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What kind of HS coach wouldn't spend $1.56 for his player? Seems like more of an LSU prospect to me.
I study the Aggies in a borderline obsessive way and I completely agree with O'Gara. Top 5 is too high; around 15th is closer to it. But make no mistake - this team is on the upswing in a major way. This will be a very young team in 2022 with 13 underclassmen starters while working in the #1 recruiting class. But look out for 2023 - looking at each position it's very hard to find one that won't be better in 2023 as there are only maybe two 2022 starters that will be draft eligible without an obvious equal or better replacement.
This will be Kiffin's third year at Ole Miss. This is normally when things derail for him the fans run him out of town on a rail. He will miss Durkin dearly.
I don't think Jimbo is going to base his starting QB decision on the 2 hours the fans happened to see in gale force winds. He will primarily make it on the leadership traits and command of the offense shown by reading the defenses and getting his complicated offense run the way he likes it. I believe King will be given a chance to start initially if he continues to grow between now and game 1.
1 Wrong, King will be the starter. 2 True 3 True 4 True 5 False 6 True 7 Maybe The Aggie offense in 2023 will return all starters except Ainias Smith.
"Not even close"? Jimbo's last 8 rankings before his #1: 4 3 2 5 16 (transition to A&M class) 6 6 7 The #1 class is less about NIL and more about issues at OU, Texas, LSU and Jimbo's ability to walk out of Georgia with multiple high end recruits.
Jimbo is offended because he works hard on recruiting and has had success long before NIL existed. He has finished in the top 6 classes 9 times in his 14 seasons. It's no mystery what Texas A&M has to offer in the way of school, culture and opportunity for the NFL and beyond. Go ask why the kids are suddenly drawn to Jackson State - now that's a much better question.
I agree. It will take about 2 seasons to dismantle what Saban has put together. Much less if Bill O'Brien is the choice.
Nobody can replace Coach Saban just like nobody could replace the Bear. You can expect another drop off after Saban retires. In the 24 seasons in between Coach Bryant and Coach Saban, Alabama averaged just over 7 wins. This is what's coming.
You have a point but Jimbo has invested 2.5 years in King and loves the kid. I think he will be given a chance to succeed and I expect he will do just that.
Your thoughts on King would be relevant if Jimbo only saw him in the 35 MPH wind Maroon & White game. Make no mistake, King will be the starter. If you described the perfect #2 backup QB it would be Max Johnson - low floor, experienced and someone that can give you a chance to win. Compare this to Calzada last season who was wildly inconsistent. A&M lost all 4 SEC games which Calzada had a lower passing rating than the opponent and won the 4 games in which he had the better passing rating including Alabama.
Oh yeah this will be the season Texas is ranked around 20th before the season and finishes about 40th. Oh like every season?
I doubt it but King better stop turning the ball over.
They put up 41 on the Tide with the backup QB. Did you forget?
As a 20 year Texans season tick holder and 40 year Aggie fan, I can promise you that Bill O'Brien should not be listed ahead of Jimbo on any list pertaining to football knowledge. Also, Haynes King will be the starting QB.
You think Jimbo is sitting in his office wringing his hands because he recently signed 6 five-star players? Any pressure he feels is self-imposed, not from boosters or the media. He has a very high standard.
If A&M has a long history of paying players then why did it take Jimbo to bring in a #1 class?
Jerrod is a class act and comes from a great family. He will do well in Minnesota.
I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt to Coach Jimbo over some guy named "Sliced Bread".
Bad premise. Jimbo has higher expectations than any of the fans or boosters. He’s not going anywhere and there’s no added pressure.
Back then it was hard to compete with SMU in the arena of cheating. Also, this is back when "Trans" was a car. Much has changed in the last 40 years.
I remember hearing about Coach Bryant declaring you will take an L for each freshman that you start. The Aggies started 2 true freshmen on the offensive line and another one at corner. Add in an inexperienced back up QB and you have an 8-4 season. The Bear knew his business.
A&M saw this coming and didn't pursue him last year. Looks like he is going to end up at Texas Tech for his re-boot which speaks volumes. I hope he has some of that NIL money left.
Yes this is historic. It's the worst selection in the history of Gameday.
Maybe Woodward will call his old friend Sark.
You don't consider this an outright denial of interest? Was he winking or something?
He likely got that bruise when he ran over the female A&M student after the game.