I need to know about Meyer as a coach and a person.
Morpheus: What if I told you that the Vols could be better on offense in 2022, but didn't increase the win total from 2021? Can this offense go out and make 3 yards, on the ground, on 3rd and 2 inside the opponent's 10? Tennessee has had lots of fireworks. Can they execute the fundamentals of the game. Put another way, if this team doesn't have another gear besides superhighverymuchfastscoring, then this defense will be challenged to do THEIR part to win games. We saw that against Kentucky and Purdue-which were very similar except in the outcome.
Uh...I think that's where we've been for the last 15 years or so. Stay grumpy! I'm right there with you.
Actually I can see this. Nobody has more passion invested than college football fans-particularly in the SEC. Not saying I agree with it, but I can see it. I could also see NIL influencing starting salaries in the NFL. Wonder how the league will deal with that?
So much redundancy in that comment. Meyer, prick, analyst... lol
Tennessee is also the best team you've never seen. I think they had more appearances on broadcast ESPN last year than they have this year since becoming #1. I fully expect that any tournament appearances with Tennessee will be relegated to SEC Network + alternate App Only, streaming, etc.
We're Tennessee. We're despised by all anyway. Vitello is simply getting some mileage out of it. Perhaps the thinking goes thus; Since they hate our guts anyway, what percentage is there in trying to appear nice? HONCHO VILLAINS!!
see there, Kentucky, you can't stop thinking about Tennessee. Just hang on, you'll get your chance... HONCHO VILLA!
Sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing after the headline indicated that he was, "deep in negotiations".
Naaaaaw. They have to shower somewhere. I do think it's odd that the visiting team had to go to the football stadium for the opening of a brand new baseball stadium. Stuff happens though. I'm just saying that if I'm UF, I'm locking up the football gear. Why? Because the Honcho Villains are in town. You leave that stuff out and they'll have fun with it.
Yep. Top 16 get to host Super Regionals right? Once the tournaments start, the rankings are really out the window and it's just beating the team in front of you.
We're going to spend millions of dollars on the stadium, displace season ticket holders and donors, and increase the ticket price for all ticket holders. At some point, maybe we could spend some time concentrating on achieving and maintaining relevance? You know...BEFORE we go cutting out the heart of the house Neyland built so that we can install "party decks". I give this renovation 2.5 mustard bottles. you're telling me that Florida just opened a brand new baseball stadium that has no visitors clubhouse or lockers? Maybe it wasn't ready yet so you send the visiting team to the football stadium where they...have access to Florida's football gear? Which locker room were they sent to exactly? I wouldn't expect the home team's gear to be in the VISITING team's locker room. Oh, and they swept the Gators in the debut of the brand new stadium. After leading for most of the game, I had basically written off Sunday as a loss. The Villains had other ideas. If the Villains have a little fun on the way, all I can say is that Florida left everything lined up for exactly that. HONCHO VILLA!!!
This week, Joe will be reading a book entitled, "What Is Baseball?"
Lots of ball to be played between now and Omaha. And just like basketball, it's a tournament sport. Just seems like the game changes a little when it's tournament time vs. the regular season. Also, it's been a long time since the #1 team coming in won it all. One game at a time and HONCHO VILLA!
LOL "And frankly sports fans, he used a certain word that's a nono with umpires..." +1 After watching Tony Villains though, I think he'd call you that for free.
Dobbsnailed Boot! Viral rant against interim coaches and spineless AD. Cleat andy!!! Legend.
I'm sure they'll face each other in a home/home series in 2032...
The only crying and hysterics here are yours, balk. It was one terrible call in a bad game for UT. Has South Carolina EVER been good enough that an opposing team's fans tore down the goalposts to celebrate a win over you?
Georgia State caught that clueless Gump Pruitt flat footed and still clinging to Guarantano for dear life. Have they embarrassed anyone since? Pssssh.
"The only Group of 5 team to beat an SEC squad in nonconference play in 2021 was Memphis taking down MSU, though that game featured a blown illegal touch non-call on a punt return for a touchdown." Funny. That's the same way that Memphis was able to beat Tennessee in 1996 as well.
The question is not, "Where is a head coach needed?" It's, "Where is an Interim Head Coach needed?" Ed Orgeron is America's Interim Head Coach. GEAUTIGAAA!
That too... Seems like teams tend to mirror themselves internally. Fast and wild on offense? Fast and wild on defense. Fundamentally sound on offense? Fundamentally sound on defense.
You can win some games in between the 20's with sharp passing and long touchdown scores. Championships though won inside the opponents' 20 yard line. Or by grinding out 3 yards on a 3rd and 2 against a determined opponent. That's what I really want to see out of this team.
Got to see a little of the action against Missouri. They came to play and really did a nice job of keeping the game in front of them most of the way-not getting completely rolled. Props to the Tigers for that. Ultimately, Tennessee earned the wins and the streak just keeps going. Love it. HONCHO VILLA!